The History Of Waterman

The name 'Waterman' is one that has become synonymous around the world with fine luxury pens. Lewis Edson Waterman, an insurance salesman from New York, decided to devise the world's first reliable fountain pen to ensure regular blot-free ink flow in pens, and in 1883 the Waterman brand was born. Waterman's improvements on the basic pen designs of the time, combined with intense marketing (Waterman was said to be an innovative and savvy businessman), played a crucial role in making the fountain pen a much-desired, mass-market writing tool. From the very beginning, competition in the fountain pen industry has been fierce, but Waterman pens have always sought to be a cut above the rest. After Waterman's death in 1901, Waterman pens took off like never before. His nephew, Frank D. Waterman, inherited the business and expanded the company worldwide.

Waterman has always offered the highest quality of ink to complement its pens, guaranteed for an exceptionally comfortable writing experience. Waterman pens are still known today for their quality and reliability, and Waterman is the longest running brand name in fountain pens.