Electronic Puzzles and Solvers

Placing a whole library of information into your hands, our range of electronic reference devices provide a handy means of checking the definition and spelling of words at the touch of a button. Perfect for completing puzzles and crosswords or to use as a reference when playing word games such as scrabble, our selection of electronic dictionaries, crossword solvers and electronic thesauri are quick to provide you with the answers.

Including brands such as Oxford and Collins, our handheld word checkers are built to offer reliable information with data licensed from sources such as Oxford University Press and Encyclopedia Britannica, combined with the technical quality of brands such as Seiko and Franklin. With compact designs, various screen and button sizes and a choice of stylish cases, our selection of light and portable word reference gadgets will fit into your bag and stationery collection effortlessly so that you’ll always have a reference point on hand.