Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications: With Aspects of Contemporary Intelligent Computing Techniques (Communications in Computer an

Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications: With Aspects of Contemporary Intelligent Computing Techniques (Communications in Computer an

By: Laurent Heutte (volume_editor), De-Shuang Huang (volume_editor), Marco Loog (volume_editor)Paperback

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This volume, in conjunction with the two volumes LNCS 4681 and LNAI 4682, constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Intelligent Computing held in Qingdao, China, in August 2007. The conference sought to establish contemporary intelligent computing techniques as an integral method that underscores trends in advanced computational intelligence and links theoretical research with applications.

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Neural Networks.- A Study of Constructive Fuzzy Normalized RBF Neural Networks.- An ARM-Based Q-Learning Algorithm.- Locally Asymptotical Behaviors of Delayed BAM Neural Networks with Generalized Saturation Output Functions.- Oil Field Development Using Neural Network Model.- Optimal Support Vector Machine Based Short-Term Load Forecasting Model with Input Variables and Samples Selection.- The Segmentation and Associative Memory Using Hindmarsh-Rose Neuronal Network.- Two Approaches to Extract Rules from Neural Network with Mixed Attributes.- Neural Computing and Optimization.- A New Learning Algorithm for Function Approximation by Encoding Additional Constraints into Feedforward Neural Network.- Parallel Processing of Minimization Algorithm for Determination Finite Automata.- The Method of PID Parameter Optimization Based on Modified Linear Quadratic Optimal Control in the Linear DC Motor.- Case Based Reasoning and Autonomy-Oriented Computing.- Recommending Expert System of Project Reviewing Based on CBR.- Achieving Self-configuration Capability in Autonomic Systems Using Case-Based Reasoning with a New Similarity Measure.- Context Information Model Using Ontologies and Rules Based on Spatial Object.- Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.- The Simulation Optimization Algorithm Based on the Ito Process.- A Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Based on GiST.- Black-Box Extraction of Functional Structures from System Call Traces for Intrusion Detection.- Category Expansion by Clustering in Webpage Classification.- Function Two Direction S-Rough Sets Method in Image Hiding.- Index-Based Load Shedding for Streaming Sliding Window Joins.- Knowledge Discovery for Hepatitis C Virus Diagnosis: A Framework for Mining Interesting Classification Rules.- Mining Direct and Indirect Fuzzy Sequential Patterns in Large Transaction Databases.- Mining Infrequent Itemsets Based on Extended MMS Model.- Web Based Image Retrieval System Using HSI Color Indexes.- Evolutionary Computing and Genetic Algorithms.- An Improved Genetic Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem.- Application of Gene Expression Programming in the Reliability of Consecutive-k-out-of-n: F Systems with Identical Component Reliabilities.- Disruption Management for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows.- Novel Algorithm to Calculate Hypervolume Indicator of Pareto Approximation Set.- On the Convergence Properties of Quantum-Inspired Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms.- Representation of Solutions and Genetic Operators for Flexible Job Shop Problem.- Software Risk Prediction Based on the Hybrid Algorithm of Genetic Algorithm and Decision Tree.- The Equilibrium Network Model and Its Genetic Algorithm.- Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing.- Computing with Words in Data Mining and Pattern Recognition.- Fuzzy Modeling Via On-Line Clustering and Support Vector Machine.- How 'Soft' Soft Computing Is: On the Ordering of Fuzzy Sets.- Intelligent Filtering in Telerobotic System.- New Method for the Problem of Fuzzy Group Decision Making.- Research for Reducing Dimension on a T-S Fuzzy Controller.- Study on Self-adaptive Fuzzy Neural Networks.- A4 Particle Swarm Optimization and Niche Technology.- An Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with New Random Inertia Weight.- Development of the Practical Particle Filter for Human Gesture Recognition.- Modified Particle Swarm Optimization for Solving Systems of Equations.- Optimized Fuzzy Clustering by Predator Prey Particle Swarm Optimization.- Swarm Intelligence and Optimization.- Immune Particle Swarm Optimization with Diversity Monitoring.- Particle Swarm Optimization System Algorithm.- The Particle Swarm: Parameter Selection and Convergence.- Kernel Methods and Support Vector Machines.- A Fast Training Algorithm for SVM Via Clustering Technique and Gabriel Graph.- Dual Forms of SVM and MEB in Terms of Different Norms of Distance.- Support Vector Clustering with Outlier Detection.- Biological and Quantum Computing.- Application of Efficient Numerical Methods in Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations for Modeling Electrical Activity in Cardiac Cells.- Fluorescence Model of 3-SAT in DNA Computing.- Molecular Computation: Solving 3-Vertex-Colourability Problem.- Quantum Integration Error on Some Classes of Multivariate Functions.- Intelligent Agent and Web Applications.- Agent Grid Collaborative Schema Based on Policy.- Educational Service Web Database Prototype.- The Strategy of Matching User Queries with Web Pages Based on Formal Concept Analysis.- Intelligent Sensor Networks.- A Packet Distribution Method for Energy Balancing on Node-Disjoint Multipath of MANETs.- An Intelligent Error Detection-Recovery System for Multimedia CSCW Based on Situation-Awareness: AEDRS.- Intelligent Fault Diagnosis.- A Probabilistic SDG Approach to Fault Diagnosis of Industrial Systems.- An Approach of Combustion Diagnosis in Boiler Furnace Based on Phase Space Reconstruction.- Application of Grey Relation Degree in Network Security Based on Included Angle Sine.- Genetic Programming with 3? Rule for Fault Detection.- Pattern Recognition of Reciprocating Engine by Using Hilbert Spectrum and K-S Test.- Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Refinement Envelope Analysis Based on the EMD Method.- Intelligent Control and Automation.- An Adaptive Fault-Tolerance QoS for Whiteboard Errors Based on RCSM for Ubiquitous Computing.- Application of the Stress Waves to Extract Multi-fault Features of the Low-Speed Machinery Based on Blind Source Separation.- Artificial Potential Field Based Path Planning for Mobile Robots Using Virtual Water-Flow Method.- Autopilot Design Using Hybrid PSO-SQP Algorithm.- Enhancement of Sliding Mode Controller by Unit Vector Continuous.- Evaluation of Dependable Embedded System.- Fuzzy Control for Discrete Passive Affine T-S Fuzzy Systems with Observer Feedback.- Integrated Chassis Controller Design of Active Steering and Active Braking Systems Using CL Method.- Mobile Robot Velocity Estimation Using a Regular Polygonal Array of Optical Flow Sensors.- Particle Swarm Optimization for Dynamic Sectoring Control During Peak Traffic Pattern.- The Application of Fractional-Order PI Control Algorithm to the PMSM Speed-Adjusting System.- Weighted CRI Method for Fuzzy Controller.- Intelligent Data Fusion and Security.- Further Studies on the Distribution of the Shortest Linear Recurring Sequences for the Stream Cipher over the Ring.- Secure PAP-Based RADIUS Protocol in Wireless Networks.- Intelligent Prediction and Time Series Analysis.- Analysis of Pi Series and Its Application to Image Encryption.- Sales Forecasting for TFT-LCD Products with a Hybrid Neural Network Model.- Time Series Prediction of Short Circuit Current for Synchronous Control of Synthetic Test Based on Delay Coordinate Embedding.- Natural Language Processing and Expert Systems.- An Emotion Recognition Conversation System Based on Knowledge Database Automatic Architecture.- Automatic Analysis of Chinese Dialect Tones Based on Self-organizing Map.- Intelligent Image/Document Retrievals.- Adaptive Image Restoration Based on the Genetic Algorithm and Kalman Filtering.- Image Retrieval and Classification Through Conceptualization Based on WordNet.- U-Multimedia Retrieval System Using MPEG-7 Visual Descriptor and Hippocampal Neural Network.- Intelligent Computing in Bioinformatics.- An Implementation of the Personal Authentication System for USN.- Analysis of Large Genomic Data in Silico: The EPIC-Norfolk Study of Obesity.- Feature Based Automatic Stitching of Microscopic Images.- Intelligent Computing in Signal Processing.- A Fast Partial Distortion Elimination Algorithm Using Adaptive Matching Scan and Refining Threshold.- A New Method of Steganalysis Based on Image Entropy.- A New Noise Canceller Scheme Using Parallel Adaptive Volterra Filter.- A Recursive Parametric Spectral Subtraction Algorithm for Speech Enhancement.- An Approach for Image Compression of Algae Cell Using Multiwavelets.- An ImageSteganography Scheme by Gray Scale Grid Analysis.- Application of CBR and ANN in Virtual-Environment-Based Instrument Development System.- Energy-Efficient Transmissions of Fingerprint Images Using Both Encryption and Fingerprinting Techniques.- FPGA Implementation of Video Watermark Embedding System.- Gauss - Hermite Spectrogram.- High-Speed Block Matching Algorithms for Multimedia Service.- Multiwavelet Denoising for Common Phytoplankton Cellular Images.- Intelligent Computing in Pattern Recognition.- A Neural Network Identifier Design Based on Immunity Computation and Moment Characteristics.- A Robust Approach Toward Face Tracking.- Identifying Co-expressed Gene Groups with Significant Functional Categories.- Aging Simulation of Face Images Based on Super-Resolution.- An Efficient Approach for Fish Bone Detection Based on Image Preprocessing and Particle Swarm Clustering.- An Improved General Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network for Pattern Classification.- Automatic Feature Extraction and Analysis on Breast Ultrasound Images.- Automatic Region-of-Interest Coding in JPEG2000 Based on Morphology Segmentation and LLn Subband Analysis.- Computer Simulation Research of the Process of Chinese Characters Cognition.- Decomposition Method and Its Automatic Design Algorithm of Station Bottleneck.- Dynamically Personalized Music Recommendation System for PDA.- Iris Classifier Enhanced Algorithm Based on AdaBoost.- Microscopic Image Mosaicing Algorithm Based on Normalized Moment of Inertia.- Model Based Tracking.- Ringing Artifact Reduction for JPEG2000 Images.- Shape Recognition Based on Skeleton and Support Vector Machines.- Intelligent Computing in Commiuncation.- A Novel Verifier-Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol.- Design of a Fuzzy Based Outer Loop Controller for Improving the Training Performance of LMS Algorithm.- Design of Bandwidth Efficient M-1-1 Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Influence of Power Allocation and Relay Location on Cooperative System's Performance.- Optimal Multiuser Detection with Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm.- The Network Optimal Problem Based on Genetic Algorithm.- Special Session on Computational Intelligence Approaches and Methods for Security Engineering.- Improving the Sun-Cao's Public Key Authentication Scheme for Non-repudiation.- Security Architecture for Authentication and Authorization in the Intelligent and Ubiquitous Home Network.- Special Session on Intelligent Human-Computer Interactions for Multi-modal and Autonomous Environment.- Fast 3D Face Synthesis Using AAM.- Grid-Based Approach for Detecting Head and Hand Regions.- Vehicle Color Classification Based on the Support Vector Machine Method.- Special Session on Intelligent Robot Systems Based on Vision Technology.- A Self Calibration System Using Block Interpolation in the Industrial Assembly Line.- Determination of Charge Handling Capability of a Deep Depletion Charge Coupled Device for Astronomic Applications.- The Mobile Robot Teleoperation to Consider the Time-Delay of Wireless Network.- Other Topics.- Population Forecasting Model Based on Wavelet Least Squares Support Vectors Machines.- Minimum Mahalanobis Enclosing Ellipsoid Machine for Pattern Classification.- Solving Mahalanobis Ellipsoidal Learning Machine Via Second Order Cone Programming.- The Finite Element Analysis Based on ANSYS Pressure-Sensitive Conductive Rubber Three-Dimensional Tactile Sensor.- A Novel Method for 2DPCA-ICA in Face Recognition.- Combining Regularization Frameworks for Solving the Electrocardiography Inverse Problem.- Combining Multi-layer Perceptron and K-Means for Data Clustering with Background Knowledge.- A Novel Neural Network Ensemble System for Economic Forecasting.- Finite Element Simulation of Viscoelastic Damping Materials.- New Sampling-Based Summary Structures for Sliding Windows over Data Streams.- Diagnosis of Breast Tumours and Evaluation of Prognostic Risk by Using Machine Learning Approaches.- A Super Resolution Reconstruction Architecture Utilizing Registration Error Minimizing.- Morlet Wavelet Chaotic Neural Network with Chaotic Noise.- Offline Definition Extraction Using Machine Learning for Knowledge-Oriented Question Answering.- Algorithm of Shortest-Path Gradients Setup for Directed Diffusion in WSN.- Passivity-Based Fuzzy Sliding-Mode Control System and Experiment Research for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors.- The Prediction of Reverberation Signals Based on Dynamic Models.- Human-Like Learning Methods for a "Conscious" Agent.- A New Immune PID Controller Based on Immune Tuning.- The KRW-Metric Stability for Hopfield Stochastic Neural Networks.- A Sparse Kernel Density Estimation Algorithm Using Forward Constrained Regression.- Tracking and Segmenting Diverse Objects Using Active Appearance Model.

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