Advances in Safety and Reliability - ESREL 2005, Two Volume Set: Proceedings of the European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2005, Tri City (

Advances in Safety and Reliability - ESREL 2005, Two Volume Set: Proceedings of the European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2005, Tri City (

By: Krzysztof Kolowrocki (editor)Mixed Media

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Advances in Safety and Reliability considers issues relating to the establishment, management and assurance of safety and reliability in human-technology-environment interactions of modern society. This volume includes scientific and technical papers on safety and reliability, as well as methods for the assessment and management of risks. Set in a wide range of industrial, societal and governmental sectors, the book presents topical aspects of safety, reliability and risk in the design, production and operation of industrial products, systems and infrastructures. The analysis includes technical, human and organizational criteria. Integral demonstrations of the use of risk analysis and reliability assessment are provided in a variety of practical applications; these include major technological systems and infrastructures, ranging from chemical and nuclear installations, through aviation and aerospace, road and rail transport, to civil and structural systems. Advances in Safety and Reliability is of interest to industrialists, regulators, managers, investors, decision makers, universities, research organisations and government bodies, and everyone involved in safety, reliability and risk understanding, assessment, management and communication.

About Author

Krzysztof Kolowrocki is a Professor and the Head of Mathematics Department at Faculty of Navigation of Gdynia Maritime University. His field of interest is mathematical modelling of safety and reliability of complex systems and processes. He has published more than 200 books, articles and papers in journals and conference proceedings. He is the Vice-President of the Polish Safety and Reliability Association.


Dynamic safety margin in fault diagnosis and isolation M. Abdel-Geliel & E. Badreddin On the use of bubble diagrams in project risk management, with application to safety E.B. Abrahamsen & T. Aven Evaluation of cost-benefit analyses for analyzing safety and safety measures in investment projects E.B. Abrahamsen, F. Asche & T. Aven Probabilistic model checking for dependability properties of stochastic systems N. Addouche, C. Antoine & J. Montmain An improved 3- neighborhood heuristic algorithm for constrained reliability optimization M. Agarwal & S. Aggarwal Maintenance optimization of the RP10 shutdown safety system A.H. Aguirre & G.S. Lazaro Development of a causal model for air transport safety B.J.M. Ale, L.J. Bellamy, R.M. Cooke, L.H.J. Goossens, A.R. Hale, D. Kurowicka, A.L.C. Roelen & E. Smith A geostatistic approach to the Functional Analysis Space Technique: a case of study. G. Alfaro Degan, D. Lippiello & M.Pinzari Experts information estimation and application using Bayesian and fuzzy inference R. Alzbutas Integration of analytical and Monte Carlo methods for dynamic system safety analysis R. Alzbutas & V. Janilionis Testing interval investigation using Bayesian approach R. Alzbutas, J. Augutis, V. Matuzas & I. Zutautaite Analysis of accident scenarios of RoPax vessels P. Antao & C. Guedes Soares Application of the Formal Safety Assessment to the reduction of turn around time in the high speed craft terminal of the port of Nice P. Antao, C. Guedes Soares, M. Fracchia & F. Capoulade Keynote lecture: Foundational issues in risk analysis T. Aven Perspectives on risk acceptance criteria and management for offshore installations - application to a development project T. Aven, J.E. Vinnem & F. Vollen An introduction to the assessment of reliability of the heat supply systems B. Babiarz Optimum maintenance of systems under two types of failure F.G Badia & M.D. Berrade Diagnostic discriminators of crack in large power turbo-set's rotating shaft S. Banaszek A population-based algorithm for the hazardous materials routing problem D. Barbucha Ways of perfection of hazardous goods' transportation technology N. Batarliene Statistical probability assessment of the technological transportation process A. Baublys Keynote lecture: Multi-attribute utility theory and FN-critera. T. Bedford Improved Parameter Estimation for the Process Oriented Simulation (POS) Model for Common Cause Failures H.-P. Berg, R. Goertz & E. Schimetschka Multicriterial optimization of semi-Markov processes with discount K.P. Bernaciak Application of the ARAMIS Methodology to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises A. Bernatik, R. Bris & S. Horehledova Multi-attribute approaches for maintenance policies selection problem M. Bertolini, E. Bottani & M. Bevilacqua A SIL quantification approach to complex systems for guided transportation J. Beugin, D. Renaux & L. Cauffriez Reliability analysis of large systems with dependent components A. Blokus Reliability and availability evaluation of large renewal systems A. Blokus Stochastic and functional analysis of a public mobile network in a safety critical context A. Bobbio, E. Ciancamerla, M. Minichino & E. Tronci Probabilistic approach to risk analysis of chemical spills at sea M. Bogalecka & K. Kolowrocki Sharing experience on risk management to design future industrial systems : shape-risk, an European co-ordination action Ch. Bolvin & O. Salvi The neural methods in expert judgment processing A. Brandowski, W. Frackowiak & H. Nguyen One computation algorithm for multiobjective maintenance optimization R. Bris Maintenance optimization of a common simple distribution system R. Bris, S. Rusek & R. Gono Analysis of causes of crude oil tankers' disasters H. Buglacki & P. Gande-Milewska Preliminary reliability and availability estimates of an accelerator for an ADS system L. Burgazzi Co-narrative training as a method of safety education R. Bye & A. Solem Organizational culture and risk perception R. Bye & G.M. Lamvik Time redundancy in a transportation logistics system D. Caban & H. Maciejewski Working towards an integrated approach for analyzing risks in process plants J.Cambon, E. Garbolino & F.Guarnieri Optimization of the maintenance decision for a pipeline in oil production B. Castanier & M. Rausand Development of risk criteria in nuclear power plants M. Cepin A stochastic approach to burn-in procedures in accelerated environment J. H. Cha & M. H. Na On the use of risk analysis in maritime certification and classification G. Chantelauve DP incidents on mobile offshore drilling units on the Norwegian Continental Shelf H. Chen & T. Moan The optimal preventive maintenance model with degradation rate reduction for the repairable systems C.-Y. Cheng Statistical estimation on imperfectly maintained system C.-Y. Cheng & C.-F. Liaw A proposal for a model to predict the effects of organizational change on safety: application in a maintenance establishment of SNCF O. Chery, E. Fadier & S. Duriez A branch and bound approximation algorithm for terminal-pair reliability Chin-Chia Jane Human factor threat to safety of railway carriages in gravitation marshalling systems S. J. Cieslakowski Risk based evaluation of space exploration architectures W.M. Cirillo, J.F. Letchworth, B.F. Putney, J.R. Fragola, E.Y. Lim & C. Stromgren Reliability forecast of automotive systems based on soft computing techniques P. Citti, M. Delogu, V. Fontana & M. Ammaturo Solving dynamic reliability problems by means of ordinary and fluid stochastic petri nets D. Codetta-Raiteri & A. Bobbio Solution of stochastic multi-objective system reliability design problems using genetic algorithms D. W. Coit & F. Baheranwala On the need of exact probabilistic quantification in FT/ET analysis G.G.M. Cojazzi, S. Contini & G. Renda Partial safety factor for historical masonry arch bridges M. Curbach & D. Proske Active safety in operation of electric locomotives M. Cygan Innovations in power network enterprises increasing effectiveness of the processes ensuring continuity and quality of electric energy supplies G. Dabrowska-Kauf Comparison of parametric and nonparametric estimations of lifetime distributions from incomplete warranty data M. Delonga & B. Bertsche Self-controlled local search heuristic for the design of communication networks B. Dengiz & C. Alabas-Uslu Providing Guidance in a Non Prescriptive Environment R. Denning New Ways of Applying the Petri Net Formalism in Risk Analysis M. Diergardt & R. Mock Applying the Taylor approach for reliability estimation of drills C. Dietl Reliability-adaptive tool change management of transfer lines C. Dietl & U. K. Rakowsky Simultaneous assessment of the efficiency of preventive and corrective maintenance for repairable systems in a competing risk framework Y. Dijoux, L. Doyen & O. Gaudoin A fuzzy analysis on repairable system via simulation Yu Ge Dong & Zheng Ni A fuzzy reliability analysis based on the transformation between discrete fuzzy random variable and discrete random variable Yu Ge Dong & Zheng Ni Coherent concurrent task scheduling and resource assignment in dependable system design M. Drabowski & E. Wantuch Optimization of the preventive maintenance plan of a series components system J. A. C. Duarte, J. C. Taborda, A. Craveiro & T. P. Trigo Safety aspects of ammonia as a fuel in fuel-cell-powered vehicles N.J. Duijm, J.L. Paulsen & F. Markert Power systems performability analysis M. Dumitrescu, I.Voncila, T. Dumitriu, G. Gurguiatu, D. Floricau & A. P. Ulmeanu An innovating application of Bayesian Networks: global environmental risk assessment of the cold source system of a nuclear power plant A.Dutfoy, S. Pierlot & G. Deleuze An analysis of accidents caused by improper functioning of machine control systems M. Dzwiarek Evaluating and improvement of safety instruments in offshore industries using dependability analysis V. Ebrahimipour & K. Suzuki Deterministic and non-deterministic methods for analyzing and improving equipment performance in offshore industry based on dependability V. Ebrahimipour & K. Suzuki Automatic design optimisation for reliable systems with human operators I. Eusgeld & Ch. Stoica A risk-cost model for assessing the impact of automation and mechanical failures in the preliminary design phase of high speed crafts A. Faravelli, M. Pedrali & A. Raffetti An integrated model of controllability for the preliminary design phase of high speed crafts A. Faravelli, M. Pedrali, F. Ghozlan & T. Koester Risk estimation in systems where many various hazards are present and many various escalations / mitigations are possible M. Ferjencik Reducing encounters numbers in vessel traffic schemes W. Filipowicz & T. Neumann Multicriteria decision support for vessels routing W. Filipowicz, M. Lacki & J. Szlapczynska Formal hazard analysis using multi-net semantic networks L. Filippidis Minimal repair and lifesaving in heterogeneous populations M.S. Finkelstein Major accident hazard and land-use planning: difficulties in law requirements rendering and real application to existing overexploited areas. L. Fiorentini, C. Gaslini, A. Romano & S. M. Scarpellini Rare events: natural hazards and major accident industries L. Fiorentini, V. Rossini, F. Colombo & A. Respighi Securing new mobile technologies A. Fischer & H. Straumann Cost-optimization model for the planning of the renewal, inspection, and maintenance of substation facilities in Belgian power transmission system O. Fouathia, J.C. Maun, P.E. Labeau & D. Wiot Cost - effective maintenance with preventive replacement of oldest components I.B. Frenkel & L.V. Khvatskin An assessment of ship impact on the ground during manoeuvring in a port water area W. Galor An improvement of industrial and technological safety based upon the nuclear safety concept of "Defense in Depth" E. Garbolino, F. Guarnieri & J. Cambon Reliability growth through block upgrade D. P. Gaver, K. D. Glazebrook, P. A. Jacobs & E. A. Seglie An analysis of drag forces based on L-moments P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder & M.D. Pandey Hazard identification in process plant through CAD, CAE and PDM systems F. Giannini, M. Monti, S. Ansaldi & P. Bragatto Risk analysis for insurance of technical systems D. Golebiewski & K. T. Kosmowski Reasoning about trust in IT infrastructures J. Gorski & M. Zagorski Safety during organizational change in the chemical process industry A. J. Gort, R. M. Keus, C. Moonen, M. van Dijk, E. de Vroome & G.I.J.M. Zwetsloot A Methodology for the integrated development of internal and external events in the probabilistic risk analysis for PBMR plant H. van Graan, D. Serbanescu & Y. Combrink Reliability model of the multi-stage operation F.Grabski Importance measures in cause-consequence diagrams, calculation and applications D.J.K. Griffin Keynote lecture: Methods of probability assessment of ships accidents on restricted water areas L. Gucma Methods for bridge safety assessments with respect to ship collisions L. Gucma Optimal visualization of navigational situation in pilot support systems with use of safety criteria. M. Gucma The safety of manoeuvring in confined areas as a function of navigation coordinates systems S. Gucma Stochastic System Age Processes R. Guo & T. Dunne Keynote lecture: Grey repairable system analysis R. Guo C. E. Love Management influences on major hazard prevention: the ARAMIS audit A.R. Hale, F.W. Guldenmund, L.H.J. Goossens, J. Karczewski, N-J. Duijm, D. Hourtoulou, J-C. LeCoze, E. Plot, F. Prats, B. Kontic, D. Kontic & M. Gerbec Using barrier concepts to understand priorities in the prevention of occupational accidents A.R. Hale, B.J.M. Ale, C. Paas, J.T. Quik, M. Mud, L.J. Bellamy, J. Whiston, H. Baksteen, J. Post, P Uijt de Haag, T. Geyer & Joy Oh Coupling of information-flow aggregation method and dynamical model for a more accurate evaluation of reliability K. Hamidi, O. Malasse & J.F. Aubry Attitudes to different energy sources J. Harvey, S. Joyce & P. Norman What does safety culture mean to the shop floor in the nuclear industry? J. Harvey, G. Erdos, H. Bolam & D. Gregory Occupational risk in decommissioning/removal projects S. Haugen, H. Myrheim, D.R. Bayly & J.E. Vinnem Monte Carlo simulation for automotive applications under real conditions J. Hauschild & A. Meyna Environmental indicators for agricultural management: the problem of integration K. Hayashi Bayesian parameter estimation in human reliability analysis X. He, J. Tong & X. Huang Risk administration of not-implemented safety measures A.W. Heskestad, M.L. Eknes & H.K. Endresen An approach to determine uncertainties of prior information - the transformation factor T. Hitziger & B. Bertsche Description and discussion of principles and methods for technology qualification A. Hjorteland On how to use expert judgments in regularity analyses to obtain good predictions A. Hjorteland & T. Aven Probability of failure on demand (PFD)- the formulas of IEC 61508 with focus on the 1oo2D voting P. Hokstad Risk assessment of road tunnels based on Bayesian network M. Holicky & L. Sajtar Evaluation of reliability using shadowed sets and fuzzy lifetime data O. Hryniewicz Quantitative analysis of the influence of fuzzy factors on fuzzy reliability of structures H.Z. Huang, M.J. Zuo, X. F. Fan & Z. Tian The infrastructure of a probabilistic safety assessment I. Ingemarson & M. Knochenhauer Fast reliability prediction in the medical equipment industry R. A. Ion, S. Roelsma, P. Sonnemans, A. Brombacher & M. J. Newby Analysis of the barge repair ability basing on statistical data R. Iwankowicz, R. Rutkowski, T. Urbanski, T. Graczyk & T. Jastrzebski Optimization of a procedure for emergency cooling and pressure relief for reactors with exothermal processes D.W. Jablonski & U. Hauptmanns An approach for early reliability evaluation of mechatronic systems P. Jager & B. Bertsche Information portal of the Gdynia Maritime Administration Office as a tool for managing maritime safety and environment protection I. Jagniszczak & P. Jedrzejowicz Model of system availability caused by spare parts inventory level A. Jodejko Does deregulation of the railways increase safety in rail transportation? S.O. Johnsen & M. Tungland Identification and reduction of risks in remote operations of offshore oil and gas installations. S.O. Johnsen, M.A. Lundteigen, H. Fartum & J. Monsen Challenges in remote control and remote co-operation of offshore oil and gas installations in the North Sea S.O. Johnsen, A. Askildsen & K. Hunnes Equation Chapter 1 Section 1 The observational method in geotechnical engineering, a risk-based approach R.B. Jongejan, J.K. Vrijling & S. Van Baars A method for the estimation of loss of life caused by floods S.N. Jonkman & J.K. Vrijling An application of game theory to security and reliability analysis I. J. Jozwiak, W. Laskowski & J. Zych Assessing software reliability in the context of refactoring I. J. Jozwiak, A. M. Piotrowicz & M. K. Kowalczyk The Process of Safety Management and Decision Making P. Kafka BDD complexity reduction by component fault trees B. Kaiser & A. Zocher A study towards the application of Markovian deterioration processes for bridge maintenance modelling in the Netherlands M.J.Kallen & J.M. van Noortwijk Integrating human factors into process hazard analysis S.G. Kariuki & K. Loewe Ferry control area of entry on the intersection with a fairway L. Kasyk Integrated technique of reliability analysis for NPP Instrumentation and Control System expert assessment V. Kharchenko, V. Sklyar, G. Schnurer & H. Miedl A feature selection approach based on principal component analysis and synaptic weights for mechanical faults diagnosis. B. Kilundu & P. Dehombreux Software vulnerability: definition, modeling, and practical evaluation M. Kimura Hydrogen applications to aircrafts and cars - basic safety aspects G. Klein, B. Zapf & T. Weidl Uncertainty analysis for the predicted proportion of fuel rods failed during a hypothetical loss of coolant accident M. Kloos Uncertainty analysis performed for the review of a large scale probabilistic seismic hazard analysis J.-U. Klugel & F. Groen Validation of decompression schedules for the polish navy R. Klos Logistic regression as a model for the assessment of decompression risks R. Klos Alternative stability requirements and application of the FSA methodology L. Kobylinski A simple method to derive minimal cut sets for a non-coherent fault tree T. Kohda Risk-based dynamic reconfiguration of safety monitoring systems T. Kohda & W. Cui Reliability and risk evaluation of complex systems in their operation processes K. Kolowrocki Critical assessment of the organisational learning system of the fire service in response to fatal accidents to firemen F. Koornneef, A.R. Hale & W. van Dijk Input parameters distribution sensitivity study of RBMK-1500 reactor one group distribution header complete blockage scenario V. Kopustinskas, R. Urbonas, A. Kaliatka & R. Bolado-Lavin Level 2 PSA approach for Ignalina RBMK-1500 reactor in Lithuania V.Kopustinskas, E.Urbonavicius, A.Kaliatka, S.Rimkevicius, E.Uspuras, A.Bagdonas, P.Hellstroem & G.Johanson Systematic approach to naval accidents and breakdowns in the Polish Navy Z. Korczewski & R.J. Wrobel Avionics databus safety criteria and certification A. Kornecki & J. Zalewski Probabilistic risk analysis of electric shock associated with exploitation of low voltage equipment W. Korniluk & R.A. Sobolewski Computer aided functional safety assessment K.T. Kosmowski & M. Sliwinski Methodology for functional safety assessment K.T. Kosmowski & M. Sliwinski Methodological and practical aspects of maintenance planning in hazardous systems K.T. Kosmowski & J.M. Piesik Optimizing the amount of free resources on a computer system using software rejuvenation V. Koutras & A. Platis Software rejuvenation in maritime applications V. Koutras, A. Platis, V. Mennis & N. Nikitakos Time series - the tool for traffic safety analysis R. Krystek & J. Zukowska On account of concurrent rectangular pulse actions in structural design A.Kudzys Transformed conditional probabilities in cracking redundant bar system design A. Kudzys & R. Kliukas Reliability improvement of large multi-state series-parallel systems B. Kwiatuszewska-Sarnecka Reliability improvement of large parallel-series systems B. Kwiatuszewska-Sarnecka A PKI security reliability assessment methodology C. Lambrinoudakis, A. Platis & A. Leros Structural reliability criteria and dynamic positioning of marine vessels B.J. Leira, A. Sorensen, P.I.B. Berntsen & O. I. Aamo New developments for socio-economically based risk acceptability criteria A. Lentz & R. Rackwitz Weighted voting systems: the decision making time aspect G. Levitin Genetic algorithm in optimization of fault-tolerant software G. Levitin & H. Ben-Haim Maintenance scheduling by variable dimension evolutionary algorithms A. Limbourg & H.-D. Kochs Extended block diagram method for multi-state system reliability assessment A. Lisnianski Dynamic games methods in navigator decision support system for safety navigation J. Lisowski Towards safer skies: a probabilistic approach to risk assessment of new aviation safety products J.T. Luxhoj & D.W. Coit Areas of dangerous approach to the ship defined with the aid of a domain A. Lebkowski, M. Tobiasz, K. Dziedzicki, M. Tomera & R. Smierzchalski The system of safe ship steering at sea A. Lebkowski, M. Tobiasz, K. Dziedzicki, M. Tomera & R. Smierzchalski Problems associated with evacuation from the ship in case the emergency situation D.H. Lozowicka On using soft computing techniques in software reliability engineering H. Madsen, P. Thyregod, B. Burtschy, F. Popentiu & G. Albeanu An approach for online reliability evaluation and prediction of mechanical transmission components M. Maisch, B. Bertsche & R. Hettich A lower bound for the node-pair reliability of network systems with small distances between adjacent nodes J. Malinowski Alternative procedures for combination of actions in ISO standards J. Markova Calibration of reduced models by multi-objective genetic algorithms M. Marseguerra, E. Zio & R. Canetta Use of metrics with multiobjective GA. Application to the selection of an optimal maintenance strategy in the RCM context S. Martorell, S. Carlos & A. Sanchez Optimization of surveillance requirements at NPP considering time-dependent scheduling of tests and preventive maintenance S. Martorell, S. Carlos, J.F. Villanueva, A.I. Sanchez & M. Cepin Models of behavior and human error S. Massaiu Power network reliability analysis system V. Matuzas, D. Tarvydas, R. Krikstolaitis & N. Listopadskis Optimising the strategy of track maintenance C. Meier-Hirmer, F. Sourget & M. Roussignol On limit reliability functions of series - "mn out of kn" systems B. Milczek Influence of the control strategy choice on the safety level of a distributed control system A. Mkhida, P. Barger, J.M. Thiriet & J.F. Aubry Rank reliability assessment of the technical object at early design stage with limited operational data. Case study. M. Mlynczak & T. Nowakowski Dynamic Bayesian networks for modeling advanced fault tree features in dependability analysis S. Montani, L. Portinale & A. Bobbio A methodology of risk assessment for operation and maintenance tasks A. Nagasaka, M. Ebisu, T. Aikawa, K. Hayase & K. Takano A bivariate process model for maintenance and inspection planning M. J. Newby & C. T. Barker An experience in validating train control systems by a grey-box testing approach G. De Nicola, P. di Tommaso, R. Esposito, F. Flammini, P. Marmo & A. Orazzo Modelling the deterioration of the coating on steel structures R.P. Nicolai, G. Budai, R. Dekker & M. Vreijling Risk analysis; a tool to support decision making. But, who cares about the decisions? O. Nja & T.E. Nokland Gamma processes for time-dependent reliability of structures J.M. van Noortwijk, M.J. Kallen & M.D. Pandey Redundancy optimization for multi-state systems under repair policies M. Nourelfath & D. Ait-Kadi Analysis of reliability model of combined transportation system T. Nowakowski & M. Zajac Analytic solution of seismic probabilistic risk assessment O. Nusbaumer Improved railway punctuality by effective maintenance - a case study B. Nystroem & P. Soederholm Determination of point of maximum likelihood in failure domain using genetic algorithms A.S. Obadage & N. Harnpornchai General conditions for online estimation and optimization of reliability characteristics I. Pabst & P.C. Muller General conditions for online estimation and optimization of reliability characteristics I. Pabst, P.C. Muller & C. Dietl Quantified risk assessment for plants producing and storing explosives Papazoglou I.A, Saravanos P., Giakoumatos I. & Aneziris O.N. Reliability evaluation for the pump assembly using an accelerated test S.J. Park, S.D. Park & K.S. Kim Ships navigational risk assessment in port areas V. Paulauskas Safety management coping with complexity in air traffic management E. Perrin & J. Spouge Optimisation of OSH-related management processes in enterprises M. Pecillo Quality and productivity improvement by implementation of total productive maintenance system J.M. Piesik Human factor in a vessel navigational decision support system Z. Pietrzykowski The reliability analysis of continuous operating technical system P. Pisarski Identification of hazard zones for operators in ship power plants A. Podsiadlo & W. Tarelko Modelling a decision-making process of hazard zone identification in ship power plants A. Podsiadlo & W. Tarelko Investigation of influence of organic polymer on TML value of the mineral concentrates M. Popek Modeling and simulation of the operational availability and costs of complex systems - a case study P. Pozsgai & B. Bertsche Mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer during fire in room with complex geometry S.V. Puzach & N.V. Puzach Accidents, safety and crew interaction in the maritime domain R. Pyne & T. Koester Conception of structural condition space and its application to reliability assessment of structural system J.J. Qin & X.L. Liu Estimation of high consequence low frequency events through empirical Bayes procedures J. Quigley, T. Bedford & L. Walls An introduction to reliability-adaptive systems U. K. Rakowsky On multi-system reliability and operation U. K. Rakowsky Some notes on probabilities and non-probabilistic reliability measures U. K. Rakowsky An innovative strategy to put integrated maintenance, reliability and quality improvement concepts into action M. F. Ramalhoto & R. Goeb A multistate based generalized path vector approach for multistate two-terminal reliability J. E. Ramirez-Marquez, D.W. Coit & M. Tortorella Multistate component criticality analysis in multistate systems J. E. Ramirez-Marquez & D.W. Coit The safety case and the lessons learnt for the reliability and maintainability case. M. Revie, T. Bedford & L. Walls Component reliability data in argentinean research reactors: collection and processing S. S. Rivera, J. E. Nunez Mc Leod, J. H. Baron, N. Rico & A. Cataldi A statistical approach to control conservatism of robust uncertainty propagation methods; application to accidental thermal hydraulics calculations E. de Rocquigny A discussion of the IEC standards 61508 and 61511 in a risk management context W. Roed, J.E. Vinnem & T. Aven An approach to carry out a boiler plant hazard assessment V. Rouhiainen, M. Reunanen, J. Sarsama & J. Schabel A tool for optimising the maintenance of equipment of electrical networks S. Rusek, R. Gono & R. Bris Operational risk reduction of turbines by optimization of its start-ups A. M. Rusin & M. J. Lipka Adaptive maintenance policy for a deteriorating system with random change of mode B. Saassouh, L. Dieulle & A. Grall Random field of initial deflections and strength of thin plates Z. Sadovsky, C. Guedes Soares & A.P. Teixeira Real time updating of risk assessments during a drilling operation M. Sandoy & T. Aven Collection of reliability and maintenance data - development of an international standard H. A. Sandtorv, R. Ostebo & H. Kortner Estimators for reliability measures in geometric distribution model using dependent masked system life test data Ammar M. Sarhan Neural generation of uncertainty reliability functions bounded by belief and plausibility frontiers R. Savic Use of Kriging to increase the predictive power of meta-models in structural reliability L. Schueremans & D. Van Gemert Failure forecast in engineering systems by searching for the inner points of system of algebraic equalities and inequalities V.E. Seleznev, V.V. Kiselev & O.I. Zelenskaya Numerical analysis of nonstationary pollutant spread through the industrial sewer and rivers V.E. Seleznev, O.I. Zelenskaya & S.N. Pryalov Automatic fit of parameters under identification of mathematical models to the real failures V.E. Seleznev, V.V. Aleshin & A.L. Boychenko Numerical analysis of fire risk at pipeline systems of industrial power facilities V.E. Seleznev & V.V. Aleshin Development of an integrated software for reliability analysis and PSA, SAREX H. Seok, D.K. Kim, H.K. Lim & S.K. Kang Risk, probabilility and uncertainty for complex technical systems Dan Serbanescu Managing human and organizational factors in the construction and marine industries M. Shammas & O.T. Gudmestad Safety as an organizational value: improving safety practices and learning from accidents S. Silva & M.L. Lima Flood forecast using Bayesian approach J.Simaityte Volskiene, J. Augutis, E. Uspuras & I. Zutautaite Reliability and credibility evaluation of networked control systems C. Simon, J.M. Thiriet, P. Barger & J.F. Aubry Incorporating human and organizational factors in risk analysis for offshore installations S. Sklet, T. Aven, S. Hauge & J.E. Vinnem Qualitative analysis of human, technical and operational barrier elements during well interventions S. Sklet, T. Steiro & O. Tjelta The formal safety assessment and influence of human factor in application to chosen ship's type M. Smajdor Integration of reliability concepts, diagnosis and control to realize safe systems D. Soeffker, K. Kashi & K. Wolters Reliability of large series-parallel system in variable operation conditions J. Soszynska Reliability of large parallel-series system in variable operation conditions J. Soszynska Developing risk management through specific safety psychological training M. Specht, C. Denis-Remis, F.-R. Chevreau, J.-L. Wybo, Luc Guerillot, V. Guinet & W. Rangamie Simplified reliability data collection and analysis in the power system M.Stojkov, R.Kovacevic & S.Nikolovski Safety and reliability management system of hazard goods transportation J. Szpytko Achieving better on-time-delivery performance with the help of internal dependencies J. Takala & P. Nieminen Reliability of load bearing steel plates subjected to localised heat loads A. P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares Application of model-based risk analysis in a risk-informed man, technology and organisation model A. P-J Thunem, B. Axel Gran & A. B. Miberg Skjerve Reliability-redundancy allocation for multi-state series-parallel systems Z. Tian, M.J. Zuo & H. Huang Risk assessment in textile and wood processing industry P.Tint, K.Reinhold & G.Kiivet Reliability analysis based on cost of failure M.T.Todinov Risk criteria in EU V.M. Trbojevic Improving integrity of offshore marine operations by incorporating human, management and organisational barriers in risk assessment V.M. Trbojevic & O.T.Gudmestad Petri net modeling of production systems in consideration of system properties, maintenance and production processes M. Trost & B. Bertsche A reliability study for the evaluation of File Transfer Protocol requests P. Tsopelas Bayesian bootstrap: use for estimating probabilities of accidental damage to structures E.R. Vaidogas A model of vehicle traction usable for a drive simulator M. Vala Mapping up and down common cause failure rates and impact weights J.K. Vaurio Continuous monitoring of warranty costs Z. Vintr & M. Vintr Estimating warranty costs in the initial stages of product life M. Vintr Safety practices and procedures used when three major accidents occurred in South Africa J.K. Visser Probabilistic design verification of offshore rock supports G.B. de Vries On the reliability of multistate systems with imprecise probabilities M. Wagenknecht & U. Gocht Reliability and functional analysis of discrete transport system with dispatcher T. Walkowiak & J. Mazurkiewicz A multiple criteria model for ship maintenance inspection optimization J. Wang & A. Pillay Conception of the national sea safety management and monitoring system R. Wawruch New approach to safety contour of electronic navigational chart A. Weintrit, P. Kopacz & K. Kolowrocki An approach to affect the probability of failure by changed operation modes K. Wolters & D. Soeffker Multi-objective evolutionary optimal design of N-version software system H. Yamachi, H. Yamamoto & Y. Tsujimura Formal safety assessment of container liner supply chains Z.L. Yang S. Bonsall, J. Wang & Q.G. Fang Reliability optimization of a parallel system with redundant dependences H. Yu, C. Chu, F. Yalaoui & E. Chatelet Dynamic reliability analysis of the k-out-of-n multi-state system E. Zaitseva, V. Levashenko, K.Matiasko & S. Puuronen Assessment of the impact of software failures on the reliability of a man-computer system W. Zamojski & D. Caban A block replacement policy for a periodically inspected two-unit parallel standby safety system R.I. Zequeira & C. Berenguer Software modeling framework for dynamic PRA D. Zhu, A. Mosleh & C. Smidts A Monte Carlo simulation approach to the production availability evaluation of an offshore installation with operational loops E.Zio, P.Baraldi & E.Patelli A multi-state Monte Carlo simulation model of a railway network system E. Zio, M. Marella & L. Podofillini

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