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Richard and Judy Book Club - The Marriage Pact

The Marriage Pact is a thought-provoking and nail-biting pick for the Richard and Judy Autumn 2017 Book Club; introducing the idea of an exclusive, secret club that promises a strong and faithful marriage. All you need to do is follow The Pact’s rules; give each other gifts, go on vacations, always answer the phone to each other, etc. It all sounds pretty simple at first, but when newlyweds Alice and Jake start slipping up on the rules, the consequences soon get out of control. And no one ever leaves The Pact…

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Richard and Judy Book Club - The Witchfinder's Sister

Beth Underdown’s debut novel The Witchfinder’s Sister is a chilling and vividly haunting pick for the Richard and Judy Book Club Spring 2018. Based on the life of the 1640’s witchfinder Matthew Hopkins, Beth Underdown combines fact and fiction to illustrate the disturbing irrationality behind the Essex witch hunts. Set in 1645, Alice Hopkins, Matthew’s fictional sister, is forced to move back to her childhood town of Manningtree after her husband Joseph dies in a tragic accident. However, Matthew has changed since she’s been away. He’s gained influence in the community and made it his mission to expose women he suspects to be witches. As Matthew’s obsession grows more and more dangerous, Alice finds herself tangled in his sinister plan.

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Richard and Judy Book Club - Close to Home

We’re always excited when Richard and Judy pick a debut for their Book Club, and Cara Hunter’s police procedural – Close to Home – is the gripping first book in the D.I. Adam Fawley series. When 8 year old Daisy disappears from a family BBQ at her home in Oxford, D.I. Fawley is all too aware of the devastation her family must be experiencing, being the parent of a missing child himself. Except that Daisy’s family don’t seem that devastated. In fact, they seem more interested in covering themselves.

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J P Delaney: An Interview on The Girl Before

The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney is the debut psychological thriller from the author behind the incredibly successful Carnivia trilogy. In this tense and twisting story, we meet Jane as she agrees to live in a beautiful, minimalistic and futuristic house designed by the mysterious architect Edward Monkford, who enforces hundreds of strict rules on his tenants. But as Jane finds out more about the house and its previous tenant Emma, she begins to notice some frightening similarities between herself and the girl before. Could the beautiful house she's found herself in be more dangerous than she thought?

We caught up with author J.P. Delaney to find out more about his twisting psychological thriller and the mysterious house that his story takes place in. Click here to read the interview on the WHSmith Blog!

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