Advances in Applied Artificial Intelligence: 19th International Conference on Industrial, Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Sy

Advances in Applied Artificial Intelligence: 19th International Conference on Industrial, Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Sy

By: Richard Dapoigny (volume_editor), Moonis Ali (volume_editor)Paperback

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, IEA/AIE 2006, held in Annecy, France, June 2006. The book presents 134 revised full papers together with 3 invited contributions, organized in topical sections on multi-agent systems, decision-support, genetic algorithms, data-mining and knowledge discovery, fuzzy logic, knowledge engineering, machine learning, speech recognition, systems for real life applications, and more.

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Invited Contributions.- Managing Diversity in Knowledge.- Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Process Supervision.- Fuzzy Ambient Intelligence in Home Telecare.- Multi-agent Systems.- Modeling and Multi-agent Specification of IF-Based Distributed Goal Ontologies.- Agent-Based Approach to Solving Difficult Scheduling Problems.- Development of the Multiple Robot Fish Cooperation System.- Introducing Social Investors into Multi-Agent Models of Financial Markets.- Cross-Organisational Workflow Enactment Via Progressive Linking by Run-Time Agents.- Comparison and Analysis of Expertness Measure in Knowledge Sharing Among Robots.- Multiagent Realization of Prediction-Based Diagnosis and Loss Prevention.- Emergence of Cooperation Through Mutual Preference Revision.- Running Contracts with Defeasible Commitment.- A Self-organized Energetic Constraints Based Approach for Modelling Communication in Wireless Systems.- Decision-Support.- Evaluation of Several Algorithms in Forecasting Flood.- Simulation Analysis for On-Demand Transport Vehicles Based on Game Theory.- A Set Theoretic View of the ISA Hierarchy.- Tale of Two Context-Based Formalisms for Representing Human Knowledge.- Some Characteristics of Context.- Signal and Image Representations Based Hybrid Intelligent Diagnosis Approach for a Biomedicine Application.- Handling Airport Ground Processes Based on Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling.- Distribution System Evaluation Algorithm Using Analytic Hierarchy Process.- Genetic Algorithms.- A Hybrid Robot Control System Based on Soft Computing Techniques.- A Combination Genetic Algorithm with Applications on Portfolio Optimization.- Genetic Algorithm-Based Improvement of Robot Hearing Capabilities in Separating and Recognizing Simultaneous Speech Signals.- A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem.- Solving a Large-Scaled Crew Pairing Problem by Using a Genetic Algorithm.- Population Structure of Heuristic Search Algorithm Based on Adaptive Partitioning.- Generating Guitar Tablature with LHF Notation Via DGA and ANN.- Heuristic Search.- Search Space Reduction as a Tool for Achieving Intensification and Diversification in Ant Colony Optimisation.- Truck Dock Assignment Problem with Operational Time Constraint Within Crossdocks.- A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Length-Balanced Two Arc-Disjoint Shortest Paths Problem.- A Fast and Effective Insertion Algorithm for Multi-depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Fixed Distribution of Vehicles and a New Simulated Annealing Approach.- On the Behaviour of Extremal Optimisation When Solving Problems with Hidden Dynamics.- Local Search Algorithm for Unicost Set Covering Problem.- Data-Mining and Knowledge Discovery.- Evaluating Interestingness Measures with Linear Correlation Graph.- Extended Another Memory: Understanding Everyday Lives in Ubiquitous Sensor Environments.- Incremental Clustering of Newsgroup Articles.- Topic Detection Using MFSs.- A Rule Sets Ensemble for Predicting MHC II-Binding Peptides.- Constructing Complete FP-Tree for Incremental Mining of Frequent Patterns in Dynamic Databases.- Planning and Scheduling.- An Optimal Method for Multiple Observers Sitting on Terrain Based on Improved Simulated Annealing Techniques.- An On-Line Approach for Planning in Time-Limited Situations.- Priority-Constrained Task Sequencing for Heterogeneous Mobile Robots.- New Heuristics to Solve the "CSOP" Railway Timetabling Problem.- SEaM: Analyzing Schedule Executability Through Simulation.- From Demo to Practice the Mexar Path to Space Operations.- Fuzzy Logic.- A New Method for Appraising the Performance of High School Teachers Based on Fuzzy Number Arithmetic Operations.- New Methods for Evaluating the Answerscripts of Students Using Fuzzy Sets.- Genetic Lateral and Amplitude Tuning with Rule Selection for Fuzzy Control of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems.- Fuzzy Motivations for Evolutionary Behavior Learning by a Mobile Robot.- Optimization of Self-organizing Fuzzy Polynomial Neural Networks with the Aid of Granular Computing and Evolutionary Algorithm.- Fuzzy Clustering-Based on Aggregate Attribute Method.- Computer Vision.- Recurrent Neural Network Verifier for Face Detection and Tracking.- Automatic Gait Recognition by Multi-projection Analysis.- A Novel Image Retrieval Approach Combining Multiple Features of Color-Connected Regions.- An Application of Random and Hammersley Sampling Methods to Iris Recognition.- Biometric-Iris Random Key Generator Using Generalized Regression Neural Networks.- Head Detection and Tracking for the Car Occupant's Pose Recognition.- Case-Based Reasoning.- Prediction of Construction Litigation Outcome - A Case-Based Reasoning Approach.- Component Retrieval Using Knowledge-Intensive Conversational CBR.- Identification of Characteristics After Soft Breakdown with GA-Based Neural Networks.- Knowledge Engineering.- Integrating Organizational Knowledge into Search Engine.- Ontology for Long-Term Knowledge.- Introducing Graph-Based Reasoning into a Knowledge Management Tool: An Industrial Case Study.- Retaining Consistency in Temporal Knowledge Bases.- Machine Learning.- Locality-Convolution Kernel and Its Application to Dependency Parse Ranking.- Intrusion Detection Based on Behavior Mining and Machine Learning Techniques.- Tractable Feature Generation Through Description Logics with Value and Number Restrictions.- Model-Based Reasoning.- Diagnosing Program Errors with Light-Weighted Specifications.- Diagnosis of Power System Protection.- Towards Lightweight Fault Localization in Procedural Programs.- Speech Recognition.- On Adaptively Learning HMM-Based Classifiers Using Split-Merge Operations.- Comparative Study: HMM and SVM for Automatic Articulatory Feature Extraction.- A Study on High-Order Hidden Markov Models and Applications to Speech Recognition.- Diagnostic Evaluation of Phonetic Feature Extraction Engines: A Case Study with the Time Map Model.- Systems for Real Life Applications.- Soft Computing for Assessing the Quality of Colour Prints.- An Efficient Shortest Path Computation System for Real Road Networks.- Automatic Topics Identification for Reviewer Assignment.- A Decentralized Calendar System Featuring Sharing, Trusting and Negotiating.- Applications.- Unidirectional Loop Layout Problem with Balanced Flow.- A Heuristic Load Balancing Scheduling Method for Dedicated Machine Constraint.- An Adaptive Control Using Multiple Neural Networks for the Variable Displacement Pump.- An Elaborated Goal Production Module for Implementing a Virtual Inhabitant.- Agent-Based Prototyping of Web-Based Systems.- High-Dimensional Micro-array Data Classification Using Minimum Description Length and Domain Expert Knowledge.- On Solving Edge Detection by Emergence.- Clustering Microarray Data Within Amorphous Computing Paradigm and Growing Neural Gas Algorithm.- Conflict-Directed Relaxation of Constraints in Content-Based Recommender Systems.- Modeling pH Neutralization Process Via Support Vector Machines.- Generating Tutoring Feedback in an Intelligent Training System on a Robotic Simulator.- Elaborating the Context of Interactions in a Tutorial Dialog.- Static Clonal Selection Algorithm Based on Match Range Model.- Diagnosing Faulty Transitions in Recommender User Interface Descriptions.- An Unsupervised Method for Ranking Translation Words Using a Bilingual Dictionary and WordNet.- Neuro-fuzzy Learning for Automated Incident Detection.- Intelligent GIS: Automatic Generation of Qualitative Spatial Information.- On-Line Learning of a Time Variant System.- Special Session on Bioinformatics.- Bioinformatics Integration Framework for Metabolic Pathway Data-Mining.- The Probability Distribution of Distance TSS-TLS Is Organism Characteristic and Can Be Used for Promoter Prediction.- Protein Stability Engineering in Staphylococcal Nuclease Using an AI-Neural Network Hybrid System and a Genetic Algorithm.- Identification of Over and Under Expressed Genes Mediating Allergic Asthma.- Correlogram-Based Method for Comparing Biological Sequences.- Learning Genetic Regulatory Network Connectivity from Time Series Data.- On Clustering of Genes.- Special Session on Ontology and Text.- Towards Automatic Concept Hierarchy Generation for Specific Knowledge Network.- An Open and Scalable Framework for Enriching Ontologies with Natural Language Content.- Acquiring an Ontology from the Text.- Terminae Method and Integration Process for Legal Ontology Building.- An Approach to Automatic Ontology-Based Annotation of Biomedical Texts.- Lexical and Conceptual Structures in Ontology.- Discovering Verb Relations in Corpora: Distributional Versus Non-distributional Approaches.- Modelling Knowledge with ZDoc for the Purposes of Information Retrieval.- Special Session on Data for Discovery in Engineering.- Partially Ordered Template-Based Matching Algorithm for Financial Time Series.- Model and Algebra for Genetic Information of Data.- Forecasting Intermittent Demand by Fuzzy Support Vector Machines.- Special Session on Intelligent Control Systems.- Nonlinear Discrete System Stabilisation by an Evolutionary Neural Network.- Special Session on Intelligent Systems for Industry.- Genetic Algorithm for Inventory Lot-Sizing with Supplier Selection Under Fuzzy Demand and Costs.- A Self-tuning Emergency Model of Home Network Environment.- Simulation Studies of Two-Layer Hopfield Neural Networks for Automatic Wafer Defect Inspection.- Supporting Dynamic Supply Networks with Agent-Based Coalitions.- Reducing Transportation Costs in Distribution Networks.- Application of an Intuitive Novelty Metric for Jet Engine Condition Monitoring.- Determination of Storage Locations for Incoming Containers of Uncertain Weight.- Fault Diagnostics in Electric Drives Using Machine Learning.- An Integrated and Flexible Architecture for Planning and Scheduling.- A Robust RFID-Based Method for Precise Indoor Positioning.- A Study of Optimal System for Multiple-Constraint Multiple-Container Packing Problems.- Planning for Intra-block Remarshalling in a Container Terminal.- Develop Acceleration Strategy and Estimation Mechanism for Multi-issue Negotiation.- Least Squares Support Vector Machines for Bandwidth Reservation in Wireless IP Networks.- Special Session on Applications of Data Mining.- An Ontology-Based Intelligent Agent for Respiratory Waveform Classification.- A New Inductive Learning Method for Multilabel Text Categorization.- An Intelligent Customer Retention System.- Software Diagnosis Using Fuzzified Attribute Base on Modified MEPA.- New Methods for Text Categorization Based on a New Feature Selection Method and a New Similarity Measure Between Documents.- Using Positive Region to Reduce the Computational Complexity of Discernibility Matrix Method.- A Novel Mining Algorithm for Periodic Clustering Sequential Patterns.- Text Mining with Application to Engineering Diagnostics.- Handling Incomplete Categorical Data for Supervised Learning.- Mining Multiple-Level Association Rules Under the Maximum Constraint of Multiple Minimum Supports.- A Measure for Data Set Editing by Ordered Projections.

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