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When an unknown force causes everyone over the age of 17 to die, psychotic teenager, Roc, takes over a secluded town. Roc develops a cruel fixation for Jenny, the girlfriend of his dead brother. But all she can think of is the family and boyfriend she lost. She would rather be dead than go on living without them, even though she may be the town’s only hope. Ger, suffering from the loss of both his mother and younger brother to a car accident that he thinks was his fault, doesn't know how to cope with this sudden, grand scale disaster. He encounters other orphaned kids, and discovers that he has something to offer, if only he learns to trust himself. Laney, a pawn in her parents’ battle-zone divorce, is on the verge of suicide when the disaster strikes. Lost and alone, she discovers a love unlike anything she would have ever imagined for herself. Is she unique in thinking she is better off now than she was before “the Day of Death”? As Roc's evil grows, the three lives of Ger, Laney and Jenny collide and they must find a way to end his reign of terror

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