Aeneas to Augustus: A Beginning Latin Reader for College Students (2nd edition)

Aeneas to Augustus: A Beginning Latin Reader for College Students (2nd edition)

By: Mason Hammond (author), Anne Amory (author)Paperback

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Roman history in Latin readings sustained by English prefaces and generous annotation, "Aeneas to Augustus" is paper-bound and lithographed from typescript while practice tests its effectiveness. Prose (Part I) and poetry (Part II)--each Part a term's work with a full historic span--may be alternated during a year's course without losing continuity. Latin readings approximate a class hour's needs; each Part forms a sequence of graduated complexity; a vocabulary is included; and literary and linguistic annotations will interest both beginning and advanced students.

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About Author

Mason Hammond was Pope Professor of Latin Language and Literature, Harvard University. Anne Amory teaches Classics at University of California, Berkeley.


PART I: SELECTIONS 1-48: PROSE *1. Aeneas in Italiam advenit, Origo. 50 words *2. Rex Latinus Aeneam recipit, Origo. 60 words *3. Bellum Turni cum Aenea, Origo. 95 words *4. Roma condita, Liber. 130 words *5. Tarquinii expelluntur, Liber. 150 words *6. Horaii atque Mucii res fortiter gestae, Liber. 160 words *7. Facinus Appii Claudii, Liber. 125 words *8. Roma a Gallis capta, Liber. 135 words *9A. Victoria Pyrrhi, Liber. 80 words *9B. Fortitudo Reguli, Liber. 90 words *10. Hannibalis res gestae, Liber. Eutropius. 235 words *11. Hannibalis virtutes et vitia, A. Cicero. 65 words, B. Livy. 90 words *12. Scipionis Africani vita, Liber. 215 words *13. Catonis ingenium, Composite. 205 words *14. Cato senex, Cicero. 225 words *15A. Graecia liberate, Valerius Maximus. 80 words *15B. Paulli victoria et triumphus, Velleius. 160 words *15C. Genealogical Charts *16A. Carthago Numantiaque a Scipione deletae, Velleius, Livy. 125 words *16B. Scipionis virtus et humanitas, Composite. 135 words *17. Rei publicae Romanae vitia, A. Sallust. 165 words. B. Velleius. 45 words. C. Tacitus. 55 words *18. Tiberii Gracchi vita et mors, Velleius, Valerius Maximus. 200 words *19. Gaii Gracchi tribunatus et exitus, Velleius. 180 words. *20A. Ciceronis de Gracchis sentential, Cicero. 165 words. *20B. Sallustii de Gracchis sentential, Sallust. 8 words. *21. Marius consulatum petit, Sallust. 250 words *22. Marii consulatus multiplicati, Sallust, Velleius. 215 words *23. Bellum Sociale vel Italicum, Floras, Velleius. 210 words *24. Bellum civile primum, a Marianis atque Sulla gestum, Velleius, Florus. 255 words *25. Marii et Cinnae domination, Velleius, Florus. 265 words *26. Sullana victoria et dictatura, Velleius. 225 words *27. Ciceronis de Mario, Cinna, et Sulla duae sententiae, Cicero. A. 70 words. B. 105 words. Senecae de Sullae crudelitate sentential, C. Seneca. 70 words *28. Bella post Sullae mortem usque ad consulatum Crassi Pompeiique, Composite. 285 words *29. Pompeius, imperator eximius, praedones superat, Cicero. 290 words *30. Pompeii extraordinaria imperia, Cicero. 255 words *31. Cicero fabulam de quaestura sua narrat, Cicero. 295 words *32. Cicero de consulatu suo, Cicero. A. 170 words. B. 90 words *33. Gains ulius Caesar, Velleius, Suetonius. 300 words *34A. Catonis stoici mores, Cicero. 155 words *34B. Caesaris coin Catone comparatio, Sallust. 142 words *35A. Prior Triumviratus initus est, Velleius. 90 words *35B. Cicero se cum Triumviris coniungere non vult, Cicero. 80 words *35C. Cicero totam rem publicam perisse queritur, Cicero. 130 words *36A. Caesaris res gestae, Cicero. 125 words *36B. Inimicitia Clodii cum Cicerone, Velleius. 125 words *36C. Cicero tie suo exsilio, Cicero. 60 words *37. M. Cicero S.D. L. Lucceio Q.F., Cicero. 330 words *38. De belli civilis secundi causis, A. Caelius apud Ciceronem. 195 words. B. Caesar. 90 words *39. Belli civilis secundi initia, Velleius, Suetonius. 325 words *40. Proelium Pharsalicum, Caesar. 320 words *41. Exitus Pompeii Catonisque, Composite. 305 words *42A. Caesaris dictatoris honores immodici, Suetonius. 170 words *42B. Ciceronis in Antonium invectio, Cicero. 160 words *43A. Caesaris caedes, Suetonius. 235 words *43B. Ciceronis de Caesaris caede duae sententiae, Cicero. 85 words *44. Ciceronis proscripti mors, Seneca Rhetor (from Livy). 295 words *45. Pugna Philippica, Velleius, Suetonius. 320 words *46. Bellum Actiacum, Composite. 325 words *47A. Rerum gestarum divi Augusti capita selecta, Augustus. 240 words *47B. Pax Augusta, Velleius. 120 words *48. Praefatio Annalium Cornelii Taciti, Tacitus. 280 words PART II: SELECTIONS 49-90: PROSE AND VERSE *49. Aeneas, in Latium advectus, Latinos bello superat, Ovid. 95 words *50. Septem montes urbis Romae, Composite. 145 words *51. Romulus, augurio victor, Romam condit, Ovid. 115 words *52. Caedes Remi, Ovid. 140 words *53. Servii Tullii omen, regnum, caedes, Liber. 165 words *54. Tullia virum exstimulat, Ovid. 140 words. *55. Aeneae clipei non enarrabile textum, Vergil. 145 worth *56. Alter consul tandem de plebe creatus, Livy. l90 words *57. Appii Claudii Caeci mores, Livy. 180 words. *58. Colloquium inter Hannibalem et Scipionem fictum, Livy. 180 words *59A. Hannibalis exitus, Livy. 65 words *59B. Hannibalis exemplum gloriae vanitatem declarat, Juvenal. 140 words *60. Versus ex Ennii Annalibus (9 passages), Ennius. 190 words *61. Vergilius Ennii imitator (3 parallels), Ennius, Vergil. 210 words *62. Eloquentia Gracchorum, Quintilian, Cicero. 225 words *63. Marii apud populum contio, Sallust. 235 words *64A. Ciceronis de Mario sententia, Cicero. 90 words *64B. Marii fortuna, Lucan. 120 words *65. De Sullae natura cultuque, SaIlust. 255 words *66. Proscriptio Sullana, Lucan. 230 words *67. Cicero Verrem accusans inimicitias optimatium suscipit, Cicero. 265 words *68A. Iurgia Luculli atque Pompeii, Velleius. 140 words *68B. Luculli res gestae, Cicero. 130 words *69. Venus omnium animantium genetrix, Lucretius. 255 wards *70A. Mors neque miseranda neque deflenda est, Lucretius. 125 words *70B. Mors omnibus aeque stabilita timenda non est, Lucretius. 130 words *71. Cicero in Catilinam invehit, Cicero. 325 words *72. Catilinae ingenium, Cicero. 305 words *73. Catulli carmina varia (6 poems), Catullus. 275 words *74. Lesbia (5 poems), Catullus. 275 words *75. Bellum Gallicum Caesare imperatore gestum, Cicero. 310 words *76. Cicero optimates definit:, Cicero. 260 words *77. Pompeii Caesarisque ingenia a Lucano descripta, Lucan. 255 words *78. Magni ranks infamis, Lucan. 250 words *79A. De Caesaris eloquentia commentariisque, Composite. 160 words *79B. De Ciceronis eloquentia, Quintilian, JuvenaI. 140 words *80. Caesar post caedem signis diris portentam deus fit, Ovid. 250 words *81. Matius mortem Caesaris amici dolet, Matius apud Ciceronem. 300 words *82. Ciceronis laudes, A. Velleius. 125 words, B. St. Jerome. 120 words, C. Petrarch. 95 words *83A. Proscriptio secunda, Velleius. 40 words *83B. Laudatio matronae Romanae ignotae, Laudatio funebris (dicta Laus Turiae). 260 words *84. Meliboeus a Tityrus, Vergil. 285 words *85. Novus ordo saeculorum, Vergil. 270 words *86. Horatii carmina Actiaca (2 poems), Horace. 155 words, 130 words *87. Horatii carmina varia (5 poems), Horace. 300 words *88. Expedit Anchises Itala de gente nepotes etc., Vergil. 295 words *89A. Vaticinationes Isaiae, Vulgate Bible. 190 words *89B. Vaticinatio Michaeae, Vulgate Bible. 70 words *90. Iesu Nativitus, Vulgate Bible (Luke). 315 words * Metrical Schemes * List of Sources * Index of Authors and Works * Vocabulary

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