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Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, at least she claims to be. Eleanor leads a simple and routine-led life. She goes to her office job Monday to Friday, on Wednesday evenings she has her scheduled abusive phone call with 'mummy', and on the weekends she treats herself to a frozen pizza and drinks alone, waiting for Monday to come back around. No one visits, no one calls.

Eleanor's life changes after she meets Raymond, a sloppy and bumbling co-worker, and as an act of kindness shatters her mundane life, she finds her self-worth and explores that change can be good. Change can be bad. But surely any change is better than... fine?

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WHAT I THOUGHT I KNEW: In 1998, Maryanne Doyle disappeared and Dad knew something about it? Maryanne Doyle was never seen again.

WHAT I ACTUALLY KNOW: In 1998, Dad lied about knowing Maryanne Doyle. Alice Lapaine has been found strangled near Dad's pub. Dad was in the local area for both Maryanne Doyle's disappearance and Alice Lapaine's murder.

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If only.

Amy's husband Hugh says he isn't leaving her. He still loves her, he's just taking a break - from their marriage, their children and, most of all, from their life together. Six months to lose himself in South East Asia. And there is nothing Amy can say or do about it.

Yes, it's a mid-life crisis, but let's be clear: a break isn't a break up - yet... Click here to follow Amy's break and just what can happen in six months.