Craft Magazines

Fresh ideas, clever tutorials, beautiful designs and step-by-step projects, WHSmith Craft Magazines are the perfect subscription for those that love arts and crafts, would like to discover a new hobby or want to pick up new skills. From making home furnishings and crafting personalised gifts to sewing patterns and knitting jumpers, crafting at home is full of possibilities.

Paper and fabric crafts

Homemade crafting and creative design are everywhere these days. From the traditional to the trend-led, craft magazines are packed with ideas on how to create special gifts, pieces for the home, personalised cards and things to sell. They’re a fantastic way to pick up artistic skills that all the family can get involved with. Great to get delivered to your door with monthly projects to take on with everything from crocheting and sewing to paper crafts and pom-pom making.

Needles at the ready

An inexpensive way to learn new skills, our vast selection of knitting and sewing magazines contain everything you need from patterns to ideas, and cosy jumper tutorials to unique gifts. Whether you’re a beginner or you know your way around your needles, our magazines suit all abilities. From knitting luxury socks to sewing your own clothes and from modern patterns to customising fashion, they’re filled with tips and tricks, step-by-step guides and interviews with celebrity and professional stitchers. The perfect accompaniment to our fully illustrated selection of knitting books and handicrafts publications.

Special interest magazines

We also have a selection of magazines that showcase the beauty of textiles and creative design in the professional world. For those interested in international and UK exhibitions, that want to hear from leading textile designers and who would like to find out about the latest insights in the world of creative design, these magazines cover all that’s hot and trend-led right now.

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25 - 24 of 24 Results