50 Ways to Improve your Spanish: Teach Yourself

50 Ways to Improve your Spanish: Teach Yourself

By: Keith Chambers (author)Mixed Media

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Do you have a working knowledge of Spanish, but want to improve? Allow this book to come to your rescue and eliminate basic errors and slips of the pen. Each one of 50 top tips for improving your spoken and written Spanish is presented and analyzed across a whole double page, with explanations as to where and why people sometimes go wrong. The tips are grouped into grammar, spelling, false friends, pronunciation and cultural faux pas sections. Polish your Spanish with this brand new series from Teach Yourself - the No. 1 brand in language learning. 50 Ways to Improve your Spanish touches all essential bases and is divided into the following easily digestible sections:InsightsInstant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on Keith Chambers' many years of experience.SummariesQuick refreshers to help you remember the key facts.GrammarEasy-to-follow building blocks to give you a clear understanding.PronunciationDon't sound like a tourist - polish your pronunciation before you go.Download our free app, Teach Yourself Library, from the App Store or Google Play to access the free audio.

About Author

Keith Chambers has wide experience teaching Spanish in secondary schools, higher education and adult education.


Meet the author Only got a minute? Only got 5 minutes? Only got 10 minutes? How to use this book Looking and sounding right 1 Speling errers - Avoiding mistakes in spelling 2a It's acute! - Using accents to mark stress 2b It's acute! - Problems with accents 3 Capital offence - When to use capital letters 4a Say it after me - Keeping vowels clear and simple 4b Say it after me - Concentrating on consonants Getting the structure right The right word in the right place 5 Now how cow brown - Problems with word order Nouns, adjectives and adverbs 6a The cat sat on the mat - When to use the definite article 6b The cat sat on the mat - Further uses of the definite article 7 What's the form? - Forms of the articles 8 'A' or 'an' - Mistakes with the indefinite article 9a A boy named Sue - Tricky genders 9b A boy named Sue - More tips on gender 10 Don't agree to disagree! - Agreements 11 Blurred picture - Common mistakes with adjectives 12 A bit of this and that - Problems with demonstratives 13 More or less or just the same - Comparisons 14 It's very hard - muy and mucho 15 Softly softly - Easy does it with adverbs Conjunctions, questions and negatives 16 Yeah, but... no, but... - Using conjunctions 17 What was that? - Question words 18 How long is a piece of string? - Tricky questions 19 No means no! - Negative expressions Verbs and verb constructions 20 Hey, you! - Which word for 'you'? 21a Clear and present danger - Pitfalls in present-tense usage 21b Clear and present danger - Pitfalls in present-tense formation 22 All in the past - Preterite and imperfect 23a Passive resistance - Replacing the passive with the reflexive 23b Passive resistance - Replacing the passive with impersonal se 24 Coming and going - Use and misuse of the gerund 25a I'll tell you what I want - Basic uses of the subjunctive 25b I'll tell you what I want - Use and misuse of the subjunctive 26a Gimme, gimme, gimme - Simple commands and requests 26b Gimme, gimme, gimme - The 'true' imperative 27a All together now - Basic errors in joining verbs 27b All together now - Joining verbs with de and other prepositions 28 Liking and loving - gustar, encantar, querer 29 When I'm 64 - Looking into the future 30 It all depends - Verbs with differing constructions 31 What if? - Tenses with si 32 I'm not so sure! - Problems with expressions of doubt Pronouns and possessives 33 Only me! - Subject and prepositional pronouns 34 Indirect or direct? - Object pronouns 35a You're out of order! - Personal pronouns: which comes first? 35b You're out of order! - Personal pronouns: before or after the verb? 36 'My' and 'mine' - Problems with possessives Numbers, dates and times 37 Figure it out! - Problems with numbers 38 When was that? - Days, dates and times Choosing the right words 39a What will it be? - When to use ser 39b What will it be? - When to use estar 40 Being and having - Alternatives to ser/estar 41a Verbal gymnastics - jugar versus tocar 41b Verbal gymnastics - pensar versus creer 42a To have and to hold - tener versus haber 42b To have and to hold - hay, hay que and tener que 43 Leave it out or I'll quit! - Problems with leaving 44 Getting the know-how - saber, conocer and poder 45 Propositions about prepositions - en, a, de 46 What's it all for? - por and para 47 The missing link - Unexpected uses of prepositions 48 Up the ante - Mistakes with 'before' and 'under' 49 It's behind you! - detras, tras and despues 50 Things aren't always what they seem! - False friends Glossary of grammatical terms Index

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