Gift Wrapping Tools

Whether you are one of those individuals who manage to wrap a present using three tiny strips of tape, or a tape enthusiast that uses half a roll per gift just to make sure the wrapping won't come off, utilising tape is a traditional gift wrap standby. We also offer a beautiful array of markers, glue and more essentials to help you wrap gifts with ease.

You can never have too much tape!

If you need tough, durable tape to hold an exterior layer of brown paper in place for a parcel that's going to be posted, we've got wide, thick tape in stock. Alternatively, if you need transparent tape to provide a delicate fixing for a small present, we can help. Tape is a great tool for everything from repairing a ripped envelope through to making sure that an envelope has an added level of security (no peeking!). When you're getting ready to wrap a pile of presents you’ll definitely want to keep some on hand.

The right tools are essential

There are many components that are involved with giving a gift. From the perfect pens to write a decorative message, to colourful gifts tags and labels to make sure your loved one knows who their gift is from; there's plenty of accessories to add to your gift wrapping supplies. Search our selection of gifting supplies online from the comfort of your home, or come visit us in stores to see what selection we have for you.

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37 - 37 of 37 Results