A Guide To Australian Etiquette

A Guide To Australian Etiquette

By: Ita Buttrose (author)eBook


'Good manners give a person increased self-confidence and the ability to be at ease in most situations. Good manners mean being kind and thoughtful to others, making allowances for their shortcomings, and being considerate about their feelings.' Ita Buttrose has been an inspiration to generations of Australian women. In the course of her phenomenal media career she has seen how important etiquette is in every aspect of life, from the personal to the professional. Correct etiquette not only ensures that a meal will be pleasant or a wedding will run smoothly, it can also make or break a career. If you want to know how to: - organise a wedding, from choosing a dress to deciding who sits where - arrange a funeral - prevent 'trolley rage' at the supermarket - get in and out of a lift without it turning into a football scrum - be the perfect guest at a dinner party - host a business lunch - carve a roast - make a speech - behave in a mosque Ita is the woman to ask

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  • publication date: 23/02/2011
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