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Maths Sets and Measuring

Our Maths Sets and measuring equipment are not only designed to meet the National Curriculum requirements, but are also stylish, innovative and funky. WHSmith stock a range of best-selling Helix Maths Sets - synonymous with quality. From the Helix Oxford Maths Set, the most well-known Maths Set in the UK, to the Helix Cool Curves Maths Set, complete with coloured carry case for the fashion-conscious student.

The Helix Achiever Maths Set contains a number of key instruments for Key Stage 3 and 4 Mathematics. WHSmith helps your child throughout their education - Geometry is introduced in Year 3, when it’s time for your child to identify right angles using a Protractor, right up to Year 6 where set squares and compasses come in. WHSmith offer a broad collection to suit all requirements.

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