A Sweet Taste of Italy: An Italian Coffee Table Book

A Sweet Taste of Italy: An Italian Coffee Table Book

By: Janie Jerome (author)eBook



This is an immortal tale of a romance between two mature respectable people, an English lady and an Italian man. They share traditional family and moral values which to a younger generation may seem outdated. Neither expected their hearts to be captured by a love affair at their age or in their situations, living three thousand miles apart and unable to speak each other’s languages.
It is written with great charm refreshing tenderness and breath-taking simplicity. The heroine paints a touching picture of her “Sweet taste of Italy”. The author leaves the reader with a somewhat enigmatic conclusion.
The story takes place in the picturesque town of Amalfi world renowned for its beauty. The author encapsulates the charm of the people who live in this stunning part of Italy. The flash backs to her own very different style of living at home in England serves to emphasize the impact on the main characters as the book moves through their shared experiences. A Sweet Taste of Italy could be said to be the twenty first century version of “Brief Encounter”. It is a
“SERENDIPITY” book not to be missed.

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  • ID: 9781476255873
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Janie Jerome
  • publisher imprint: Smashwords Edition

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