A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures - Continental Europe and its Empires

A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures - Continental Europe and its Empires

By: Lars Jensen (editor), Prem Poddar (editor), Rajeev S. Patke (editor)Hardback

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'Radical, intrepid, compendious, /A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures/, goes far toward restoring 'postcolonialism' to its historical premises by resituating that imperial project in its much changed and still controversial cartographies. It is Marlow's map of the 'heart of darkness' drastically redrawn: what was once the 'vast amount of red,' a 'deuce of a lot of blue,' a 'little green,' those 'smears of orange,' and the 'purple patch,' is here become a dense kaleidoscope that will of necessity rechart the itinerary of students and critical travellers across and around 'continental Europe and its empires.' Barbara Harlow, University of Texas at Austin 'The /Companion/ is unique in that it provides a wealth of analysis and information about all European continental powers and their colonies and presents the entire assembly in a wonderful mis-en-scene. It is a 'true' companion that invites trans-cultural readings of trans-cultural literatures.' Walter Mignolo, Duke University The first reference work to the political, cultural and economic contexts of postcolonial literatures stemming from the empires of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain as well as Latin America and the Philippines Written by recognised scholars the entries cover major events, ideas, movements and figures in postcolonial histories. They cover European overseas exploration, settlement, colonisation and decolonisation and highlight the relevance of colonial histories to the cultural, social, political and literary formations of contemporary postcolonial societies and nations. Each entry provides a succinct account of an event or topic, as well as suggestions for further reading in literary works and histories. By outlining the historical contexts of postcolonial literatures, the Companion provides an important key to understanding complex contemporary debates about race, colonialism and neo-colonialism, politics, economics, culture and language. *Covers all the European empires in a new and integrated way *Relates the colonial past to the postcolonial present *Brings literary and historical texts and contexts together for the first time *Includes maps, a detailed Chronology, lists of further reading and author/subject indexes

About Author

Prem Poddar is Alexander von Humboldt Senior Fellow at Zentrum Moderner Orient in Berlin. He is the author of Violent Civilities (2002) and has edited Translating Nations (2000) and Empire and After: Englishness in Postcolonial Perspective (2007). Rajeev Patke is Professor of English at the National University of Singapore. He is the author of The Long Poems of Wallace Stevens (Cambridge UP, 1985) and Postcolonial Poetry in English (Oxford UP, 2006). He has edited Europe in Post-colonial Narratives for The European Legacy (2002), and co-edited Complicities, Connections and Divisions: Literatures and Cultures of the Asia-Pacific Region (Peter Lang, 2003) and Institutions in Cultures: Theory and Practice (Rodopi, 1996). He is the co-author of The Routledge Concise History of Southeast Asian Writing in English (2009). Lars Jensen is Lecturer at Cultural Encounters at Roskilde University.


Preface, Walter Mignolo; INTRODUCTION, Prem Poddar, Rajeev Patke, Lars Jensen; Acknowledgements; General editors & section editors; List of maps; Map 1: World Colonisation 1550; A selective chronology; Map 2: World Colonisation 1914; BELGIUM & ITS COLONIES; Map 3: The Belgian Colonial Empire; Introduction, Pierre-Philippe Fraiture (University of Warwick); Anthropology & Ethnography, Maarten Couttenier (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium); Anticolonial Resistance, Carina Yervasi (Swarthmore College); Belgian Imperial Policy, Martin Shipway (Birkbeck College, University of London); Belgian Missionaries in the Congo, Pascale Stacey (Liverpool University); Colonial & Postcolonial Exhibitions, Sabine Cornelis (Royal Museum of Central Africa, Brussels); Comics & the Belgian Congo, Nancy Hunt (Michigan University); Evolues, Priscilla Ringrose (Trondheim University); Historiography: The Belgian Congo, Pascale Stacey & Victoria Reid (Liverpool University); Kimbangu, Anne Melice (Liege University); Leopold II, Lieve Spaas (Kingston University, London); Missions in the Danish-Norwegian colonies, Louise Sebro (Lund University); Mobutu, Priscilla Appama (Universit de Franche-Comt, Besanon, France); Narratives of Empire: Postcolonial Congo, Pierre Halen (Paul Verlaine-Metz University); The Red Rubber Scandal, Aisling Campbell (Liverpool University); The Rwanda Genocide of the 1990s, Colette Braeckman (Brussels); Andre Ryckmans, Heidi Bojsen (Roskilde University); Pierre Ryckmans, Therese De Raedt (Utah University); The Scramble for the Congo, Colette Braeckman (Brussels); Tippu Tip, Fiona Barclay (University of Glasgow); DENMARK AND ITS COLONIES; Map 4: Denmark and Norway: Colonial Possessions c.1800; Introduction, Lars Jensen (Roskilde University); Abolition of Slavery, Lars Jensen (Roskilde University); Anthropology, Greenland and Colonialism, Ole Hoiris (Aarhus University); Charter Companies, Lars Jensen (Roskilde University); Colonial Exhibitions, Cheralyn Mealor (Aarhus University); Creolisation, Heidi Bojsen (Roskilde University); The Greenlandic Colonial Administration, Mette Ronsager (Copenhagen University); Greenlandic Writers, Karen Langgard (University of Greenland); Grundtvig, N.F.S., Lars Jensen (Roskilde University); Thorkild Hansen and the Critique of Empire, Marianne Stecher-Hansen (University of Washington); Historiography, Michael Bregnsbo (University of Southern Denmark); Home Rule, Lars Jensen (Roskilde University); Migrancy, Kirsten Hvenegard-Lassen (Roskilde University); Missions in the Danish-Norwegian Colonies, Louise Sebro (Lund University); Modernisation of Greenland, Klaus Georg Hansen (Nuuk); Narratives and Fictions of Empire, Claire Thomson (University College, London); Orientalism and Exoticism, John Botofte (Brussels); Race and Ethnicity, Greenland, Karen Langgard (University of Greenland); Knud Rasmussen, Nanna Folke Olsen (Copenhagen); Thule, Pia Kruger Johansen (Roskilde University); Tropical Colonies, Esther Fihl (Copenhagen Unversity); Viking Settlements, Lasse Wolsgard(Copenhagen); FRANCE AND ITS COLONIES; Map 5: The French Colonial Empire; Introduction, Charles Forsdick (Liverpool University); The Algerian War, Nicholas Harrison (King's College); Anthropology and Ethnography, Pierre-Philippe Fraiture (University of Warwick); Anti-colonialism, Andy Stafford (University of Leeds); Colonial Administration, Tony Chafer (University of Portsmouth); Colonial Education, Claire Griffiths (University of Hull); Creolisation and Creoleness, Maeve McCusker (Queen's University); Decolonization, Stephen Tyre (University of St Andrews); Exploration and Travel, Aedin Ni Loingsigh (University of Edinburgh); France in Asia and the Indian Ocean, Kate Marsh (Liverpool University); France in North America, Bill Marshall (University of Glasgow); France in the South Pacific, Amanda Macdonald (University of Queensland); Francophone, Margaret A. Majumdar (University of Portsmouth); Francophone Black Atlantic, H. Adlai Murdoch (University of Illinois); Francophone Caribbean, Martin Munro (University of the West Indies); Haiti, Mariana Past (Dickinson College); Historiography, Stephen Tyre (University of St Andrews); Imperial Policy, Tony Chafer (University of Portsmouth); Internal Colonialism, Eamon O Ciosain (National University of Ireland); Massacres, Charles Forsdick, (Liverpool University), Migrancy, Aedin Ni Loingsigh (University of Edinburgh); Narratives and Fictions of Empire, David Murphy (University of Stirling); Negritude, Patrick Corcoran (Roehampton University); Neo-colonialism, Andy Stafford (University of Leeds); North Africa and the Middle East, Patrick Crowley (University College, Cork); Orientalism and Exoticism, Siobhan Shilton (Bristol University); Race and Ethnicity, Andy Stafford (University of Leeds); Religion, Kamal Salhi (University of Leeds); Slavery and Abolition, Maeve McCusker (Queen's University, Belfast); Sub-Saharan Africa, David Murphy (University of Stirling); Tirailleurs Senegalais, Charles Forsdick (Liverpool University); Women's Histories, Winifred Woodhull (University of California at San Diego); GERMANY AND ITS COLONIES; Map 6: The German Colonies; Introduction, Birthe Kundrus (Hamburger Institut fur Sozialforschung); African Playground, Nana Badenberg (Basel); Anthropology and Ethnography, H. Glenn Penny (University of Iowa); Anti-colonial Struggles, Tanja Buhrer (Universitat Bern); Askari and Askari Myth, Michelle Moyd (Ithaca); Berlin Conference, Tanja Buhrer (Universitat Bern); Black Germans, Eve Rosenhaft (University of Liverpool); Cameroon, Ralph A. Austen (University of Chicago); Colonial Administration, Jurgen Zimmerer (University of Sheffield); Colonial Culture-Impact on Germany, Alexander Honold (Universitat Basel); Colonial Education, Sven Werkmeister (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin); Colonial Literature, Alexander Honold (Universitat Basel); Colonial Migration and the Law, Pascal Grosse (Universitatsmedizin, Berlin); Colonial Monuments, Joachim Zeller (Berlin); Colonial Revisionism, Susann Lewerenz (Hamburg); Colonialism and African Writing, Nina Berman (Ohio State University); Commercial Ethnographic Exhibitions, Hilke Thode-Arora (Markt Schwaben); German East Africa, Christian Geulen (Universitat Koblenz-Landau); German New Guinea, Birthe Kundrus (Hamburger Institut fur Sozialforschung); German Samoa, Birthe Kundrus (Hamburger Institut fur Sozialforschung); German South-west Africa, Daniel J. Walther (Wartburg College); Herero Genocide, Jurgen Zimmerer (University of Sheffield); Historiography: Germany, Sebastian Conrad (Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut); Hybridity and Race Relations, Frank Becker (Historisches Seminar, Munster); Kiaochow, Klaus Mulhahn (University of Turku); The Language Question, Sven Werkmeister (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin); Missions, Ulrich van der Heyden (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin), NS-Colonialism, Dirk van Laak (Weimar); Orientalism, Nina Berman (Ohio State University); Race and Ethnicity, Michael Schubert (Universitat Osnabruck); Slavery, the Slave Trade and Abolition, J.-G. Deutsch and M. Zeuske (Universitat zu Koln); Togo, Peter Sebald (Berlin); TheVersailles Conference, Boris Barth (Universitat Konstanz); West Africa: 17th-18th Century, Ulrich van der Heyden (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin); Women's Histories, Lora Wildenthal (Rice University); ITALY AND ITS COLONIES; Map 7: The Italian Colonies 1940; Introduction, Ruth Ben-Ghiat (New York University); Adwa, Alessandro Triulzi (Istituto Orientale, Naples); Albania, Nicola Mai (London Metropolitan University); Anthropology and Ethnology, Barbara Sorgoni (Universita Federico II); Anti-colonial Resistance in Eastern Libya, Ali Abdullah Ahmida (University of New England); Anti-colonial Resistance in Italian East Africa, Ruth Iyob (Washington University); Dodecanese Islands, Nicholas Doumanis (University of South Wales); Eritrea to 1935, Tekaeste Negash (Dalarna University); Ethiopian War, Nicola Labanca (Siena University); Fictions and Narratives of Empire, Charles Burdett (Bristol University); Antonio Gramsci and the Southern Question, Nelson Moe (Barnard College); Rodolfo Graziani, Nicola Labanca (Siena University); Haile Selassie, William R. Scott (Lehigh University); Immigration, Jacqueline Andall (Bath Unversity); Italian East Africa, Ruth Iyob (Washington University); Italophone Literature, Cristina Lombardi-Diop (American University in Rome); Land Expropriations, Federico Cresti (Catania University); Land Settlements, Federico Cresti (Catania University); Libya, Mia Fuller (University of California at Berkeley); Orientalism, Cristina Lombardi-Diop (American University in Rome); Racial Policies, Barbara Sorgoni (Universita Federico II); The Sanusi Order or Sanusiyya, 1837-1932, Ali Abdullah Ahmida (University of New England); Somalia before 1935, Tekeste Negash (Dalarna University); Women's Histories, Ruth Iyob (Washington University); THE NETHERLANDS AND ITS COLONIES; Map 8: The Dutch Colonial Empire; Introduction, Luc Allofs (Museum of Aruba), Annemarie van Niekerk (University of the Free State), Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy) and Theo D'haen (University of Leiden); Anthropology and Ethnography, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy) and Patricia Krus (University of Stirling); Anti-colonial Resistance, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy) and Annemarie van Niekerk (University of the Free State); Edgar Cairo, Wim Rutgers (University of Aruba); Colonial Administration, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy) and Patricia Krus (University of Stirling); Counts of Orange, Eric Martone (Waterbury); Creolisation and Creoleness, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy), Patricia Krus (University of Stirling) and Annemarie van Niekerk (University of the Free State); Critique of Imperialism/Anti-colonialism, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy) and Annemarie van Niekerk (University of the Free State); December Killings, Patricia Krus (University of Stirling); Decolonisation, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy) and Patricia Krus (University of Stirling); The Dutch Colonisation of N. America J. P. Alessi (Colorado Springs); The Dutch in Brazil, Mark Meuwese (Winnipeg University); The Dutch in Colonial America, Richard C. Kagan (Hamline University); The Dutch in Taiwan, Richard C. Kagan (Hamline University); The Dutch in the Caribbean, Wim Rutgers (University of Aruba); Albert Helman, Wim Rutgers (University of Aruba); Historiography, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy), P. Krus and Annemarie van Niekerk (University of the Free State); Immigration in the Netherlands, Jeroen Doomernik (University of Amsterdam); Missionaries and Religion, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy) and Wim Rutgers (University of Aruba); Narratives of Empire, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy), Wim Rutgers (University of Aruba) and Annemarie van Niekerk (University of the Free State); Nationalism/Nationhood, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy) and Patricia Krus (University of Stirling); Orientalism/Exoticism, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy) and Wim Rutgers (University of Aruba); Race and Ethnicity, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy) and Patricia Krus (University of Stirling); Race and Language in South Africa, Annemarie van Niekerk (University of the Free State); Slavery and Abolition, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy) and P. Krus; Women's Histories, Reinier Salverda (Fryske Akademy), Patricia Krus (University of Stirling), Annemarie van Niekerk (University of the Free State); OTHER EUROPES; Clash of Civilisations, Couze Venn (Nottingham Trent University); The Jewish Diaspora, Ilan Pappe (Haifa University); Postcolonial Russia, Ewa Thompson (Rice University); Postcolonial Sweden, Sheila Ghose (New York University); Turkey, Hamit Bozarslan (EHESS); PORTUGAL AND ITS COLONIES; Map 9: The Portuguese Colonial Empire 1415-1999; Introduction, Phillip Rothwell (Rutgers University); Anthropology and Ethnography, Miguel Vale de Almeida (Lisbon University); Anti-Colonial Struggles, David Robinson (University of Western Australia); The Brazilian Independence Process, Claire Williams (Liverpool University); Amilcar Cabral, Claire Williams (Liverpool University); The Carnation Revolution, Kathryn Bishop-Sanchez (Wisconsin University); Charter Companies/Prazos, Corrado Tornimbeni (Bologna University); Creolisation and Creoleness, David Brookshaw (Bristol University); Explorations and Discoveries, Isabel Moutinho (La Trobe University); FRELIMO (Mozambique), David Robinson (University of Western Australia); FRETILIN and Xanana Gusmao, Anthony Soares (Belfast University); The Frontline States, David Robinson (University of Western Australia); Goa, Claire Williams (Liverpool University); Henry the Navigator, Kathryn Bishop-Sanchez (Wisconsin University); Historiography, Phillip Rothwell (Rutgers University); Independence Movements (Azores and Madeira), Carmen Maria, Ramos Villar (Sheffield University); The Liberation Wars and Decolonisation, Norrie MacQueen (Dundee University); Lusophone African Literature, Russell Hamilton (Vanderbilt University); Lusotropicalism, Race and Ethnicity, Anna Klobucka (University of Massachusetts); Samora Machel, Branwen Gruffydd Jones (Aberdeen University); Eduardo Mondlane, Branwen Gruffydd Jones (Aberdeen University); Moorish Portugal, Kathryn Bishop-Sanchez (Wisconsin University); MPLA (Angola), Helia Santos (Coimbra University); Agostinho Neto, Branwen Gruffydd Jones (Aberdeen University); Orientalism in the Lusophone World, Ana Maria Mao-de Ferro Martinho (Lisbon Nova University); Overseas Provinces/The Colonial Act, Robert Moser (Georgia University); PAIGC (Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde); Claire Williams (Liverpool University); Pepetela, Igor Cusack (Birmingham University); Postcolonial African Immigration to Portugal, Sheila Khan (Belfast University); RENAMO (Mozambique), David Robinson (University of Western Australia); Salazar and the New State, Victor J. Mendes (University of Massachusetts); Dom Sebastiao, Phillip Rothwell (Rutgers University); Slavery and Abolition, David Brookshaw (Bristol University); Timor and Indonesia: Shared currents, Anthony Soares (Belfast University); UNITA (Angola), Helia Santos (Coimbra University); Vasco da Gama, Claire Williams (Liverpool University); Women's Histories, Hilary Owen (Manchester University); Map 10: The Iberian Empires 1581-1640; SPAIN. LATIN AMERICA AND THE PHILIPPINES; Map 11: The Spanish Colonial Empire; Introduction, Elizabeth Monasterios (University of Pittsburgh); The Andean Avant-Garde, Elizabeth Monasterios (University of Pittsburgh); Andean Textiles, Denise Arnold (Instituto de Lengua y Cultura Aymara); Anti-colonial Struggle, Arturo Arias (University of Redlands); Arturo Borda, Elizabeth Monasterios (University of Pittsburgh); 'Caliban', John Beverley (University of Pittsburgh); Christian Influences on Philippine Society, Dante L. Ambrosio (University of the Philippines); Colonial Baroque, John Beverley (University of Pittsburgh); Colonialism and Popular Culture, Denise Arnold (Instituto de Lengua y Cultura Aymara); Discovery and Conquest, Gonzalo Lamana (University of Pittsburgh); Uriel Garcia, Elizabeth Monasterios (University of Pittsburgh); Hibridacion, Joshua Lund (University of Pittsburgh); Indigeneity, Gustavo Verdesio (University of Michigan); Indigenismo and Mestisaje, Javier Sanjines (University of Michigan); Latin American Critical Thought, Michael Handelsman (University of Tennessee); Marianisation in the Philippines, Evelyn A. Miranda (University of the Philippines); Marronage and Rebellion, Juan Antonio Hernandez (Cornell University); The Philippines-Mexico Connection, Jaime Veneracion (University of the Philippines); The Popol Vuj, Carlos Lopez (Marshall University); Postcoloniality and Alternative Histories, Julia Suarez Krabbe (Roskilde University); Fausto Reinaga, Marcia Stephenson (Purdue University); The Role of Literature in Filipino Resistance, Maria Luisa T. Reyes (University of the Philippines); Spain, Modernity, and Colonialism, John Beverley (University of Pittsburgh); Spanish Colonialism in a World Perspective, Julia Suarez Krabbe (Roskilde University); The Tupac Amaru Rebellion, John Beverley (University of Pittsburgh); Map 12: World Colonisation 1945; Alphabetical List of Contributors; Index of Authors (cited); Index of Subjects.

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