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In Key Stage 3, there will be an overlap with other areas such as science and geography, and your child will be expected to have an understanding of how mathematical reasoning can be applied to these subjects. Your child should be able to confidently explain their reasoning behind their problem solving – both verbally and when written down.

A scientific calculator will also be required at this stage in order to find out solutions to increasingly complex problems. Your child should be able to use algebra techniques and symbols, fractions, decimals and percentages, ratio, proportion and rates of change, geometry and measures and have an extended knowledge of number systems.

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Key Stage 3 marks the move up to big school, as well as the start of the teenage years. During this period you will most likely notice a lot of changes in your child's behaviour, and the horror stories of teenage rebellion may have you concerned about where to draw the line.

New friends, hormones and peer pressure may all have an effect on how your child starts to act, but each child is different and you will know best what is usual teenage behaviour and what needs addressing.

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