A Classified Bibliography of the History of Dutch Medicine 1900-1974

A Classified Bibliography of the History of Dutch Medicine 1900-1974

By: G. A. Lindeboom (author)Hardback

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I. In some periods of the past Netherlands medicine has played a major role in the evolution of European medicine; today its history still enjoys much in- terest even at the other side of the Ocean. In this bibliography it has been my endeavour to compile references for all that has been written on the history of Dutch medicine in our country and elsewhere in our age. The main concern of this work is with the medicine of the Northern Nether- lands. However, before the end ofthe sixteenth century the Northern and South- ern Netherlands were not yet divided into two separate countries; they were still politically one and for the greater part spoke the same Flemish language. So be- fore their separation the present-day Belgium and Netherlands also had a com- mon medical history. Therefore many entries have been included which bear on early (and sometimes later) Flemish medicine, but it has not been the inten- tion to strive for completeness in this respect.

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I. Biographies and Biographica.- A. Collective Works.- B. Physicians.- Abbe-Beijerinck.- Beverwijck-Blonck.- Boerhaave.- Biographica 125-78; Relatives 179-82; Commemorations 183-216; General scientific thoughts 217-27; Clinical and theoretical teaching, lecture notes 228-51; Various concepts and diseases 252-70; Chemical writings and chemistry 271-303; Botany 304-10; Letters and manuscripts 311-32; Iconography 333-42; Foreign relations and influence 343-65; Catalogues 366-8; Varia 369-70..- du Bois-van Calcar.- Camper.- Biographica 426-48; Letters 449-63; Voyages 464-8; Works and Ideas 469-500..- Capriles-Dekkers.- Descartes.- Biographica 576-581; Works and Ideas 582-8; Relations 589-92; Letters and Influence 593-600..- van Deventer-van Doeveren.- Donders.- Biographica 655-72; Commemorations 673-81; Works and Ideas 682-94..- van Dongen-Engel.- Erasmus.- General 734-41; Erasmus and medicine 742-56; - and contemporaries 757-62..- Eykman-de Gorter.- de Graaf.- von Graefe-Harting.- Harvey-Hyrtl.- Ingenhousz-Van Leersum.- Leeuwenhoek.- Biographies and general 1058-83; Instruments 1084-9a; Views on circulation, digestion and other topics 1090-8; Letters 1099-1112.9; Special topics 1113-24; Criticism 1125; Friends and correspondence 1126-35; Language.- Lemnius-Linnaeus.- Linschoten-Le Mort.- Mulder-Parmentier.- Pasteur-Ruysch.- Ruysworm-van den Spieghel.- Spinoza-Suringar.- Swammerdam.- van Swieten.- Sylvius-Uwens.- Vesalius.- General background 1756-60; Biographica 1761-90; Anatomy 1791-1801; Fabrica and Epitome 1802-17; Dentistry 1818-20; Letters 1821-9; Iconography 1830-38; various subjects 1839-41..- da Vinci-Wenckebach.- Westerdijk-Van Zwolle.- C. Surgeons.- D. Military physicians.- E. Naval surgeons.- F. Quacks.- G. Pathographies.- Scientists, artists and statesmen 2009-90; Royalties 2091-2128..- II History and Historiography of Medicine.- A. Philosophy and Ideas.- B. History of Medicine as a Science.- C. Methods.- D. Surveys.- E. History of Dutch Medicine.- F. Periods and Progress.- G. Linguistics.- H. Chronology and Calendars.- I. Teaching of History of Medicine.- J. History of Medical Ethics.- K. Bibliographies and Catalogues.- L. Libraries and Collections.- M. Medical-historical Institutes.- N. Archives.- O. Incunabula, Postincunabula and rare books.- P. Manuscripts.- Q. Theses.- R. Periodicals.- III. Prehistoric, Primitive and Folk Medicine; Magic.- A. Prehistoric Medicine.- Trepanation.- B. Primitive Medicine.- General 2378-86; Indian Archipel 2387-2400; Africa 2401-04..- C. Folkmedicine.- General 2405-21; Customs and remedies 2422-32a; Animals 2433-7; Local and regional 2438-460..- D. Magic.- General 2447-57; Witchcraft and exorcism 2458-81..- IV. Antiquity.- A. Babylonian and Assyrian Medicine.- B. Indian Medicine.- C. Egyptian Medicine.- D. Israel.- E. Ancient Western Medicine.- General.- Greek Medicine.- General.- Various topics.- Aesculapius.- Homer.- Hippocrates.- Hippocratic oath 2626-30a; Hippocratic writings 2631-42..- Aristotle.- Galen.- Various Greek authors.- Roman Medicine.- Diseases in Antiquity.- Various topics.- Military and Naval medicine in Antiquity.- V. Medieval Medicine.- A. General.- B. Manuscripts.- C. Arab Medicine.- D. Saints.- VI. Basic Sciences.- A. Chemistry and Physics.- Chemistry 2786-2807; Physics 2808-19..- B. Biology.- General 2820-9; Doctrine of evolution 2830-40; Zoology 2841-3; Various authors on biology 2844-9; Genetics and Heredity 2850-4..- C. Botany.- General 2855-63; Herbals 2864-73; Botanical Gardens 2874-88a; Plants 2889-2908..- D. Anatomy.- General 2909-28; Plates 2929-32; Anatomical theatres and Collections 2933-45; Instruments (magnifying glasses, microscopes and microtomes) 2946-64; Laboratories, staining techniques, etc. 2965-70; Varia 2971-72; Monstra 2973-800..- E. Physiology.- General 2981-92; Circulation of the blood 2993-3004; Various topics 3005-9;.- F. Nutrition.- General 3010-19; 17th and 18th century 3020-8; 19th and 20th century 3029-41 a; Famine 3042-5; Council of Nutrition 3046-51..- VII. Pathology.- A. Concepts of disease.- B. Cardiovascular diseases.- C. Disorders of the liver.- D. Endocrine glands.- Diabetes mellitus 3082-6..- E. Deficiency diseases.- Rheumatism and gout 3093-3104..- F. Contagious diseases.- General 3105-10; Leprosy 3111-21..- Plague.- General 3122-36; Fight against plague 3137-45; Local epidemics 3146-60; Ordinances and instructions 3161-72..- Sweating sickness.- Syphilis.- Cholera.- Smallpox.- Tuberculosis.- Malaria.- Typhoid fever.- Dysentery.- Intestinal parasites.- Diphteria.- Influenza.- Rabies canina (Hydrophobia) (and remedies for -).- Scabies.- G. Diseases of the nervous system.- H. Various diseases.- I. Case-reports.- J. Clinical medicine.- Thermometer 3310-5; fames canina 3316..- VIII. Therapeutics and Healings.- A. General.- B. Homoeopathy.- C. Miracles (and the belief in them).- D. Fontanels, blood-letting, leeches, Spanish fly.- E. Resuscitating of drowned persons: fumigator.- Life-saving service 3365-8a.- F. Hydro-therapy and mud baths.- G. Physical therapy.- H. Bloodtransfusion.- I. Sympathie cure.- J. Remedies.- for urinary calculus 3388-91; for constipation 3392-3; for various diseases and ailments 3394-8..- K. Treatment of lunatics.- IX. Surgery.- A. General.- B. Cutting for the stone.- C. Fractures and amputations.- D. Wounds.- E. Ligature.- F. Special operations.- G. Surgical instruments.- H. Surgeons (general).- 3494-3500 Hangman.- X. Obstetrics and Gynaecology.- A. General studies, surveys, etc..- B. Generation, fertility and infertility.- C. Virginity, conception, anticonception, sexuality.- D. Pregnancy.- E. Abortion, premature birth, multiple birth.- F. Instruments.- Roonhuysian secret 3579-86..- G. Obstetrical operations.- General 3587-3587a; Caesarean section 3588-96; Symphysiotomy 3597-3611..- H. Customs.- I. Midwives and accoucheurs.- General 3619-29; Professional training 3630-5; Local 3636-43..- XI. Ophthalmology.- A. General.- B. Refraction.- C. Optotypes.- D. Eye-diseases.- Strabismus 3668-9; Cataract, glaucoma, trachoma 3670-9..- E. Spectacles.- F. Lenses.- G. Ophthalmological instruments.- XII. Various other Disciplines.- A. Neurology and psychiatry.- Hypnosis 3718-9..- B. Pediatrics.- C. Otorhinolaryngology.- Instruments 3731-2..- D. Anaesthesiology.- E. Orthopedics.- F. Radiology.- G. Endocrinology.- H. Dermatology.- I. Dental surgery.- Dental instruments and old books 3775-7..- J. Forensic medicine.- K. Veterinary medicine.- XIII. Naval and Tropical Medicine.- A. Naval medicine.- General 3800-6; Medical service 3807-9; Nursing 3810-13; Hygienics 3814-16a; Nutrition 3817-21; Pharmacy 3822-6..- B. Tropical medicine.- General 3827-29a; Dutch East Indies 3830-41; Batavia 3842-9; Diseases 3850-69..- C. Medical mission.- XIV. Military medicine.- A. General.- B. Education.- C. Army medical Corps.- D. Medical and sanitary services.- E. Surinam and the Dutch Antilles; Africa.- F. Hospitals.- G. Pharmacy.- H. Transport and nursing.- I. Nutrition.- J. Red Cross.- XV. Preventive Medicine and Public Health.- A. Preventive medicine.- Variolation and vaccination 3963-4003..- B. Public health.- General - rehabilitation 4004-11; Statistics 4012-8; Poor relief, sick fund system, municipal health care 4019-41; Drinking water and food 4042-51;.- C. Hygiene.- General 4052-55a; Housing and school hygiene 4056-64; Industry 4065-7; Antisepsis, quarantine 4068-72; Cemeteries 4073-4..- D. State medicine.- Supervision, legal measures 4083-8..- XVI. Medical Education.- A. General.- B. Bedside teaching and clinical instruction.- C. Universities and Academies.- General 4102-090; Students general 41O9c-e; Leiden.- General 4110-26; Medical education 4127-54; Students 4155-63..- Franeker.- Groningen.- Utrecht.- Veterinary University 4199-4200..- Harderwijk.- Nijmegen.- Amsterdam: Athenaeum, (1632), University (1877).- Free University 4233-35..- Foreign Universities.- D. Illustrious Schools.- Breda 4243-4713; Deventer 4248-51; Bois-le-Duc 4252-3; Maastricht 4254..- E. Clinical Schools.- General 4255; Alkmaar 4256; Amsterdam 4257-60; Hoorn 4261; Middelburg 4262; Rotterdam 4263-6..- XVII. Nursing and Hospitals.- A. Nursing.- General 4276-4282a; Mental nursing 4283-4305; Varia 4306-9..- B. Hospitals.- General 4310-20; Local hospitals: 4321-4401 Amersfoort 4321; Amsterdam 4322-4357a.- St. Peter's Hospital (Inner Hospital) 4335-48a; Wilhelmina Hospital 4349-51; various Amsterdam hospitals 4352-7a..- Arnhem 4358; Breda, Delft, Deventer 4359-62; Dordrecht, Groningen 4363-8; The Hague 4369-70; Haarlem, Heerlen 4371-3; 's-Hertogenbosch (Bois-le-Duc) 4374-74e; Leiden 4375-8a; Middelburg, Nijmegen, Roermond 4379-83; Rotterdam 4383a-9; Tilburg 4390; Utrecht 4391-4; Venlo, Weert, Zaan-district, Zaltbommel, Zutphen 4395-4401..- C. Leper houses.- General 4402-04; Local 4405-07..- D. Plague houses.- E. Lunatic asylums.- General 4413-7; Local 4418-40..- F. Sanatoria.- G. Maternity homes and obstetric education.- H. Various hospitals and clinics.- Children's hospitals 4453-5..- I. Foreign hospitals.- J. Orphanages.- K. Houses of correction (mental treatment in -).- XVIII. Medical Profession.- A. General.- B. Jewish medicine.- C. Professional matters.- Conflicts 4516-9; Bills 4520-31; Contracts, instructions 4532-45; Ordinances, sentences 4546-9..- D. Collegia Medica.- E. Quackery.- General 4564-72; Announces, measures, prizes, etc. 4573-80; drugs 4581-2..- F. Guilds.- General 4583-5; Local 4586-4610; Examinations 4611-9; Certificates 4620-32a..- G. Archivalia.- H. Societies and Associations.- General 4638-43; Learned Societies 4644-51; Royal Dutch Society for the promotion of medicine 4652-63; Special Associations 4664-81; "Netherlands Journal of Medicine" 4682-4; Dutch Society for the promotion of pharmacy 4685-9; Society for the History of Medicine, Physics and Mathematics 4690-6; Meetings GeWiNa 4697; Foreign meetings 4698-9..- I. Congresses.- Congresses pharmacy 4726-36..- J. Varia.- XIX. Pharmacy.- A. Historical surveys.- B. Foreign relations.- C. Drug trade and prizes.- D. Mortars, jars and weights.- Jars 4786-4803; Weights 4804-10..- E. Antidotaria, pharmacopoeia's, prescription books.- Pharmacopoeia's 4814-42; Prescription books 4843-53..- F. Chemists.- Chemist's shops 4884-92a; Guilds 4893-6..- G. Drugs.- General 4897-4902a; Bezoar - 4903-06; Chemical - 4907-19; Vegetable - 4920-6; Quinine, guajac 4927-31; Medicinal herbs 4932-4933.14; Animal drugs 4934-48; Panacea, secret drugs 4949-54..- H. Pharmacology and Toxicology.- Toxicology 4958-66a..- I. Various subjects.- J. Pharmacy and Art.- K. Periodicals.- XX. Local Medicine and Local Pharmacy.- A. Local medicine.- General 4990.- Amsterdam 4991-4.- Antwerp 4995-6.- Arnhem 4997-5001.- Baambrugge 5002.- Bergen op Zoom 5003-08.- Breda 5009-5011.- Broek in Waterland 5012.- Brummen 5013.- Dordrecht 5014-21.- Gorinchem, Gouda, 's-Gravenhage (The Hague).- Groningen 5022-30.- Haarlem, Harderwijk, Hunsingo 5031-4.- Huissen 5035.- Jisp 5036.- Kampen 5037-8.- Leiden 5039-40.- Middelburg 5041.- Nijmegen 5042-6.- Rotterdam 5047-9.- Tilburg 5050.- Utrecht 5051-60a.- Veere 5061.- Zaltbommel 5062-4.- Zwolle 5065-8.- Provinces and districts 5069-80.- B. Local pharmacy.- Alkmaar, Amersfoort, Amsterdam 5081-85a.- Antwerp 5086-8.- Breda, Brielle 5089-91.- Delft, Deventer 5092-5.- Eindhoven 5096.- Goes, Gouda 5097-8.- 's-Gravenhage (The Hague) 5099-5101.- Haarlem, Harderwijk, Kampen 5102-04.- Maastricht, Roermond 5105-07.- Rotterdam 5108-11a.- Tiel 5112.- Utrecht, Vianen 5113-4.- Zierikzee 5115-6.- Zwolle 5117.- Provinces and districts 5118-20.- XXI. Other Countries.- A. Benelux.- B. England.- C. Scotland.- D. France.- E. Italy.- F. Austria.- G. Poland.- H. Germany.- I. Sweden and Iceland.- J. Switzerland.- K. Portugal.- L. Russia.- M. South Africa.- N. Dutch East Indies, Dutch New Guinea.- O. Surinam.- P. America.- Q. Japan.- R. China.- XXII. Medicine and Art.- A. Painting, drawing and plastic art.- General 5203-5222a; Anatomy, anatomy lessons 5223-47; Physicians, pathology 5248-62a; Leprosy 5263-9; Various topics 5270-95. Rembrandt 5296-5303a; Jan Steen 5304-13; Frans Hals 5314-5; 5316-5325.- Popular prints, caricatures, varia.- Caricatures 5319-21; varia 5322-5..- Emblems.- Stone tablets, epitaphs, etc..- Title pages.- B. Literary Art.- Prose 5345-55; Poetry 5356-73; Stage 5374-86..- C. Musicians, music, opera.- D. Medals.- E. Philately, emergency money.- Philately 5403-17; Money 5418.- F. Museums.- Alkmaar 5420; Amsterdam 5421-39; Enkhuizen 5440-1; Gouda 5442-3; Groningen 5444; Haarlem 5445-6, 5463; Leiden 5447-57a; Maastricht 5458; Oudewater 5459; Utrecht 5460-2. Foreign museum 5464-7..- G. Exhibitions.- Exhibitions in foreign museums 5510-12a..- Indexes.

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