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POSCA at WHSmith

POSCA Paint Markers offer a creative experience like no other; available in a wide selection of nib sizes and vibrant colours they can be used on almost any surface, from glass to leather, canvas, paper, and more! Perfect for creatives and designers, POSCA markers can be used for a huge range of projects from personalising your shoes and clothes to wall art, posters, or sign writing. Sturdy and comfortable to hold, the POSCA markers are great for all ages and abilities. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist you will find a POSCA marker that's perfect for your creative project!

Go big and be bold with POSCA MOP’R

The POSCA paint marker range just went up a brand new level with the launch of the new MOP’R nib. Available in eight vibrant colours, the POSCA MOP’R PCM-22 has a 19mm round foam rubber pad encased in a grip-able, squeezable bottle. You can create large drawings horizontally or vertically and have an endless variety of painterly styles at your finger tips. With POSCA MOP’R, dare to create large drawings and colour-fills, controlled drippings and other numerous effects; from the simplest lines and dots to the most complex blends. You can really take up space with POSCA MOP’R. Just like POSCA paint markers, the POSCA MOP’R is lightfast, water resistant and will write on almost any surface.

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