3D of Life 3D (Dimensions) of Life (Love, Support and Sacrifice)

3D of Life 3D (Dimensions) of Life (Love, Support and Sacrifice)

By: Pankaj Gupta (author)eBook
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Our life stays on three pillars (love, support, and sacrifice). We all dream and set some goals for ourselves that we want to achieve in our life. Few sacrifice their love for money, and few sacrifice their money for love, so life always has something to keep us busy based on our willingness. This is a story of a protagonist who comes from a small-town middle-class family and has many dreams and goals that he wants to achieve, but life forces him to slow down the velocity, and take a look at other essential dimensions of life. He struggles to find a balance among his love, responsibility, and dreams. In this balancing act, he reaches a stage where he has to choose one over the other. This leaves him open to understand and experience some important lessons that life teaches; most importantly, in the end, he understands, You dont get anything till you are willing to sacrifice something in return. 3D of Life is not just a book but a life tale, which touches the hearts of a million Indians.

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