A White, Hot Light

A White, Hot Light

By: Teresa Heaton (author)eBook


Arie__Aura Misae Jenkins__was born a Child of Light. She likes going on "assignment". She likes being useful. She likes being with the members of her Cluster. She likes her college nursing classes. She doesn't like it when Dani, a Cluster sister, accepts a mate who is sliding into the Dark. She doesn't like the changes in Dani because of her choice. She doesn't like not being called on assignment. She doesn't like having suitors she doesn't know. She doesn't like it that COLLEEs(acronym for Child- Of-Light-Light-Emitting-Entity) seem to be targets. She doesn't like being a target. She doesn't like being stalked by several someones, including a Dark someone.
Come with Arie, in A White, Hot Light, as she struggles through so many things she doesn't like or understand. Watch as she learns things about COLLEEs she didn't before know. See her learn even more about herself. Find all the answers to her questions and meet that special someone who has haunted her life.

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  • ID: 9781301764020
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  • publisher: Teresa Heaton
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