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  • Bloody Cross, Vol. 6
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    Bloody Cross, Vol. 6

    By: Shiwo Komeyama eBook

    The newly formed alliance between Tsuzuki and Arcana has Tsukimiya on edge. She's certain the organization has its own agenda for God's Relics. But more pressing matters have come to light: Every location where God's Relics have appeared has been destroyed by an organization that calls themselves… More

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  • EGOs Vol. 1
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    EGOs Vol. 1

    By: Stuart Moore, Gus Storms eBook

    …crises as an aging hero rebuilds his former team. But to do so, he must cross a line with his wife that cannot be uncrossed. "EGOs is Stuart Moore's best story yet." _ Brian K. Vaughan "Ballsy and super fun with plenty of edge." _ Comic Book Resources Collects EGOs #1-4, plus the Twitter-exclusive… More

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