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Mr Men

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  • Pride and Prejudice (Stories to Remember S.)
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    Pride and Prejudice (Stories to Remember S.)

    By: Jane Austen Paperback

    Though her sisters are keen on finding men to marry, Elizabeth Bennet would rather wait for someone she loves - certainly not someone like Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, whom she finds to be smug and judgmental, in contrast to the charming George Wickham. But soon Elizabeth learns that her first impressions… More

    Up to 2 Weeks £4.55
  • Death of a Commuter
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    Death of a Commuter

    By: Leo Bruce Paperback

    "Five men occupied their usual places in a first-class carriage, but the sixth place was empty..." It is most unusual for the sixth man, Mr. Parador, to be late. The five commuters are wondering what happened to him, when a strange-looking man enters the compartment, dressed in black and wearing… More

    Up to 1 Week £8.50