Advances in Neuro-Information Processing: Pt. 2 - 15th International Conference, ICONIP 2008, Auckland, New Zealand, November 25-28, 2008, Revised Sel

Advances in Neuro-Information Processing: Pt. 2 - 15th International Conference, ICONIP 2008, Auckland, New Zealand, November 25-28, 2008, Revised Sel

By: Mario Koppen (editor), Nikola K. Kasabov (editor), George Coghill (editor)Paperback

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The two volume set LNCS 5506 and LNCS 5507 constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, ICONIP 2008, held in Auckland, New Zealand, in November 2008. The 260 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous ordinary paper submissions and 15 special organized sessions. 116 papers are published in the first volume and 112 in the second volume. The contributions deal with topics in the areas of data mining methods for cybersecurity, computational models and their applications to machine learning and pattern recognition, lifelong incremental learning for intelligent systems, application of intelligent methods in ecological informatics, pattern recognition from real-world information by svm and other sophisticated techniques, dynamics of neural networks, recent advances in brain-inspired technologies for robotics, neural information processing in cooperative multi-robot systems.

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Neural Network Based Semantic Web, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.- A Novel Method for Manifold Construction.- A Non-linear Classifier for Symbolic Interval Data Based on a Region Oriented Approach.- A Symmetrical Model Applied to Interval-Valued Data Containing Outliers with Heavy-Tail Distribution.- New Neuron Model for Blind Source Separation.- Time Series Prediction with Multilayer Perceptron (MLP): A New Generalized Error Based Approach.- Local Feature Selection in Text Clustering.- Sprinkled Latent Semantic Indexing for Text Classification with Background Knowledge.- Comparison of Cluster Algorithms for the Analysis of Text Data Using Kolmogorov Complexity.- Neurocognitive Approach to Clustering of PubMed Query Results.- Search-In-Synchrony: Personalizing Web Search with Cognitive User Profile Model.- Neurocognitive Approach to Creativity in the Domain of Word-Invention.- Improving Personal Credit Scoring with HLVQ-C.- Architecture of Behavior-Based Function Approximator for Adaptive Control.- On Efficient Content Based Information Retrieval Using SVM and Higher Order Correlation Analysis.- Neural Networks Learning Paradigm.- A String Measure with Symbols Generation: String Self-Organizing Maps.- Neural Network Smoothing of Geonavigation Data on the Basis of Multilevel Regularization Algorithm.- Knowledge-Based Rule Extraction from Self-Organizing Maps.- A Bayesian Local Linear Wavelet Neural Network.- Analysis on Equilibrium Point of Expectation Propagation Using Information Geometry.- Partially Enhanced Competitive Learning.- Feature Detection by Structural Enhanced Information.- Gradient Learning in Networks of Smoothly Spiking Neurons.- Orthogonalization and Thresholding Method for a Nonparametric Regression Problem.- Analysis of Ising Spin Neural Network with Time-Dependent Mexican-Hat-Type Interaction.- Divided Chaotic Associative Memory for Successive Learning.- Reinforcement Learning Using Kohonen Feature Map Associative Memory with Refractoriness Based on Area Representation.- Automatic Model Selection via Corrected Error Backpropagation.- Self-Referential Event Lists for Self-Organizing Modular Reinforcement Learning.- Generalisation Performance vs. Architecture Variations in Constructive Cascade Networks.- Synchronized Oriented Mutations Algorithm for Training Neural Controllers.- Bioinspired Parameter Tuning of MLP Networks for Gene Expression Analysis: Quality of Fitness Estimates vs. Number of Solutions Analysed.- Sample Filtering Relief Algorithm: Robust Algorithm for Feature Selection.- Enhanced Visualization by Combing SOM and Mixture Models.- Genetic Versus Nearest-Neighbor Imputation of Missing Attribute Values for RBF Networks.- Combination of Dynamic Reservoir and Feedforward Neural Network for Time Series Forecasting.- Learning Nonadjacent Dependencies with a Recurrent Neural Network.- A Back-Propagation Training Method for Multilayer Pulsed Neural Networks Using Principle of Duality.- Revisiting the Problem of Weight Initialization for Multi-Layer Perceptrons Trained with Back Propagation.- Analysis on Generalization Error of Faulty RBF Networks with Weight Decay Regularizer.- On Node-Fault-Injection Training of an RBF Network.- Kernel Methods and SVM.- Symbolic Knowledge Extraction from Support Vector Machines: A Geometric Approach.- Asbestos Detection from Microscope Images Using Support Vector Random Field of Local Color Features.- Acoustic Echo Cancellation Using Gaussian Processes.- Automatic Particle Detection and Counting by One-Class SVM from Microscope Image.- Protein Folding Classification by Committee SVM Array.- Implementation of the MLP Kernel.- Fuzzy Rules Extraction from Support Vector Machines for Multi-class Classification with Feature Selection.- An SVM Based Approach to Cross-Language Adaptation for Indian Languages.- Automatic Classification System for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease Using Component-Based SVM Aggregations.- Early Detection of the Alzheimer Disease Combining Feature Selection and Kernel Machines.- Computer Aided Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease Using Support Vector Machines and Classification Trees.- Modeling and Prediction of Nonlinear EEG Signal Using Local SVM Method.- Neural Networks as a Soft Computing Technology.- Suitability of Using Self-Organizing Neural Networks in Configuring P-System Communications Architectures.- Short Term Load Forecasting (STLF) Using Artificial Neural Network Based Multiple Lags of Time Series.- Neural Network Regression for LHF Process Optimization.- Trading Strategy in Foreign Exchange Market Using Reinforcement Learning Hierarchical Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.- Improving Multi Step-Ahead Model Prediction through Backward Elimination Method in Multiple Neural Networks Combination.- A Novel Adaptive Resource-Aware PNN Algorithm Based on Michigan-Nested Pittsburgh PSO.- Imputation of Missing Data Using PCA, Neuro-Fuzzy and Genetic Algorithms.- Feature Selection Method with Multi-Population Agent Genetic Algorithm.- Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution in Fuzzy Clustering.- Intelligent Control of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems.- Investigating Ensemble Weight and the Certainty Distributions for Indicating Structural Diversity.- Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition.- Dynamic Programming Stereo on Real-World Sequences.- Happy-Sad Expression Recognition Using Emotion Geometry Feature and Support Vector Machine.- A New Principal Axis Based Line Symmetry Measurement and Its Application to Clustering.- Class-Dependent Feature Selection for Face Recognition.- Partial Clustering for Tissue Segmentation in MRI.- Time Series Analysis for Long Term Prediction of Human Movement Trajectories.- Error Analysis of a Sub-millimeter Real-Time Target Recognition System with a Moving Camera.- Automatic Plaque Boundary Extraction in Intravascular Ultrasound Image by Fuzzy Inference with Adaptively Allocated Membership Functions.- Gabor Neural Network Based Facial Expression Recognition for Assistive Speech Expression.- Investigations into Particle Swarm Optimization for Multi-class Shape Recognition.- Patterns of Interactions in Complex Social Networks Based on Coloured Motifs Analysis.- Initialization Dependence of Clustering Algorithms.- Boundary Detection from Spectral Information.- Improvement of Practical Recurrent Learning Method and Application to a Pattern Classification Task.- An Automatic Intelligent Language Classifier.- Gender Classification by Combining Facial and Hair Information.- A Hybrid Fuzzy Approach for Human Eye Gaze Pattern Recognition.- Interactive Trouble Condition Sign Discovery for Hydroelectric Power Plants.- An Asbestos Counting Method from Microscope Images of Building Materials Using Summation Kernel of Color and Shape.- Evaluation of Prediction Capability of Non-recursion Type 2nd-order Volterra Neuron Network for Electrocardiogram.- A New ART-LMS Neural Network for the Image Restoration.- Moving Vehicle Tracking Based on SIFT Active Particle Choosing.- Classification of Fundus Images for Diagnosing Glaucoma by Self-Organizing Map and Learning Vector Quantization.- Facial Expression Recognition Techniques Using Constructive Feedforward Neural Networks and K-Means Algorithm.- A Neural Network Based Classification of Human Blood Cells in a Multiphysic Framework.- Caller Interaction Classification: A Comparison of Real and Binary Coded GA-MLP Techniques.- A Robust Technique for Background Subtraction in Traffic Video.- Gabor Filters as Feature Images for Covariance Matrix on Texture Classification Problem.- Investigating Demographic Influences for HIV Classification Using Bayesian Autoassociative Neural Networks.- Hardware-Based Solutions Utilizing Random Forests for Object Recognition.- A Neural Oscillation Model for Contour Separation in Color Images.- A Color Image Segmentation Using Inhibitory Connected Pulse Coupled Neural Network.- Generating Saliency Map Related to Motion Based on Self-organized Feature Extracting.- Intelligent Face Image Retrieval Using Eigenpaxels and Learning Similarity Metrics.- The Role of the Infant Vision System in 3D Object Recognition.- Virtual Fence for a Surveillance System.- Application of mnSOM on Linking External Exposure to Internal Load.- Neuromorphic Hardware and Embedded Neural Networks.- Automated and Holistic Design of Intelligent and Distributed Integrated Sensor Systems with Self-x Properties for Applications in Vision, Robotics, Smart Environments, and Culinary Assistance Systems.- Hardware Design of Japanese Hand Sign Recognition System.- Blind Source Separation System Using Stochastic Arithmetic on FPGA.- Noise-Tolerant Analog Circuits for Sensory Segmentation Based on Symmetric STDP Learning.- A Novel Approach for Hardware Based Sound Classification.- The Generalized Product Neuron Model in Complex Domain.- Pulse-Type Hardware Neural Network with Two Time Windows in STDP.- Time Evaluation for WTA Hopfield Type Circuits Affected by Cross-Coupling Capacitances.- Circuit FPGA for Active Rules Selection in a Transition P System Region.- Machine Learning and Information Algebra.- Model Selection Method for AdaBoost Using Formal Information Criteria.- The Diversity of Regression Ensembles Combining Bagging and Random Subspace Method.- On Weight-Noise-Injection Training.- Intelligent Control of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems.- Bregman Divergences and Multi-dimensional Scaling.- Collective Activations to Generate Self-Organizing Maps.- A Closed-Form Estimator of Fully Visible Boltzmann Machines.- Incremental Learning in the Non-negative Matrix Factorization.- Contextual Behaviors and Internal Representations Acquired by Reinforcement Learning with a Recurrent Neural Network in a Continuous State and Action Space Task.- Improving the Quality of EEG Data in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease Using ICA.- Global Minimization of the Projective Nonnegative Matrix Factorization.- Learning Sparse Representations Using a Parametric Cauchy Density.- A One-Layer Recurrent Neural Network for Non-smooth Convex Optimization Subject to Linear Equality Constraints.- Brain-Computer Interface.- A Study on Application of Reliability Based Automatic Repeat Request to Brain Computer Interfaces.- Analysis on Saccade-Related Independent Components by Various ICA Algorithms for Developing BCI.- Policy Gradient Learning of Cooperative Interaction with a Robot Using User's Biological Signals.- Real-Time Embedded EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface.- Neural Network Implementations.- SpiNNaker: The Design Automation Problem.- The Deferred Event Model for Hardware-Oriented Spiking Neural Networks.- Particle Swarm Optimization with SIMD-Oriented Fast Mersenne Twister on the Cell Broadband Engine.- DNA Computing Hardware Design and Application to Multiclass Cancer Data.

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