Aerospace Engineering Pocket Reference

Aerospace Engineering Pocket Reference

By: Sean Tavares (author)Paperback

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Designed for the Aeronautical/Aerospace Student or Practicing Engineer Find the material you are looking for without having to sort through unnecessary information. Intended for undergraduate and graduate students and professionals in the field of aeronautical/aerospace engineering, the Aerospace Engineering Pocket Reference is a concise, portable, go-to guide covering the entire range of information on the aerospace industry. This unique text affords readers the convenience of pocket-size portability, and presents expert knowledge on formulae and data in a way that is quickly accessible and easily understood. The convenient pocket reference includes conversion factors, unit systems, physical constants, mathematics, dynamics and mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electrical engineering, aerodynamics, aircraft performance, propulsion, orbital mechanics, attitude determination, and attitude dynamics. It also contains appendices on chemistry, properties of materials, atmospheric data, compressible flow tables, shock wave tables, and solar system data. This authoritative text: * Contains specifically tailored sections for aerospace engineering * Provides key information for aerospace students * Presents specificity of information (only formulae and tables) for quick and easy reference The Aerospace Engineering Pocket Reference covers basic data as well as background information on mathematics and thermal processing, and houses more than 1000 equations and over 200 tables and figures in a single guide.

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About Author

Sean Tavares is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering.


Unit Systems International System (SI) US Customary System (USCS) Electromagnetic Units Conversion Factors Temperature Conversions Unit Definitions (selected) Numbers and Symbols Common Fractions Number Systems Prime Numbers Prefix Multiples Greek Alphabet Phonetic Alphabet Morse Code Mathematical Symbols Constants Numerical Constants Physical Constants Properties of Geometric Planes and Solids Centroids Area Moments of Inertia Mass Moments of Inertia Planes Solids Coordinate Systems Coordinate Transformations Algebra Basic Properties and Rules Quadratic Formula Factoring Factorials Combinations Permutations Trigonometry Unit Circle Right Triangle Law of Sines, Cosines, and Tangents Trigonometric Identities Trigonometric Formulas Inverse Trigonometric Functions Linear Algebra Vectors Matrices Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors Calculus Derivatives Index of Integral Forms Integrals Vector Calculus Vector Differential Calculus Vector Integral Calculus Differential Equations Separable Differential Equations First-Order Exact Differential Equation First-Order Non-Exact Differential Equation First-Order Linear Differential Equations Bernoulli Differential Equations Second-Order Linear Differential Equations (Constant Coefficients) Laplace Transforms Laplace Transformation Basics Transformation Table Physics Physics Symbol List Basic Equations Kinematics and Dynamics Position, Velocity, and Acceleration Linear Motion Circular Motion Projectile Motion Relative Motion Impacts Harmonic Oscillation Mechanics of Materials Mechanics of Materials Symbol List Axial Loading Deformation Shear Stress and Strain Stresses on Inclined Sections Torsion Distributed Loads Beams Columns Plane Stress Pressure Vessels Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics Symbol List Fluid Statics Fluid Motion Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Symbol List Thermodynamic Properties Ideal Gas Laws Ideal Gas Laws for Constant-Temperature Closed-System Ideal Gas Laws for Constant-Pressure Closed-System Ideal Gas Laws for Constant-Volume Closed-System Ideal Gas Laws for Isentropic Closed-System Ideal Gas Laws for Isentropic Steady-Flow System Ideal Gas Laws for Polytropic Closed-System Ideal Gas Laws for Polytropic Steady-Flow System Ideal Gas Laws for Throttling Steady-Flow System Heat Transfer Heat Transfer Symbol List Conduction Convection Radiation EM Radiation EM Radiation Symbol List EM Spectrum Electromagnetic Wave Reflection Refraction Doppler Effect Compton Effect Electric Circuits Electric Circuits Symbol List Circuit Components (selected) Current and Voltage Resistors Capacitors Inductors First-Order Circuits with DC source Second-Order Circuits with DC source Sinusoidal Current and Voltage Impedance Equivalent Impedances in AC Circuits Resistor Color Codes (3 and 4 Band) Resistor Color Codes (5 and 6 Band) Control Systems Combination Rules for Block Diagrams Relocation Rules for Block Diagrams Standard Second-Order Transfer Function with Step Input Underdamped Second-Order System with Step Input Aerodynamics Aerodynamics Symbol List Airplane Axis System Properties of Air Airfoils Wings Approximate Speed Regimes Subsonic Incompressible Flow Subsonic Compressible Flow Transonic Flow Supersonic Flow Aerodynamic Coefficients Subsonic Viscous Flow Airspeed Measurements Aircraft Performance Aircraft Performance Symbol List Thrust Power Power off Gliding Path Range and Endurance Takeoff Rate of Climb (0 acceleration) Landing Stall Speed Turning Flight Pullup and Pulldown Maneuver Air-Breathing Propulsion Air-Breathing Propulsion Symbol List Propeller Propulsion Jet Propulsion Fundamentals Jet Propulsion Examples Gas Turbine Correction Parameters Rocket Propulsion Rocket Propulsion Symbol List Rocket Fundamentals Liquid-Rocket Combustion Chamber and Nozzle Liquid Propellant Table Theoretical Liquid-Propellant Fuel and Oxidizer Table Solid Rocket Motors Solid Rocket Bore Shapes Theoretical Propellant Table for Solid Rockets Orbital Mechanics Orbital Mechanics Symbol List Conic Sections Classical Orbital Elements Circular Orbits Elliptical Orbits Parabolic Orbits Hyperbolic Orbits Fast Orbital Transfers Hohmann Transfer Orbital-Plane Changes Attitude Determination Euler Angles Quaternion Gibbs Vector Attitude Dynamics Euler Angle Kinematics Quaternion and Gibbs Vector Kinematics Torque Free Motion Appendix A Chemistry Periodic Table of Elements Properties of Elements Appendix B Properties of Materials Aluminum Alloys Stainless Steel Alloys Copper Alloys Magnesium Alloys Titanium Alloys Nickel Alloys Precious Metals Appendix C Standard Atmosphere Standard Atmosphere (1959 ARDC) SI Units (Geopotential Altitude) USCS Units (Geopotential Altitude) Appendix D Isentropic Compressible Flow Tables Isentropic Compressible Flow Tables for y = 1.4 Appendix E Normal Shock Tables Normal Shock Tables for y = 1.4 Appendix F Solar System Data The Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto References

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