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If there’s one person whose advice you should take on board when it comes to losing weight, it’s Tom Kerridge. Having lost nearly 11 stone in the last four years, he understands how much willpower it takes to shift excess weight. A Michelin-starred chef, Tom Kerridge has spent three decades developing delicious recipes and knows how to make low-calorie dishes taste good.

In his new book, Lose Weight for Good, Tom shares his proven recipes to help food-lovers who have chosen a lower-calorie diet as their own route to weight-loss. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or not, Tom’s flavoursome Turkey Ragu from his new book is the perfect mid-week meal and you can find the recipe over on the WHSmith Blog.

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Jamie's brand new cookbook is here! Featuring simple and delicious recipes from his latest Channel 4 series, Quick and Easy Food. With his down-to-earth approach to cooking and appreciation that not all of us have hours to spend in the kitchen, Jamie Oliver has become our go-to chef for simple, healthy, budget-friendly dishes that are great for the whole family. Packed with over 130 recipes and separate chapters on Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Fish and much more, there are plenty of quick and easy recipes to choose from, and each one uses only five cleverly combined ingredients.

We’ve even been lucky enough to have Jamie share one of his recipes with us for Quick Asian Fishcakes! To try this recipe out for yourself, head over to our blog for a step by step guide.

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Joe Wicks has helped thousands of his followers achieve a healthier lifestyle with his easy-to-follow plan. In his new book, The Fat Loss Plan, Joe Wicks shares his winning combination of mouth-watering recipes and speedy, effective HIIT workouts that so many swear by when it comes to attaining a fit and lean body.

Pancakes might feel like an indulgent treat but that doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. Fruity and fluffy, Joe Wicks' Raspberry, Banana and Buttermilk Pancakes are super simple to make and delicious served with a drizzle of honey. Why not have a go at making them yourself for a tasty breakfast this weekend. Click here to view the recipe.

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