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A Simple Guide to Matthew (Simple Guides to the Gospels 1)

A Simple Guide to Matthew (Simple Guides to the Gospels 1)

By: Paul J. McCarren (author)Paperback

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The Gospel writers state they aim to tell the story of Jesus in a clear manner, but throughout Paul McCarren's years in ministry, he has seen that these simple and important messages are too often missed. In his Simple Guides to the Gospels series, McCarren provides a new translation of each Gospel book, leading readers chapter by chapter through the text. Each section includes scripture and a brief, engaging commentary about how readers can relate to the material. The Simple Guides introduce readers to life in early Christianity, describe points of controversy, and show how each section fits with those that went before. The Simple Guide to Matthew highlights many of Jesus' compelling sayings, stories such as the Sermon on the Mount, and key themes of Jesus' ministry, such as trust. The books in the Simple Guides to the Gospels series are available individually or together as a complete set.

About Author

Paul J. McCarren, SJ, works at Loyola Retreat House and at St. Ignatius Church, both in Maryland, while continuing to write Simple Guides to the Bible. A Jesuit priest, he has spent many years in both parish and campus ministry.


Introduction Who Needs a Simple Guide to Matthew's Gospel? A Simple Message Some Big Questions Answered by Matthew's Gospel Acknowledgments The Gospel According to Matthew Chapter 1 - The Ancestry and Birth of Jesus 1:1-7 - Jesus' ancestors 1:8:25 - Jesus is born Chapter 2 - Jesus' Infancy 2:1-12 - Visitors from the east 2:13-23 - Jesus' family flees; Herod tyrannizes; the family returns Chapter 3 - Baptism 3:1-12 - John preaches Baptism 3:13-17 - Jesus accepts Baptism Chapter 4 - Turning to the Father 4:1-11 - Jesus turns to the Father 4:12-25 - Jesus teaches others to turn to the Father-i.e., to repent Chapter 5 - Jesus Teaches on the Mountain 5:1-12 - Reasons to rejoice 5:13-20 - Rejoicing should be expressed and taught 5:21-26 - How to rejoice in the Covenant 5:27-37 - Keeping promises; taking oaths 5:38-48 - Loving Chapter 6 - On the Mountain, Jesus Continues to Teach about the Covenant 6:1-8 - What's the right relationship with God? 6:9-15 - How to pray 6:16-24 - More advice on keeping a right relationship with God 6:25-34 - Anxiety about our relationship with God Chapter 7 - On the Mountain, Jesus Continues to Teach about the Covenant 7:1-12 - Our relationships with others 7:13-23 - Accepting the Covenant means acting on it 7:24-29 - Jesus concludes his teaching on the mountain Chapter 8 - Jesus is Sought as a Healer 8:1-4 - A healing as Jesus descends from the mountain 8:5-13 - Reaching Capernaum, Jesus is again asked for a healing 8:14-23 - Healing should lead to trust-but does it? 8:24-34 - No trust on a boat trip; no trust in Gentile territory Chapter 9 - What Is Healing; Why Do We Need It? 9:1-8 - Healing the human spirit 9:9-17 - Who follows Jesus? 9:18-26 - Two more healings 9:27-38 - Faith expresses itself in cries for help and healing Chapter 10 - The Mission of a Disciple of Jesus 10:1-4 - Jesus commissions twelve disciples 10:5-15 - Instructions for the disciples 10:16-23 - How should disciples deal with opposition? 10:24-31 - Giving witness in the face of opposition 10:32-42 - Choose to trust-as Jesus does Chapter 11 - Jesus Again Teaches Repentance 11:1-11 - Praise for John the Baptist's call to wait and watch 11:11-19 - Waiting and watching is over; turn to the Good News now 11:20-30 - How to receive the Good News now Chapter 12 - Despite More Healing, Jesus Meets More Resistance 12:1-14 - What's sin - What's service? 12:15-29 - God's work is healing 12:30-37 - Accepting and rejecting God's Spirit 12:38-50 - The signs of believing are repentance and reconciliation Chapter 13 - Back in Capernaum, Jesus Keeps Talking about Accepting God's Word 13:1-15 - A parable about a richly rewarding idea 13:16-30 - Jesus explains one parable and tells another 13:31-43 - Jesus teaches the Kingdom will come-slowly, but surely 13:44-58 - Jesus advises choosing the Kingdom NOW Chapter 14 - After a Flashback, Matthew Describes More Traveling and Powerful Work 14:1-21 - An example of lack of faith; Jesus' belief 14:22-36 - Do people trust in God's power? Chapter 15 - How Do We See Our Needs - How Does God See Our Needs? 15:1-9 - Do you need to see yourself as righteous? 15:10-20 - Evil comes from the heart 15:21-28 - Faith comes from needing it 15:29-39 - Back home, Jesus heads up the mountain again, and teaches Chapter 16 - Rejecting and Accepting Jesus' Message 16:1-12 - No one seems to understand Jesus' message of repentance 16:13-20 - A glimmer of accepting Jesus' message 16:21-28 - Jesus' message of repentance seems bleak Chapter 17 - Lessons in Trusting 17:1-13 - Divine glory doesn't look like human glory 17:14-27 - Divine power, unlike human power, isn't pushy Chapter 18 - Divine Power is Seen in Humility, Patience, and Forgiveness 18:1-9 - What it means to be lowly and weak 18:10-20 - Patience and forgiveness are divine work 18:21-35 - We are called to share the divine work of forgiveness Chapter 19 - On the Way to Jerusalem: Meeting Challenges, and Teaching 19:1-12 - More challenges 19:13-30 - Jesus reviews his basic teaching Chapter 20 - Reviewing Lessons about the Kingdom, Suffering, Greatness, and Healing 20:1-16 - What's the Kingdom like? 20:17-34 - Suffering, serving, and healing Chapter 21 - First Days in Jerusalem 21:1-17 - Acclaim; indignation 21:18-32 - Jesus teaches again about faith and repentance 21:33-46 - Jesus teaches about judgment Chapter 22 - In Jerusalem, Jesus Continues Proclaiming Good News 22:1-14 - Good News for those who seek the Kingdom 22:15-22 - Jesus turns a trap into a lesson 22:23-33 - Another trap; another lesson 22:34-46 - One more confrontation; two more lessons Chapter 23 - The Price of Lessons Not Learned 23:1-12 - Jesus warns against bad example 23:13-22 - A lament about bad teaching 23:23-39 - The lament continues Chapter 24 - Learning More about Repentance 24:1-14 - Repentance takes a lifetime 24:15-28 - Repentance and faithfulness will be necessary right to the end 24:29-35 - The teachings of Jesus, the Son of Man, will prove true 24:36-51 - So, wait for Jesus' teaching to prove true Chapter 25 - Repentance-i.e., Accepting the Covenant-Will Transform You 25:1-13 - Do you take the Covenant seriously? 25:14-30 - Is the Covenant a good deal? 25:31-46 - The Covenant affects all you do Chapter 26 - Passover, and the Rejection of Jesus 26:1-16 - Examples of accepting and rejecting the Good News 26:17-30 - Jesus celebrates Passover with his disciples 26:31-46 - Jesus feels abandoned by all but his Father 26:47-56 - Jesus is arrested; the disciples flee 26:57-68 - Jesus is rejected by Jerusalem's officials 26:69-75 - Peter rejects Jesus, then repents Chapter 27 - Accomplishing Jesus' Death 27:1-10 - Judas regrets his choice 27:11-26 - Another pretense at justice 27:27-44 - The official sentence is carried out 27:45-56 - Jesus dies 27:57-66 - Jesus is buried Chapter 28 - Jesus is Raised from the Dead; He Sends His Disciples to Proclaim the Good News 28:1-10 - Risen from the dead 28:11-20 - Doubts about the Good News Index

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