Register your Gift pack

Registering your Gift Pack means that you will start to receive your subscription,book your experience or activate your voucher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my WHSmith Gift Pack?

Please note that you will need to wait for 24 hours after buying the pack to register it.

Check the table below to see whether you register your Gift Pack on this website or one of our partner's websites.

Click the link in the table and you'll be asked for your details

Gift Pack Type
Where to Register
Your Choice Magazine
Days Out
RHS Membership
Become a Lord or Lady
Please complete the registration card enclosed with your pack and post to us or contact us on 0333 6005000 with your activation number and gift pack barcode
Amazing Adventures (Experiences)
Gift Ideas For Two
2-4-1 Gourmet Dining
Venture Photography

Gift pack not listed? Contact Customer Services

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How do I register a Gift Pack in someone else's name?

Your recipient can register their pack or you can do it for them - simply open the pack and follow the registration instructions.

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Where can I find my activation number?

To find your activation number, open the top of the pack. The 13-digit activation number is next to the barcode

If there's no activation number on the pack, it may be because your pack does not need to be registered. You'll find a table of the types of pack which require registration here

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Do I need to register my Gift Pack?

Yes - When you register your Gift Pack you will start to receive your subscription,book your experience or activate your voucher

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My question is not answered here. What do I do?

We may have the answer on another help page - you can check here.

Still need help? Contact our Customer Services team.

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