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  • Design [Ex]
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    Design [Ex]

    By: Quantum Leap [DVD]

    …tells the story of 20th century design through the industrial objects that have become icons of their time, reflecting their own era while simultaneously anticipating the future. Objects include the DS19, the Bubble Club sofa, the BIC ballpoint pen, the Akari lamp, the Hoover 150 and the iMac. Di More

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  • Design 1-3 [Ex]
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    Design 1-3 [Ex]

    By: Quantum Leap [DVD]

    …the design of various industrial objects. Volume 1 episodes are: 'The DS 19', 'The Bubble Club Sofa', 'The BIC Ballpoint Pen', 'The Akari Lamp', 'The Hoover 150' and 'The iMac'. Volume 2 episodes are: 'The Bookworm Bookshelf',… More

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