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No One Saw a Thing:

Sive is standing on a packed Bond Street platform in the middle of rush hour with her children Bea, Faye and Tobi in a pram. The tube pulls into the station, Sive receives an important email from work and her two daughters step onto the train while she's not fully paying attention - just as she turns to get on with Tobi, the doors close and every parent's worst nightmare is realised - she's separated from them and there's nothing she can do about it.

Her logical brain tells her that they'll get off at the next station and wait for her - and she's half right, Bea is waiting - but where is Faye? Is she lost, has she been taken? And so the frantic search begins...

"This is probably one of the most tense, soul-shredding novels published this year. " - Judy Finnigan

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No One Saw a Thing

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Exclusive to WHSmith, the Richard and Judy Book Club brings you a handpicked selection of gripping titles to bury your nose in throughout the year. From beautifully written romantic fiction to fast-paced crime thrillers and everything in between, you’ll find a great range of exciting releases personally chosen by everyone’s favourite book-loving couple. Dive in today and discover your next new favourite book!

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The Richard and Judy Book Club has firmly established itself as the home for all book lovers. The club brings you the hottest new reads throughout the year, with each title going through a rigorous selection process to ensure only the very best titles make the list. Each book in the club has been personally selected and reviewed by Richard and Judy themselves, who reveal exactly why the title was chosen and explore why they think you’ll love it as much as they do.

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Whatever you’re into, you’re certain to find something that tickles your fancy and keeps you gripped all season long. Dive into each title individually, or why not buy the latest Richard and Judy Book Club Bundle, and get access to all of this season’s picks for a great value price? You’re sure to find a few unexpected favourites you’ll want to read again and again. When you’ve finished, join in the conversation online and share your thoughts with fellow book lovers.