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We've found the perfect partner to help you to browse, buy, read and store eBooks.

Kobo share our love of reading - they offer a leading global eReading service with millions of readers in more than 190 countries worldwide. They are known for their extensive range of eBooks and market leading eBook Readers.

Over 3.5 million eBooks

Kobo offers you over 3.5 million eBooks, plus more than 1 million free titles for you to enjoy. So from Dan Brown's Inferno to Pride and Prejudice, we've got it covered.

You can read your Kobo eBooks on just about any device with free, downloadable Kobo apps for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android smartphones or tablets. Read more about Kobo's eBook apps

Read Kobo eBooks on a Kobo eReader or Kobo App and you can set the font style and size to suit you and add bookmarks which follow you from device to device - read at home on your Kobo eReader then pick up the next page on the train on your iPhone or laptop. Never forget your book, never lose your place.

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Latest WiFi touch screen eReaders and tablets

Kobo's distinctive eReaders are stylish and comfortable, their signature soft-quilted back and travel friendly size offer the ultimate in a comfortable reading experience. They all link by WiFi to Kobo's store so that you can choose your next eBooks when you've finished the last. Learn more and buy eReaders here.

Kobo is an open system (unlike Kindle)

Open eBooks can be read on any open eReaders - we don't tie you to a single eBook store or eReading device. Since Kobo supports two of the most popular eBook formats (EPUB and PDF), you can even use the Kobo eReader and free Kobo apps to read compatible books from your local library and other sources. Most eBooks from online bookstores and libraries are protected using Digital Rights Management (DRM). This prevents unauthorised copying and redistribution. The Kobo eReader supports one of the best-known varieties of DRM - Adobe Reader Mobile technology. You can use your Kobo eReader to read any EPUB or PDF books that are protected with this technology.

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