A Concise History of the Jewish People

A Concise History of the Jewish People

By: Naomi Pasachoff (author), Robert J. Littman (author)Hardback

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This book describes the most important events and people in Jewish history from Abraham to the present day, in a very concise, accessible way. These 'read-bites' include up-to-date essays discussing the impact of 9-11; the Iraq War, Muslim Fundamentalism, and rise of European anti-Semitism on the Jewish People.

About Author

Naomi Pasachoff is a research associate at Williams College. Robert Littman is a professor of classics at the University of Hawai'i.


Part 1 Part I: Biblical Period, 1600-538 B.C.E. Chapter 2 Abraham and the Patriarchs Chapter 3 Moses Chapter 4 The Ten Commandments and the Revelation at Sinai Chapter 5 The Hebrew Bible Chapter 6 Archaeology and the Bible Chapter 7 Saul and the Establishment of the Kingdom Chapter 8 King David Chapter 9 Solomon and the First Temple Chapter 10 The Divided Kingdom Chapter 11 Amos and Hosea Chapter 12 Isaiah and Hezekiah Chapter 13 The Fall of Jerusalem Chapter 14 Jeremiah Chapter 15 The Babylonian Exile and the Return Chapter 16 Ezra and Nehemiah Part 17 Part II: Second Temple Period, 538 B.C.E.-70 C.E. Chapter 18 Hellenism Chapter 19 Judah Maccabee Chapter 20 The Hasmoenan State Chapter 21 Herod the Great Chapter 22 The Pharisees and Sadducees and Hillel and Shammai Chapter 23 The Diaspora during the Roman Empire Chapter 24 Jesus Chapter 25 Peter, Paul, and Early Christianity Chapter 26 The Dead Sea Scrolls Chapter 27 The Jewish War (66-70 C.E.) Chapter 28 The Destruction of the Temple Chapter 29 The Fall of Masada Part 30 Part III: Rabbinic Period, 70-600 C.E. Chapter 31 Yohanan ben Zakkai and the Sanhedrin at Yavneh Chapter 32 Bar Kokhba Chapter 33 Rabbi Judah the Prince and the Redaction of the Mishnah Chapter 34 Constantine and Christianity Chapter 35 The Jews of Babylon Chapter 36 The Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds Part 37 Part IV: Medieval Period, 600-1450 Chapter 38 Mohammed Chapter 39 The Karaites Chapter 40 The Jews in the Muslim World before 1400 Chapter 41 The Jews of Italy Chapter 42 The Jews of Spain Chapter 43 A 12th-Century Zionist: Judah HaLevi Chapter 44 The Legacy of Maimonides Chapter 45 Nahamides and the 1263 Disputation Chapter 46 The Bible of the Jewish Mystics: The Zohar Chapter 47 The Jews of England: Massacre and Expulsion Chapter 48 Rashi Chapter 49 The Inquisition and Expulsion from Spain Chapter 50 The Marranos Chapter 51 The Jews of Medieval Germany Part 52 Part V: Transition to Modern Times, 1450-1750 Chapter 53 Hebrew Printing Chapter 54 Martin Luther and the Jews Chapter 55 The Jews of Amsterdam Chapter 56 Isaac Abrabanel Chapter 57 The Jews of Venice and the First Ghetto Chapter 58 Kabbalists at Safed Chapter 59 Joseph Caro and the Shulhan Arukh Chapter 60 The Excommunication of Spinoza Chapter 61 Jews Arrive in the New World Chapter 62 The Chmielnicki Massacres Chapter 63 The Shabbetai Zevi Affair Chapter 64 The Development of Hasidism Part 65 Part VI: Early Modern Times, 1750-1917 Chapter 66 Moses Mendelssohn and the Jewish Enlightenment Chapter 67 Emancipation Chapter 68 Religious Responses to Modern Challenges Chapter 69 The Pale of Settlement Chapter 70 The House of Rothschild Chapter 71 Sir Moses Montefiore and 19th-Century Jewish History Chapter 72 Early Zionist Voices Chapter 73 Modern Antisemitism Chapter 74 The Pogroms of 1881 Chapter 75 The Beginnings of Aliyah Chapter 76 The Dreyfus Affair Chapter 77 Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State, and the First Zionist Congress Chapter 78 The Emergence of American Conservative Judaism Chapter 79 The Kishinev Pogroms Chapter 80 The Uganda Controversy Chapter 81 The Beilis Blood-Libel Case Chapter 82 Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and the Emergence of Modern Hebrew Chapter 83 Tel Aviv and Deganyah: A New City and a New Type of Community Chapter 84 The Balfour Declaration Part 85 Part VII: The Modern Era, 1918 to Present Chapter 86 The British Mandate over Palestine: "The White Paper Regime" Chapter 87 The Protocols of the Elders of Zion Chapter 88 The Open Door Closes Chapter 89 Birobidzhan: The Soviet Union's "Jewish Autonomous Region" Chapter 90 Mordecai Kaplan and Reconstructionist Judaism Chapter 91 Kristallnacht: The Night of the Broken Glass Chapter 92 The Wannsee Conference: Genocide Becomes State Policy Chapter 93 The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Chapter 94 The Exodus 1947 and Illegal Aliyah Chapter 95 The UN Partition Resolution Chapter 96 The Birth of the State of Israel Chapter 97 Jerusalem and Israel's War of Independence Chapter 98 "Operation Magic Carpet" and "Operation Ezra and Nehemiah" Chapter 99 German Restitution to Victims of Nazism Chapter 100 The "Doctors' Plot": Prelude to Stalin's "Final Solution"? Chapter 101 The Sinai Campaign Chapter 102 The Eichmann Trial Chapter 103 The Six-Day War Chapter 104 The Yom Kippur War Chapter 105 Peace with Egypt Chapter 106 The Ordination of Female Rabbis Chapter 107 The Falashas Arrive in Israel Chapter 108 The Jewish People Enter the 21st Century

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