Books Of The Month

Fiction Book Of The Month

The Watcher by Ross Armstrong

Set in a changing world – Old London on one side of the street New London on the other – Lily is making a habit of watching her neighbours in the flats that she can see from her balcony. When someone on the old estate dies, Lily is convinced it’s foul play and her investigations soon lead her to the building she’s been watching.

This is a great book filled with mistrust and paranoia, just who is watching who? Lily narrates the novel in the form of diary entries aimed at a mysterious someone else, but we can never be too sure whether we can trust Lily or not. Is everything just in her head or is she really in danger? This will definitely keep you guessing!

“Ross Armstrong will feed your appetite for suspense.” - Evening Standard

“An eerily atmospheric reworking of Hitchcock's Rear Window.” - The Guardian

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Non-Fiction Book Of The Month

Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight

Get Your Sh*t Together is the much anticipated follow-up to the best-selling The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k. This book is a fun, irreverent guide to de-cluttering your brain, think Mindfulness with added expletives!

Packed with unique tips on how to prioritise the things that really matter, and how to actually get motivated to finally do the things you’ve always wanted but put off for another day, this is the perfect antidote to the January Blues and is a brilliant amd useful manual to kick-start (and keep up with) your New Year’s resolutions!

“Genius.” - Cosmopolitan

“I love Knight's book before I even start reading it.” - Sunday Times Magazine

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Children's Book Of The Month

The Everything Machine by Ally Kennen

One day eleven year old Olly has a very special delivery - a machine with magical powers... It has a name, it speaks, and it can print ANYTHING Olly asks it to – how about a never-ending supply of sweets and a swimming pool in the shed, for starters? But is getting everything you’ve wished for all it’s cracked up to be?

Click here to watch the video of Ally Kennen introducing us to The Everything Machine and reading an extract from the beginning of the book. Have a watch to join Olly and his siblings, Stevie and Bird, on a heart-racing, heart-warming adventure filled with antics!

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