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Richard and Judy Book Club - The Midnight Line

If you’re yet to be introduced to the world of Jack Reacher then you’re in for a treat with Richard and Judy Summer 2018 pick The Midnight Line - the latest instalment in Lee Child’s addictive series about a former US Army Major who gets caught up in gripping, high-action adventures. In The Midnight Line, Reacher spots a 2005 West Point Academy ring in a pawn shop window whilst exploring a small Wisconsin town. Engraved with initials, the ring is tiny and most likely belonged to a woman but Reacher knows how tough it was to graduate that year. Intrigued to find out the story behind it, he sets off to find the woman and return her ring. The deeper Reacher digs and the more he learns, the more dangerous his mission becomes, especially when he realises that the ring was just a small link in a far darker chain...

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Find out what Richard and Judy thought about the book along with an extract and book club questions over on the WHSmith Blog

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Richard and Judy Book Club - He Said/She Said

We can always rely on Richard and Judy to recommend a thriller that will keep us reading late into the night and Summer 2018 pick He Said She Said by Erin Kelly is exactly that. Young and newly in love, Laura and Kit make a trip to Cornwall to witness the total solar eclipse of 1999. Afterwards, as they walk back to their tent at the campsite, Laura witnesses a brutal attack which, after reporting to the police, drastically alters their lives. Fifteen years later, Laura and Kit have changed their names and live in fear that everything they’ve built could be destroyed in a moment.

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Find out what Richard and Judy thought about the book along with an extract and book club questions over on the WHSmith Blog

Richard and Judy Book Club - Persons Unknown

Susie Steiner returns with her second sensational literary thriller to the Richard and Judy Book Club. A brutal murder. A detective with no one left to trust. A young man murdered. A city banker bleeds to death yards from a Cambridgeshire police headquarters. A detective out of her depth. DI Manon Bradshaw's world is turned upside down when the victim turns out to be closer to her than she could have guessed. Who should she believe? When even her trusted colleagues turn their backs on her, it's time to contemplate the unthinkable: are those she holds dear capable of murder?

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Find out what Richard and Judy thought about the book along with an extract and book club questions over on the WHSmith Blog

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J P Delaney: An Interview on The Girl Before

The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney is the debut psychological thriller from the author behind the incredibly successful Carnivia trilogy. In this tense and twisting story, we meet Jane as she agrees to live in a beautiful, minimalistic and futuristic house designed by the mysterious architect Edward Monkford, who enforces hundreds of strict rules on his tenants. But as Jane finds out more about the house and its previous tenant Emma, she begins to notice some frightening similarities between herself and the girl before. Could the beautiful house she's found herself in be more dangerous than she thought?

We caught up with author J.P. Delaney to find out more about his twisting psychological thriller and the mysterious house that his story takes place in. Click here to read the interview on the WHSmith Blog!

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