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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I review a product?

Here are 5 quick and easy steps to reviewing a product:

1. Find the product on the WHSmith site
2. Select Write a Review
3. Leave a name we'll show with your review and your emaill address (we will not display this and we will not send you marketing emails - we use it to link reviews by the same person). You can also add your name if you wish.
4. Rate the product (1-5 stars)
5. Write your review

We welcome reviews from children too, so if your child has strong feelings about a book, you could write a review together.

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What are your guidelines on acceptable reviews?

Learn how to write an interesting and useful review and keep within our guidelines.

Here are some things to think about if you want to write a good product review:

  • Longer reviews are more useful that short ones
  • Tell people how you felt - what engaged you or turned you off?
  • Would you recommend it to a friend?
  • What's the best or worst feature?
  • Say if it's similar to another title or product, eg "great for fans of Harry Potter"
  • For books, rather than describe the plot, talk about the themes, eg "a classic courtroom drama".

We want you to be honest in your opinions, but there are a few little rules we ask reviewers to follow...

To make it fair for everybody and to protect both you and WHSmith from any legal problems, there are some guidelines for product reviews.

We don't publish reviews that:

  • are too short - it's helpful to others if you at least write a few sentences
  • contain any offensive or obscene content - such as swearing
  • contain spoilers - you wouldn't tell your friends the plot of a film if they were planning to see it
  • can't be understood by other users, for example, they're written in "text speak"
  • make or repeat defamatory comments
  • use other people's words, such as a newspaper critic's comments
  • include specific prices, as prices can change over time

We don't correct any spelling or grammatical errors - we want your thoughts just as you've given them!

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When will my review appear on the website?

Your review won't appear straight away as we always check reviews for suitability first. See our suitability guidelines

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Why do you ask for my name and email address?

Your email address enables us to uniquely identify your reviews. In future developments to our reviews we will enable website visitors to link from a review to other reviews by that person. If someone agrees with you about one book, you may be able to introduce other books to them.

We will not display your email address and email addresses submitted for reviews will not receive marketing emails.

We show your "display name" alongside your review. We will not display your full name unless you choose to make your display name your full name.

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My question is not answered here. What do I do?

We may have the answer on another help page - you can check here.

Still need help? Contact our Customer Services team

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