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WHSmith stock a range of calculators to suit a variety of needs. From handy pocket calculators for on-the-go maths to sturdy desktop calculators, there’s one for every use – whether it’s professional, school or university. Calculators are with us from a young age; they are introduced from Years 3-6, where children learn the basics of how to use one.

Scientific calculators are used by pupils from the age of 11, but will become your child’s best friend during their GCSEs and AS/A Levels (Standard and Higher Grade in Scotland and Junior and Leaving Certificate in Ireland).

Our best-selling scientific calculators provide an easy solution to complex problems; their main functions being trigonometry, hyperbolic, inverse hyperbolic, power and root. While our ancestors may have used an abacus, maths is much easier today with this essential bit of kit. From bright to plain, slim to chunky, WHSmith has the solution.

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