26th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering: Volume 38 - Part A and B (Computer Aided Chemical Engineering)

26th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering: Volume 38 - Part A and B (Computer Aided Chemical Engineering)

By: Zdravko Kravanja (volume_editor)Mixed Media

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26th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering contains the papers presented at the 26th European Society of Computer-Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE) Event held at Portoroz Slovenia, from June 12th to June 15th, 2016. Themes discussed at the conference include Process-product Synthesis, Design and Integration, Modelling, Numerical analysis, Simulation and Optimization, Process Operations and Control and Education in CAPE/PSE.

About Author

Professor Zdravko Kravanja is a professor at the University of Maribor, Slovenia


International Scientific Committee Modelling and iterative Real-time Optimization of a homogeneously catalyzed hydroformylation process Integrated management of hierarchical levels: towards a CAPE tool Mathematical Optimization of Real-time Waste Incineration Scheduling in the Industry Modelling SER Biomass Gasification Using Dynamic Neural Networks PERKS: Software for Parameter Estimation in Reaction Kinetic Systems Optimization of a Sour Water Stripping Plant Using Surrogate Models Security Analysis of the Electronic Management System for a Total Site Utility System Enhanced production of methanol from switchgrass: CO2 to methanol Techno-economic analysis of the production of epichlorhydrin from glycerol Kriging based Fault Detection and Diagnosis Approach for Nonlinear Noisy Dynamic Processes Kinetics of Phycocyanobilin Cleavage from C-Phycocyanin by Methanolysis Simulation of Turbulent Particulate Flows for Nuclear Waste Management: Agglomeration in Vertical Flows A feasibility-based algorithm for Computer Aided Molecular and Process Design of solvent-based separation systems Multiobjective Retrofitting Methodology for Manufacturing Processes of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Considering Environment, Health and Safety Risks Performance Evaluation of Unsteady Processes with Dynamic and Temporal Flexibility Indices Solution of Chance-Constrained Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems Hydrogen Sulphide Scavenging Simulation in HYSYS Dynamic Real-Time Optimization of Microgrids with Day-Ahead Commitments for External Power Exchange Methodology for preselecting heat-integrated mass allocation networks likely to be associated with cost efficient HEN Computer-Aided Molecular Design by Combining Genetic Algorithms and COSMO-RS Energy consumption maps for quaternary distillation sequences Energy integration of a hydrotreating process for the production of biojet fuel Mathematical Optimization of the Production of Fuel Pellets from Residual Biomass On Optimal Assignment of Cold Standby Components for Multi-Channel Safety Interlocks Optimising biomass-based energy supply chains for sustainable mobility Estimation of membrane fouling parameters for concentrating lactose using nanofiltration Multi-Scale Modeling of Solid Electrolyte Interface Formation in Lithium-Ion Batteries Automatic Model Reduction of Population Balance Models by Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Parallel computing in multi-parametric programming Modelling of a Reactive Distillation in the production process of high purity Cyclohexanone to produce caprolactam Multimodal Green Food Supply Chain Design and Planning under Uncertainty Derivative-Free Chemical Process Synthesis by Memetic Algorithms Coupled to Aspen Plus Process Models Price Adjustment in Price-based Coordination Using Quadratic Approximation Is Wood Waste Only for Burning? A Methodology for Best Pathway Identification of Waste Recovery A new scheme for process simulation by optimization: distillation as an example Renewable electricity integration at a regional level: Cantabria case study Multi-Stage Adaptive Robust Optimization over Bioconversion Product and Process Networks with Uncertain Feedstock Price and Biofuel Demand Cost-based analysis about a newly designed two-staged reverse osmosis process with draw solute Chemical Looping Reforming: Impact on the Performances Due to Carbon Fouling on Catalyst Targeting the hydrogen network and optimal feed using rigorous simulation Incorporating life cycle assessment indicators into optimal electric vehicle charging strategies: An integrated modelling approach Neural Networks Modeling of Dearomatization of Distillate Cuts with Furfural to Produce Lubricants Lignocellulosic supply chain MILP model: a Hungarian case study A framework for modelling investment decisions in gas infrastructures Process Design and Integration of Various Carbon Capture Approaches into the Energy Sector and Other Energy-intensive Industrial Applications Assessment of chemical looping combustion process by dynamic simulation Comparison of Different Heat Exchanger Tube Designs used in Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage Systems - a Numerical Study Global sensitivity analysis of computer-aided molecular design problem for the development of novel working fluids for power cycles Minimizing the complexity of surrogate models for optimization Optimization Methods for Catalyst Design Model-based framework for enhanced and controlled operation of a fed-batch bioreactor: xylitol production Dynamic behavior of a multi-tasking reactive distillation column for production of silane, dichlorosilane and monochlorosilane Use of predictor corrector methods for multi-objective optimization of dynamic systems Economic risk-based analysis: Effect of technical and market price uncertainties on the production of glycerol-based isobutanol Synthesis and Optimization of Microalgae Biorefineries Testing the Non-Diagonal Quadratic Convex Reformulation Technique Development of soft sensor with neural network and nonlinear variable selection for crude distillation unit process Modelling of organophilic pervaporation to compete with distillation Optimal regional resource utilisation - the St. Margarethen case Mathematical Programming Approach for the Design of Intensified Thermally Coupled Distillation Sequences. Discrete-Time MIP Methods for Production Scheduling in Multistage Facilities Economic, Environmental and Dynamic Optimization Applied to Hybrid Processes for the Purification of Biobutanol Purification of Bioethanol from a Fermentation Process: Alternatives for Dehydration Optimization of OSN Membrane Cascades for Separating Organic Mixtures On a systems approach to support novelty in bioreactor design Comparison of Continuous-Time Models for Adjustable Robust Optimization in Process Scheduling under Uncertainty Developing a Soft Sensor with Online Variable Selection for Industrial Multi-mode Processes CFD Modelling of Bubbly Gas Flow using Coupled OPOSPM-Two-Fluid Model Design and control of azeotropic dividing wall column for separating furfural-water mixture Multiobjective Optimization of Membrane Networks for Fractionation of Protein Hydrolysate from Fish By-Products Optimization and Monte Carlo Simulation for Product Launch Planning under Uncertainty Population Balance Modelling of Liquid Extraction Columns using the Sectional Quadrature Method of Moments (SQMOM) Robust multi-objective optimal control of dynamic biological networks Influence of the Mushy Zone Constant on the Numerical Simulation of the Melting and Solidification Process of Phase Change Materials CFD Simulation of Boiling Flows for Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulic Applications Group - Interaction Contribution Approach for Prediction of Electrochemical Properties of Ionic Liquids Whole-Systems Modelling of Alternatives for Future Domestic Transport Multi-scale modelling software framework facilitating simulation of interconnected scales using surrogate-models Reliable Energy Systems Design for Continuous Processes incorporating Renewables Generation Dynamic impact milling model with a particle-scale breakage kernel Projection-based Reformulation and Decomposition Algorithm for A Class of Mixed-Integer Bilevel Linear Programs Mass and energy integration for the supercritical process for biodiesel production and a bioethanol dehydration train Convex Model for Global Optimization of Water Distribution System Multi-level Modelling of Sustainable Chemical Production: from CFD to LCA Modeling and simulation of phase change and non-ideality in multistream heat exchangers Using Transient Measurements in Iterative Steady-State Optimizing Control Computationally Efficient Steady-State Process Simulation by Applying a Simultaneous Dynamic Method Spatial branch and bound algorithm for the global optimization of MIQCPs Risk Management of Shale Gas Supply Chain under Estimated Ultimate Recovery Uncertainty Optimal Design and Synthesis of Shale Gas Processing and NGL Recovery Processes A Leader-Follower Game-Based Life Cycle Optimization Framework and Application Adjustable Robust Optimization for Scheduling of Batch Processes under Uncertainty Effective Sampling, Modeling and Optimization of Constrained Black-box Problems Integration of Energy-cost Optimization and Production Scheduling Using Multiparametric Programming Simulation and optimization of the molecular weight distribution in a non-ideal polymerization reactor Efficient optimization-based design of energetically intensified distillation processes Anaerobic Bio-reactor Modeling Effects of Bioethanol Pretreatments on the Broth Concentration and its Impacts in the Optimal Design of Product Separation and Purification Processes Bio-syngas Conversion by FT Synthesis with High Loaded Fe-based Catalysts: Kinetic Parameters Regression Design of a Multiproduct Lignocellulosic Biorefinery through the Process Modelling of a Feasible Superstructure A Framework for Integrated Scheduling and Control using Discrete-Time Dynamic Process Models A model-based investigation of genetically modified microalgae strains Inclusion of thermodynamic equations for efficient steadystate process optimization Application of a Knowledge Management System to a Dropwise Additive Manufacturing System for Pharmaceuticals Multiscale Simulation of Bubbly Flows Smart Adaptive Sampling for Surrogate Modelling Novel plant-wide process design of dichlorohydrin production by glycerol hydrochlorination Optimization of dynamic systems with rigorous path constraint satisfaction Green Approaches to Extract Astaxanthin from Shrimp Waste: Process Design and Economic Evaluation Synthesis and Design Strategies of Interplant Water Networks using Water Mains with Quality Specifications Inventory Management during Startup Operations of the Benchmark Chemical Plant Conceptual reactive crystallization process design for separation and purification of phosphorus from complex sludge ash Modelling and Optimal Control of Non-Viral siRNA Delivery Process retrofit for energy-use improvement of an absorption and stabilization process in refineries A Generic Methodology for Superstructure Optimization of Different Processing Networks A Reformulation Strategy for Deterministic Global Optimization of Ideal Multi-component Distillation Processes Synthesis of Intensified Processes from a Superstructure of Phenomena Building Blocks A hierarchical coordination approach to the optimal operation of a sugar crystallization process Forest Supply Chain Optimization applying Generalized Disjunctive Programming Integrated Transhipment Models for Synchronous Screening of Treatment Technologies and Targeting of Fresh Water and Recycle Flows Levelised Value of Electricity - A Systemic Approach to Technology Valuation Intensified Separation Processes for the Recovery and Dehydration of Bioethanol from an Actual Lignocellulosic Fermentation Broth A Holistic Approach to Model Discovery Using A Domain Ontology Design of a chemical batch plant: a study of dedicated parallel lines with intermediate storage and the plant performance Multi-Product Reactive Distillation for Silanes Production Optimization of Energy Consumption in a Hydrotreating Process for Green Diesel Production from Palm Oil Optimal dynamic experiment design for guaranteed parameter estimation Short-term crude mix and operating conditions optimization for oil refinery operations Robust Fault Isolation using Stable Principal Component Pursuit An integrated process of coke-oven gas tri-reforming and coal to methanol with high carbon utilization and energy efficiency A General Representation for the Modeling of Energy Supply Chains Taylor-Made Modeling and Solution of Novel Process Units by Modular CAPE-OPEN-based Flowsheeting Time-series aggregation for synthesis of distributed energy supply systems by bounding error in operational expenditure Automated Data Review in Secondary Pharmaceutical Manufacturing by Pattern Recognition Techniques Optimization of a Hydrogen Supply Chain Network Design by Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms A Generic PAT Software Interface for On-Line Monitoring and Control of Chromatographic Separation Systems Enhanced data envelopment analysis for sustainability assessment Long-term planning and retrofitting of supply and distribution chains with decaying performance Predictive Modelling of Phase-Transfer Catalyst Systems for Improved and Innovative Design Analysis of the Carbon Efficiency of a Hybrid XTL-CSP process Sustainable Chemical Process Development through an Integrated Framework Optimization of Economic and Operability Performances of Water-gas Shift Membrane Reactor Hybrid plant-wide Simulation and Modelling using Reference nets and Java Extracting knowledge from historical databases for process monitoring using feature extraction and data clustering Investigating the energy-water-carbon nexus of mega-scale chemicals production from Appalachian shale gas A Multivariable Model Predictive Control Project in a Computer Aided Master's Degree Course H2TT - A pinch analysis software tool for refinery hydrogen network management Modelling and optimization framework for the multi-objective design of buildings Modelling and Simulation of an Industrial Riser in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Process Optimal design and operation of semi-batch reactive distillation for methyl lactate synthesis with fixed product demand Development of Shale Gas Supply Chain Network under Market Uncertainties Development of Hybrid Fuzzy-GMC Control System for MSF Desalination Process Supply Chain Optimisation of Nipa-based bioethanol industry in Thailand Economic Evaluation of Hybrid FO-crystallization-RO Desalination Process Modelling and Analysis of a Soybean Biorefinery for the Production of Refined Oil, Biodiesel and Different Types of Flours Disjunctive Models for Strategic Midstream Delivery Agreements in Shale Gas Development Multiparametric Metamodels for Model Predictive Control of Chemical Processes Optimal Reuse of Flowback Wastewater in Shale Gas Fracking Operations Considering Economic and Safety Aspects Control relevant modelling for haemodialysis Dynamic Multi-Scenario Approach to Robust and Profitable Online Optimization & Optimal Control of Batch Processes Merging information from batch and continuous flow experiments for the identification of kinetic models of benzyl alcohol oxidation over Au-Pd catalyst Multi-period Sequential Synthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks and Utility Systems including storages Simplification of Equation-Oriented Models through the Digraph Method Enhanced Down-Stream Processing of Biobutanol in the ABE Fermentation Process Enhanced Process for Methanol Production by CO2 Hydrogenation Novel Process for Conversion of CO2 to Dimethyl Carbonate using Catalytic Membrane Reactors Conceptual Design for the Separation of a Mixture of Isoamyl Acetate and Isoamyl Alcohol A New Methodology to Reduce the Exergy Loss of Distillation Columns Using Rigorous Process Simulation Global Optimization for a Continuous Location-Allocation Model for Centralized and Distributed Manufacturing Towards a sustainable hydrogen economy: role of carbon price for achieving GHG emission targets An Optimal Scheduling of the Heliostat Field in a Solar Tower Power Plant Systematic Solvent Evaluation for Artemisinin Recovery in Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Multi-objective Optimisation of Flavour and Processing Time in Beer Fermentation via Dynamic Simulation First-principles Rheological Modelling and Parameter Estimation for Nanoparticle-based Smart Drilling Fluids Multi-parametric Statistical Analysis of Economic Data for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Bayesian Optimization with Dimension Scheduling: Application to Biological Systems A framework for Simultaneous State Estimation and Robust Hybrid Model Predictive Control in Intravenous Anaesthesia Synthesis of Heat Exchangers Network (HEN) and Optimization under Variability and Uncertainty Coupled Thermo-Mechanical-Chemical modelling of underground coal gasification An integrated unit commitment model incorporating electric vehicles as a flexible and responsive load Sustainable DME synthesis-design with CO2 utilization Ontology construction for multi-network models Phenomena Based Process Intensification of Toluene Methylation for Sustainable Para-xylene Production Optimal Planning of Distributed Systems of Refineries and Biorefineries Considering Pollution Trading with Forest Plantations Incremental Learning Fault Detection Algorithm Based on Hyperplane-Distance Optimal Features Selection for Designing a Fault Diagnosis System Reverse Design of Ionic Liquids for the Absorption of CO2 Conceptual Design of an Oil Shale Retorting Process Integrated with Chemical Looping for Hydrogen production First Steps towards Online Optimal Control of Molecular Weight in Batch and Semi-batch Free-Radical Polymerization Reactors Dynamic Simulation and Optimisation of an Industrial Process for Tributyl Citrate Production Mid-term Scheduling Model Based on State-Task-Network for Considering Plant Specific Constraints in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Optimal Operating Condition of Fluidized Bed Propellant Incinerator Considering Fluidization Effect and Reaction of the Particles A Comprehensive Kinetic Investigation of the Ring Opening of L,L-Lactide in the Presence of Multifunctional Polyalcohols Modelling and optimization of an activated sludge wastewater treatment process Set-valued integration of uncertain dynamic systems with sensitivity analysis capability Using PLS and NIR spectra to model the first-breakage step of a grain milling process Optimal design of water exchanges in eco-industrial parks through a game theory approach Off-line optimisation and control of carbon capture operations A new paradigm in process synthesis focus on design of power plants and industrial processes integrated with CO2 capture Enabling Sulfur-rich Coal Sources for Gasification without Emissions Automated process flowsheet synthesis for membrane processes using genetic algorithm: role of crossover operators Natural gas liquids (NGL) recovery in the liquefied natural gas production Copyright Efficient simulation of heterogeneity and stochasticity in microbial processes Ionic Liquids Role in Multifeedstock / Multiproduct Integrated Biorefineries Quantifying the importance of flow maldistribution in numbered-up microreactors Modeling, Simulation, and Economic Evaluation of a Hybrid CO2 Capture Process for Oxidative Coupling of Methane An Enhanced Group-Interaction Contribution Method for the Prediction of Normal Boiling and Critical points Framework for optimization and scheduling of a copper production plant Systematic, efficient and consistent LCA calculations for chemical and biochemical processes Modelling and optimization of compact subsea liquid-liquid separation system Optimization of an acrolein production process in a pilot-scale fixed-bed reactor Implementation of hybrid DEM-PBM approach to reduce the computational cost of powder mixing modeling Influence of mill characteristics on stability of continuous layering granulation with external product classification Model Based Engineering of Process Plants using SysML Modelling and simulation of a U-loop Reactor for Single Cell Protein Production Global Optimization of Gasoline Blending Model using Bound Contraction Technique Fuzzy Control of a Distillation Column A Novel Approach to Include Limited Equipment Connectivity in State-Task Network Models Mechanistic Models for Process Development and Optimization of Fed-batch Fermentation Systems Optimization of Lignocellulosic Waste Biorefinery using Multi-Actor Multi-Objective Mathematical Framework Design and economic analysis of 1,2-propanediol derived from Crude glycerol Control of an Extractive Distillation Column with Thermal Integration One-stage approach for the integrated design of ORC processes and working fluid using PC-SAFT Optimization of Aeration Power in a SBR Process and Economic Optimisation of a Milk Processing Plant with Solar Thermal Energy An intelligent decision making and notification system based on a knowledge-enabled supervisory monitoring platform Integrated design and operation assessment of an embedded supervisory automation framework for a hybrid hydrogen-enabled power generation system Design and Comparison of Optimal Reactor Concepts for the Hydroformylation of Olefins by Use of a Probabilistic Design Framework Wastewater Quality Impact on Water Management in Shale Gas Supply Chain Imputation of Missing Data with Ordinary Kriging for Enhancing Fault Detection and Diagnosis Economically optimal multi-actor processing networks: material flows and price assignment of the intermediates using Lagrangian decomposition Population Balance Applied to Microalgae Growth Ammonia supply chains: A new framework for renewable generation with a case study for Minnesota Analysis of Operational Heat Exchanger Network Robustness via Interval Arithmetic Effect of Solvent Feeding Time on the Start-up Operation of an Extractive Distillation Column Geometry optimization of a fibrous scaffold based on mathematical modelling and CFD simulation of a dynamic cell culture Synthesis of preliminary system designs for offshore oil and gas production Sugar extraction by moving-bed diffusers in ethanol production: development of a simulation tool Optimal Design of an Integrated Radiant Syngas Cooler and Steam Methane Reformer using NLP and Meta-heuristic Algorithms Conceptual process design for Boric Acid: A case study for engineering education Global Sensitivity Analysis of Reverse Osmosis Processes Synthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks and Utility Systems: sequential initialization procedure and simultaneous MINLP algorithm Mathematical Modelling-based Energy System Operation Strategy considering Energy Storage Systems Mineral Concentration Plants Design Using Rigorous Models MO-MCS: An Efficient Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm for the Optimization of Temperature/Pressure Swing Adsorption Cycles A Systematic Framework for the Design and Implementation of Sensing and Control Architecture for a Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant Equation-based Rigorous Modelling of the NOx Absorption Process: Model Development and Process Optimization Moving-horizon State Estimation with Gross Error Detection for a Hydroformylation Mini-plant Residential Microgrid Design Optimisation under Uncertain ??CHP Characteristics Multi-Objective Optimisation in a Petrochemical Complex with LCA considerations NLP optimization for the design of sustainable wastewater treatment networks Design of sustainable municipal wastewater treatment plants Multi-objective optimization for the biotechnological conversion of lingocellulosic biomass to value-added products Closed-Loop Identification of Nonlinear Hammerstein Model Based on Subspace Approach Development of a Neural Network-based Renewable Energy Forecasting Framework for Process Industries Development of a model for identifying the optimal biogas system design in Sub-Saharan Africa Dynamic Optimization of Desalination System Designs using Aspen Custom Modeler Selection of an Energetically More Feasible Route for Hydrocarbon Extraction from Microalgae - Milking of B. braunii as a Case Study Structure optimization of power-to-chemicals (P2C) networks by linear programming for the economic utilization of renewable surplus energy Comparison between Experimental and Simulated Data of a Distillation Column: Evaluation of Mass-Heat Balances and Trays Efficiency Using Dynamic Simulation for Risk Assessment: Application to an Exothermic Reaction Robust Optimization for Petroleum Supply Chain Collaborative Design and Planning Managing Uncertainty Information for Improved Data-Driven Modelling A Predictive Model for Energy Metabolism and ATP Balance in Mammalian Cells: Towards the Energy-Based Optimization of mAb Production Prediction of the Solubility in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: a Hybrid Thermodynamic/QSPR Approach Distributed minimum batch time optimization for batch reactors with shared resources Optimal Start-Up and Operation Policy for an Ultrafiltration Membrane Unit in Whey Separation Convergence Order of McCormick Relaxations of LMTD function in Heat Exchanger Networks A new approach for pharmacokinetic model application towards personalized medicine Structural and economic analysis of Industrial Symbiosis networks: a hybrid approach to assess investment opportunities Modelling Reaction-Diffusion Dynamics in Microsystems An extended comparison study of large scale datadriven prediction methods based on variable selection, latent variables, penalized regression and machine learning Evaluation of the production of lipids for fuels and proteins from microalgae by decomposition of the processing network Integrating Uncertainty into Urban Energy System Design Energy Supply Chain optimisation for capacity and investment planning Optimal design of a styrene monomer plant under market volatility Development of advanced computational tools for the intensification of monoclonal antibody production Computational tools for the advanced control of periodic processes - Application to a chromatographic separation Simulation, Optimization and Control of Heavy Oil Upgrading Processes: Application to a Delayed Coking Unit Optimization of Batch Extractive Distillation with Off-cut Recycle and Varying Feed Composition Solvent Design for Post Combustion Chemical Absorption Process Material Flow Analysis (MFA) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Study for Sustainable Management of PVC Wastes in Thailand Material Flow Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment Study for Sustainable Management of Wastes of Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) Heat Exchanger Network Design with Fouling Effects Simulation/Optimization of carbon dioxide capture plant: A case study of AGRU from Thailand Biodiesel from Sunflower Oil: Development of Process Model via Lab scale Experiment and Optimisation Study of thermal efficiency in heavy oil reservoirs submitted to steam injection by using numerical simulation Application of a Multiple Time-Scale Rolling Horizon Optimization Technique for Improved Load-Following of an Integrated SOFC/CAES Plant with Zero Emissions A Microalgae-based Biorefinery Plant for the Production of Valuable Biochemicals: Design and Economics Modeling and Simulation of Diffusion Process in Tissue Spheroids Encaged into Microscaffolds (Lockyballs) Analysis of the intermittency of the steam alternating solvent process (SAS) applied to a heavy oil reservoir Optimisation of Maintenance Planning into the Production of Biopharmaceuticals with Performance Decay using a Continuous-time Formulation A Systematic Approach for the Hydrotreating of Biodiesel and Petroleum-Diesel Blends Optimal Power Sharing Control in Networked Fuel Cell Stacks Appropriate placement of compressors and expanders in sub-ambient processes Bayesian treed Gaussian process method for process monitoring Computational Experiments on Sampling Methods for Uncertainty Propagation and the Implications for Simulation-Based Optimization Techno-Economic Evaluation of an Oxidative Coupling of Methane Process at Industrial Scale Production Minimum Reflux of Complex Distillation Columns: Adiabatic Flash Method on Enthalpy-Composition Diagram Design and Evaluation of a High-Density Energy Storage Route with CO2 Re-Use, Water Electrolysis and Methanol Synthesis Impact of protein co-production on techno-economic feasibility of microalgal biodiesel Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis using a Genetic Algorithms-Particle Swarm Optimization Hybrid Method and Parallel Processing FI2EPI - A freeware tool for performing Heat Integration based on Pinch Analysis A Supercritical Reactive Separation Process to Obtain Biopesticides (phorbol-esters) in the Biodiesel Production from Jatropha curcas Oil Simultaneous Optimization and Integration of Gas Turbine and Air Separation Unit Using Novel Simplified Model Optimization of Preventive Maintenance Program for Imaging Equipment in Hospitals A Mixed Integer Programming Model for Sustainable Water Management in Macroscopic Systems Process and Heat Integrated Design of a Novel NGL Recovery Scheme Computational Workflow Management in the context of Model-Based Design of Experiments On the reduction of the overestimation in verified simulation by model reformulation Improving the wastewater treatment plant performance through model predictive control strategies Heat exchanger network design with multi-stream exchangers using stage-wise superstructure Synthesis of Mass Exchange Networks Using Mathematical Programming and Detailed Cost functions Bifurcation analysis of process stability of continuous fluidized bed agglomeration with external product classification Improving proton exchange membrane efficiency of fuel cell by numerical simulation and optimization Screening methodology for biorefinery and power to chemicals concepts Strategic Energy Planning under Uncertainty: a Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Modeling Framework for Large-Scale Energy Systems Condition-based chemical cleaning of crude oil deposits - a conceptual model Model-based monitoring of thermal-hydraulic performance of refinery heat exchangers undergoing fouling Distillation Energy Assessment for Solvent Recovery from Carbon Dioxide Absorption Enhanced Distillation Based on Feed Impurities Hybrid MILP/Simulation/Heuristic Algorithms to Complex Hoist Scheduling Problems Online Approach for Diagnosis and Rectification of Model-Plant Mismatch in Open Reaction Systems using Incremental Framework PiXAR : Pinch and eXergy for the Analysis and Retrofit design of industrial processes Integrated modeling of agricultural and industrial processes within life cycle design for environment Application of a simultaneous approach for process scheduling and water minimisation in batch plants A computer-aided scenario analysis of national and regional energy systems based on feasible technology options Calculation of the Optimal Distribution of the Active Metal Site Concentration in a Ziegler-Natta Catalyst to Maximize Polymer Yield in Olefin Polymerizations SolACE: An Open Source Package for Nolinear Model Predictive Control and State Estimation for (Bio)Chemical Processes Global optimization of nonconvex bilevel problems: implementation and computational study of the Branch-and-Sandwich algorithm A Novel Experimental Strategy for Validating Human Failure Probabilities in Risk Assessment Life cycle modelling of a handicraft sector: the anchovy canning industry in Cantabria (Northern Spain) A New Technology to Optimize the Use of H2S Scavengers in the Crude Oil Production Integrated Biorefinery Scheme Design for the Coproduction of Premium Quality Liquid Fuels and Propylene Modelling of a Post-combustion CO2 Capture Process Using Bootstrap Aggregated Extreme Learning Machines Development of semantically-enabled community hubs in biorefineries and biorenewables Framework for assessing social sustainability in supply chains A Comparative Study of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis for Liquid Transportation Fuels Production from Biomass Practical Implementation of a RTO in an Industrial-Scale Vapor Recompression Distillation Process Integrated multi-level bioenergy supply chain modelling applied to sugarcane biorefineries in South Africa Cognitive Engineering for Process Safety: Effective Training for Process Operators Using Eye Gaze Patterns Relating Reaction Rate Constant to Structures of Reactants and Solvent Using a Hybrid GA-DT Approach Multi-Objective Computer-Aided Molecular Design of Reactants and Products Non-intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring for Electrical Energy Systems Simulation and Analysis - A case study in India Multi-Period Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis Involving Multiple Sources of Utilities and Environmental Impact A New Methodology to Apply Total Site Analysis as a Synthesis Tool to Select and Integrate Processes in Multiple-Product Biorefinery Plants Discovering Valorisation Paths in Waste Biorefineries using an Ontology Engineering Approach Integration of Biomass Gasification and CO2 Capture in the LCA Model for the Energy, Water and Food Nexus Sensor Fault Detection and Fault Tolerant Control of a Crude Distillation Unit Utilising Semantics for Improved Decision Making in Bio-refinery Value Chains MINLP Wastewater Stabilisation Ponds Synthesis using Rigorous Models under Different Scenarios Process simulation integrated with experimental Thermodynamics Lab to Chem. Eng. undergraduate students Evaluation of a calcium looping CO2 capture plant retrofit to a coal-fired power plant Constrained Smoothing of Experimental Data in the Identification of Kinetic Models Optimal Design of Industrial Waste-to-Energy Networks Modelling of Starch Production by Microalgal Biomass under Multi-nutrient Limitation Water and Energy. Why Not Optimize them Simultaneously? Experimental Studies and Model Based Optimisation of Microalgal Production of Fuels and Chemicals Model analysis and optimization under uncertainty using highly efficient integration techniques Unit Commitment Scheduling Including Transmission Constraints: a MILP Formulation Optimization of a crude oil distillation unit based on total-process simulation Capacity Planning with Rational Markets and Demand Uncertainty Quality Education in Romanian Chemical Engineering Higher Education A Study on the Endogenous Symbiosis of First and Second Generation Biorefineries: Towards a Systematic Methodology Process evaluation of the ecological performance of food and energy plant production systems An MILP Model for the Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy System TAEE Sustainable Process Design and Simulation A Cooperative Distributed Model Predictive Control for Nonlinear Systems with Automatic Partitioning Modelling, simulation and experimental validation for styrene miniemulsion polymerization process Dynamic Metabolic Modelling of Cupriavidus necator DSM 545 in PHB Production from Glycerol Waste heat utilisation of Croatian cement industry accounting Total Site demands Co-gasification of torrefied wood biomass and sewage sludge Total Site Resource Efficiency System Empirical Modelling to support Scale up of Primary Pharmaceutical Processes A Methodology for Linear Modeling Applied to Process Synthesis of Ethanol from Sugarcane Bagasse Macro- and Micro-economic Perspectives regarding the Syntheses of Sustainable Bio-Fuels Supply Networks Innovative 3D Training Platform for Recycling of Waste coming from Electric and Electronic Devices Process Integration of Heat Utilised from Exhaust Gases Hydrocracking Reaction Model of Petroleum Heavy Cuts Using Molecular Reconstruction Data Reconciliation for Energy System Flowsheets Power-to-Heat: Opportunities in Reserve Market Participation for Flexible Chemical Production Optimisation of heat exchanger networks involving isothermal and non-isothermal mixing by global and local solvers Integrated Hybrid Life Cycle Optimization with Application to Sustainable Design of A UK Advanced Biofuel Supply Chain Optimal Design and Synthesis of Algae Processing Network under Uncertainty Based on Return on Investment Systematic Design of the Green Ethylene Glycol Downstream Process under the Generalized Disjunctive Programming Framework A pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic model for individualisation of an oral anticoagulation therapy Multi-objective optimization of energy networks under demand uncertainty A Convex Hull Formulation for the Design of Optimal Mixtures An Ontological Approach to Chemical Engineering Curriculum Development Dynamic Real-time Optimization Under Uncertainty of a Hydroformylation Mini-plant Integrated Computer-aided Framework for Sustainable Chemical Product Design and Evaluation Production of Benzene, Toluene, and the Xylenes from Natural Gas via Methanol Mathematical Modeling of a Raceway Pond System for Biofuels Production Configurable Scheduling Solution using Flexible Heuristics Towards Outcomes-Based Education of Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering Nonlinear Model Order Reduction for Catalytic Tubular Reactors Multi-objective Optimisation Approach for the Synthesis of Water Treatment Plants P-Graph Approach to Carbon-Constrained Energy Planning Problems Innovative computational tools and models for the design, optimization and control of carbon capture processes Decision Making Across Different Scales: From Process Control to Supply Chain Management ESCAPE-ing into a sustainable future: Can we optimise our way to sustainable development? Models and Modelling Tools for Chemical Product and Process Design Process Integration: Pinch Analysis and Mathematical Programming - Directions for Future Development Management of "Systematic Innovation": A kind of quest for the Holy Grail! Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Supply Chains The ALAMO approach to machine learning Author Index

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