Achieving Balance: A Simple Book That Will Change Your Life

Achieving Balance: A Simple Book That Will Change Your Life

By: Allan Willis (author), Carien Yatsiv (illustrator)Paperback

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"Achieving Balance" - A simple book that will change your life. 'I strongly recommend that you have this book on your bedside table as a reference point for life'. Would you like your life to feel more enjoyable and fulfilling? Is it time to empower yourself and take control of your emotions? This title helps you learn how to improve your relationship with yourself and others. Balance affects everyone, without exception. Achieving balance is not the sole preserve of spiritual masters, gurus and the like. The things they are doing can be done by anyone who has a certain level of knowledge and a resolve to apply some of the techniques to their life. Achieving balance and fulfilment is attainable for all of us. How do I know that? Because fulfilment and balance are not dependent on external factors, they are only dependent on the perspective you choose to adopt. The balance that you feel is determined by the degree of alignment of your self image with who you really are. Reflecting the author's quest, this book explains the main elements of balance and how to apply them to your life. The concepts are presented in an accessible, simple and visual way to make them understandable digestible to a wide audience. Understanding and achieving balance does not have to be a difficult path. Everything you need to know is in the book. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to change old habits. Everyone's journey in life is different, but the principles of balance like the laws of physics, are the same for all of us. They can be learnt the hard way or the easy way. 'Fantastic illustrations reinforce the wisdom which is evident and dramatically portrayed throughout.' 'A small investment for a huge return.' 'This is the most comprehensive, accessible guide to balance currently available.'

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About Author

Allan Willis was born in 1966 and lives in Buckinghamshire, England. What qualifies someone to write a book on balance? For me, it is the combination of studying the subject and additionally, and perhaps more importantly, through practical life experience. On a practical level experiencing a lack of balance, or imbalance, is just as important to the learning process, if not more important, than experiencing balance. It is like sailing a boat, you do not learn how to sail on a calm sea, it is only when a storm happens that you really learn how to sail. My life experience has been extreme and this has given me a passion for balance. My personal quest to find balance has been all consuming and I have read literally hundreds of books along the way. Looking for answers relating to balance has been driven as much by necessity as anything else. And finally my 25 year journey has culminated in a simple book about balance that will help people. The journey I have taken has value because I am able to give something back. Importantly I can help others avoid the pain that a lack of balance inevitably results in. I realised that the principles of balance that have taken me so long to discover apply to everyone, we are all simply reinventing the wheel. I set out to create the most comprehensive and yet simple to understand guide to balance that answers the questions 'What is balance?' and 'How to apply balance to your life?'. It was important to me that the book was very visual and this is why Achieving Balance contains over 60 artist's illustrations. Over the years I have been a moneybroker in the city of London, an entrepreneur, a knowledge broker and latterly a mentor to entrepreneurs, and those seeking to fine tune their 'perceptive awareness'. I have found that 'giving back' is just as important as 'taking out'.


Part One What is balance?; The following aspects of balance are explained in a simple and visual way; 1. The Emotional Rollercoaster; 2. Respect of Boundaries; 3. Self Reference and Object Reference; 4. Change and Uncertainty; 5. The Love Triangle; 6. The Ocean and the Drop; 7. Interdependence is a higher value than Independence and Dependence; 8. The Engine Driver and the Passenger; 9. Fear - the Ego's best friend; 10. Mindfulness; 11. Life gives you what you Need and not what you Want; 12. The Holistic Jigsaw; 13. What does Mind, Body and Spirit really mean?; 14. The Law of Attraction. 15. The House of Smoke and Mirrors; 16. The Field of All and No Possibilities; 17. Brain Chemistry; 18. The Cognitive Process; 19. Beliefs, Values and Behaviour; 20. Are you a Giver or a Taker?; 21. Karma; 22. The Inflatable Lifestyle -the House of Cards; 23. Time - the most precious Commodity; 24. What has Value in your Life and what doesn't?; 25. Fulfilling your Potential; 26. The Natural Frequency and Flow of Life; 27. What is Reality? - the Observer and the Observed; 28. Are we Real or just Virtual Reality?; 29. Acceptance - the Holy Grail of Balance; Part Two How to apply balance to your life?; 1. A Peaceful Mind is a Productive Mind; 2. Becoming more Efficient; 3. Practise Non - Judgement; 4. Feedback is your Best Friend; 5. Balancing your Battery; 6. Tuning into the Moment; 7. Life is Predictable - How do I overcome the Fear of changing it? 8. How do I avoid experiencing my own Prejudice and Bias?; 9. The Wish List - What do you Want?; 10. Connecting with the Infinite supply of Universal Energy; 11. Take a few moments for your Daily Appreciation; 12. Positivity and a Positive Mindset; 13. Turning your Dreams into Reality; 14. Meditation - Taking time to be a Passenger; 15. Food and Drink - Your Personal Chemistry Set; 16. There are two sides to every Coin - Why not pick the Positive side?; 17. Cut the ropes on the Guilt Hot Air Balloon; 18. The Three Choices that apply to Everything; 19. Nobody can upset you - You can only upset yourself; 20. Be Honest with yourself - Take a long hard look in the Mirror; 21. Give a little bit of yourself - Life is not just a Spectator Sport; 22. Detaching yourself from the Outcome; 23. Trust your instincts and listen to your Inner Compass; 24. Focus on the People who Matter; 25. A Problem shared is a Problem halved; 26. Break the Habit of breaking Promises to yourself; 27. Recognising where you Are and how to Restore Balance.

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  • publication date: 31/05/2012
  • ISBN13: 9780957306905
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number Of Pages: 160
  • ID: 9780957306905
  • ISBN10: 0957306903

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