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The notebook has been a trusted travel companion for hundreds of authors and artists. For the past two centuries, the world’s great thinkers, including Ernest Hemingway, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, reached for their notebooks when they were feeling inspired. The pages held their thoughts, stories, sketches and notes before they became famous.

A handy notebook is just as important today. Despite modern technology, nothing beats scribbling down ideas with a real pen on real paper. Whatever you intend to use your notebook for – creative writing, to-do lists, journaling, work or study notes – we have a selection of styles to suit all personalities. From tiny pocket pads to chunky A5 journals, Refills to exercise books, there’s something for everyone within our 300+ range.

Do you like your notebooks plain and simple or highly decorative and ornate? We stock everything from classic Pukka Pads, Oxford and WHSmith brands for students, to Paperblanks used as journals and Black n’ Red and Collins for professionals. There’s one thing they have in common: they’re all bursting with blank pages, waiting to be filled.

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