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AJAX, Rich Internet Applications, and Web Development for Programmers

AJAX, Rich Internet Applications, and Web Development for Programmers

By: Paul J. Deitel (author), Harvey M. Deitel (author)Paperback

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The practicing programmer's DEITEL (R) guide to AJAX, Rich Internet Applications, and web-application developmentThis book applies the Deitel signature live-code approach to teaching Web 2.0 application development. The book presents concepts in the context of more than 180 fully tested programs (18,000+ lines of code), complete with syntax shading, detailed descriptions, and sample outputs. It features hundreds of tips that will help you build robust applications.Start with a concise introduction to XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript before rapidly moving on to more advanced client-side development with DOM, XML, AJAX, JSON, and other RIA technologies. Then proceed to server-side development with web servers, databases, PHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, JavaServer Faces, and web services. When you're finished, you'll have everything you need to build Web 2.0 applications.The DEITEL Developer Series is designed for practicing programmers. The series presents focused treatments of emerging technologies, including .NET, JavaTM, web services, Internet and web development, and more.Practical, example-rich coverage of:Web 2.0 XHTML, CSS, JavaScript DOM, XML, RSS AJAX-Enabled Rich Internet Applications JSON, Dojo, Script.aculo.us Adobe (R) Flash CS3 and Flex Web Servers (IIS and Apache) Database (SQL, MySQL, ADO.NET and Java DB) PHP, Ruby on Rails ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX JavaServer Faces (JSF) SOAP-Based Web Services in Java REST-Based Web Services in ASP.NET Mashups And more...Visit www.deitel.com to:Download code examples Check out the growing list of programming, Web 2.0, and software-related Resource Centers To receive updates on this book, subscribe to the free DEITEL (R) BUZZ ONLINE e-mail newsletter at www.deitel.com/newsletter/subscribe.html Read archived Issues of the DEITEL BUZZ ONLINE Contact deitel@deitel.com for information on corporate training courses delivered on-site worldwidePre-Publication Reviewer Testimonials"This book is easily the most comprehensive resource of its kind I've seen yet." --Jesse James Garrett, Adaptive Path"A one-stop shop for learning the essentials of web programming."--Anand Narayanaswamy, ASPAlliance.com"Excellent for learning to develop standards-compliant web applications...takes you from the browser to the server and the database, covering web development across many programming languages."--Paul Vencill, MITRE, Inc."Cements the browser as a first-class development platform."--Johnvey Hwang, Splunk, Inc."Congratulations on this excellent work. The [Dive Into Web 2.0] chapter is simply astonishing! It's one of the better--if not the best--references on Web 2.0."--Jose Antonio Gonzalez Seco, Parlamento de Andalucia"The CSS chapter is compact, concise, and full of useful info!"--Billy B. L. Lim, Illinois State University"One of the best introductions to JavaScript."--Raymond Wisman, Indiana University Southeast"A good introduction to the DOM; doesn't trip over cross-browser incompatibilities."--Eric Lawrence, Microsoft"Exceptionally clear Ajax tutorial; best I've reviewed! Great solutions for the very cool type-ahead and edit-in-place AJAX features. 'Libraries to Help Eliminate Cross-Browser Compatibility Issues' is fantastic. This book and your web sites will be often-visited resources (if not best practices in themselves)."--John Peterson, Insync and V.I.O. Inc."Great chapter [on building Flash games]."--Jennifer Powers, University of Albany"A solid introduction to Adobe Flex with some very cool applications."--Matt Chotin, Adobe"A solid introduction to the capabilities and flexibilities of PHP. Inspired me to tighten up my own code! Easy to follow JSF development with database, Virtual Forms, and Google Maps."--John Peterson, Insync and V.I.O. Inc."Excellent coverage of developing ASP.NET applications, with plenty of sample code."--Peter Bromberg, VOIP, Inc."The web services chapter concludes a comprehensive education on Web 2.0. The examples go a long way to support the Web 2.0 mission of this book."--George Semeczko, Independent Consultant

About Author

Paul J. Deitel and Dr. Harvey M. Deitel are the founders of Deitel & Associates, Inc., the internationally recognized programming languages content-creation, corporate-training and Internet business development organization. The Deitels have written many international best-selling programming languages textbooks that millions of people worldwide have used to master C, C++, Java (TM), C#, XML, Visual Basic (R), Perl, Python, and Internet and web programming.


Preface xixBefore You Begin xxxiPart 1: Introduction 1Chapter 1: Dive Into (R) Web 2.0 21.1 Introduction 31.2 What Is Web 2.0? 41.3 Search 71.4 Content Networks 121.5 User-Generated Content 131.6 Blogging 161.7 Social Networking 191.8 Social Media 231.9 Tagging 261.10 Social Bookmarking 281.11 Software Development 291.12 Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) 321.13 Web Services, Mashups, Widgets and Gadgets 341.14 Location-Based Services 371.15 XML, RSS, Atom, JSON and VoIP 381.16 Web 2.0 Monetization Models 391.17 Web 2.0 Business Models 411.18 Future of the Web 441.19 Where to Go for More Web 2.0 Information 481.20 Web 2.0 Bibliography 491.21 Web 2.0 Glossary 56Part 2: The Ajax Client 66Chapter 2: Introduction to XHTML 672.1 Introduction 682.2 Editing XHTML 692.3 First XHTML Example 692.4 W3C XHTML Validation Service 722.5 Headings 722.6 Linking 732.7 Images 762.8 Special Characters and Horizontal Rules 792.9 Lists 812.10 Tables 842.11 Forms 882.12 Internal Linking 952.13 meta Elements 982.14 Web Resources 99Chapter 3: Cascading Style Sheets (TM) (CSS) 1003.1 Introduction 1013.2 Inline Styles 1023.3 Embedded Style Sheets 1033.4 Conflicting Styles 1063.5 Linking External Style Sheets 1093.6 Positioning Elements 1113.7 Backgrounds 1153.8 Element Dimensions 1163.9 Box Model and Text Flow 1183.10 Media Types 1223.11 Building a CSS Drop-Down Menu 1243.12 User Style Sheets 1263.13 CSS 3 1303.14 Web Resources 130Chapter 4: JavaScript: Introduction to Scripting 1314.1 Introduction 1324.2 Simple Program: Displaying a Line of Text in a Web Page 1334.3 Modifying Our First Program 1364.4 Obtaining User Input with prompt Dialogs 1414.5 Data Types in JavaScript 1474.6 Arithmetic 1474.7 Decision Making: Equality and Relational Operators 1484.8 Web Resources 152Chapter 5: JavaScript: Control Statements I 1535.1 Introduction 1545.2 Control Statements 1545.3 if Selection Statement 1555.4 if...else Selection Statement 1565.5 while Repetition Statement 1605.6 Counter-Controlled Repetition 1615.7 Formulating Algorithms: Sentinel-Controlled Repetition 1635.8 Formulating Algorithms: Nested Control Statements 1665.9 Assignment Operators 1695.10 Increment and Decrement Operators 1705.11 Web Resources 173Chapter 6: JavaScript: Control Statements II 1746.1 Introduction 1756.2 Essentials of Counter-Controlled Repetition 1756.3 for Repetition Statement 1776.4 Examples Using the for Statement 1816.5 switch Multiple-Selection Statement 1856.6 do...while Repetition Statement 1906.7 break and continue Statements 1926.8 Labeled break and continue Statements 1956.9 Logical Operators 1976.10 Web Resources 202Chapter 7: JavaScript: Functions 2037.1 Introduction 2047.2 Program Modules in JavaScript 2047.3 Programmer-Defined Functions 2057.4 Function Definitions 2057.5 Random Number Generation 2107.6 Example: Game of Chance 2157.7 Another Example: Random Image Generator 2227.8 Scope Rules 2237.9 JavaScript Global Functions 2267.10 Recursion 2277.11 Recursion vs. Iteration 2307.12 Web Resources 231Chapter 8: JavaScript: Arrays 2328.1 Introduction 2338.2 Arrays 2338.3 Declaring and Allocating Arrays 2348.4 Examples Using Arrays 2358.5 Random Image Generator Using Arrays 2428.6 References and Reference Parameters 2438.7 Passing Arrays to Functions 2448.8 Sorting Arrays 2478.9 Multidimensional Arrays 2498.10 Building an Online Quiz 2538.11 Web Resources 255Chapter 9: JavaScript: Objects 2569.1 Introduction 2579.2 Introduction to Object Technology 2579.3 Math Object 2609.4 String Object 2619.5 Date Object 2729.6 Boolean and Number Objects 2779.7 document Object 2789.8 window Object 2799.9 Using Cookies 2849.10 Multipage HTML and JavaScript Application 2889.11 Using JSON to Represent Objects 2969.12 Web Resources 297Chapter 10: Document Object Model (DOM): Objects and Collections 29810.1 Introduction 29910.2 Modeling a Document: DOM Nodes and Trees 29910.3 Traversing and Modifying a DOM Tree 30210.4 DOM Collections 31310.5 Dynamic Styles 31510.6 Summary of the DOM Objects and Collections 32110.7 Web Resources 322Chapter 11: JavaScript: Events 32311.1 Introduction 32411.2 Registering Event Handlers 32411.3 Event onload 32711.4 Event onmousemove, the event Object and this 32811.5 Rollovers with onmouseover and onmouseout 33311.6 Form Processing with onfocus and onblur 33811.7 Form Processing with onsubmit and onreset 34111.8 Event Bubbling 34311.9 More Events 34511.10 Web Resources 346Chapter 12: XML and RSS 34712.1 Introduction 34812.2 XML Basics 34812.3 Structuring Data 35112.4 XML Namespaces 35812.5 Document Type Definitions (DTDs) 36112.6 W3C XML Schema Documents 36512.7 XML Vocabularies 37212.8 Extensible Stylesheet Language and XSL Transformations 37612.9 Document Object Model (DOM) 38512.10 RSS 40212.11 Web Resources 410Chapter 13: Ajax-Enabled Rich Internet Applications 41113.1 Introduction 41213.2 Traditional Web Applications vs. Ajax Applications 41313.3 Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) with Ajax 41513.4 History of Ajax 41713.5 "Raw" Ajax Example Using the XMLHttpRequest Object 41713.6 Using XML and the DOM 42313.7 Creating a Full-Scale Ajax-Enabled Application 42713.8 Dojo Toolkit 44013.9 Web Resources 449Part 3: Rich Internet Application Client Technologies 451Chapter 14: Adobe (R) Flash (R) CS3 45214.1 Introduction 45314.2 Flash Movie Development 45414.3 Learning Flash with Hands-On Examples 45614.4 Publishing Your Flash Movie 47214.5 Creating Special Effects with Flash 47314.6 Creating a Website Splash Screen 48514.7 ActionScript 49114.8 Web Resources 491Chapter 15: Adobe (R) Flash (R) CS3: Building an Interactive Game 49215.1 Introduction 49315.2 Object-Oriented Programming 49515.3 Objects in Flash 49515.4 Cannon Game: Preliminary Instructions and Notes 49715.5 Adding a Start Button 49815.6 Creating Moving Objects 49815.7 Adding the Rotating Cannon 50315.8 Adding the Cannonball 50515.9 Adding Sound and Text Objects to the Movie 50815.10 Adding the Time Counter 50915.11 Detecting a Miss 51115.12 Adding Collision Detection 51215.13 Finishing the Game 51515.14 ActionScript 3.0 Elements Introduced in This Chapter 516Chapter 16: Adobe (R) Flex (TM) 2 and Rich Internet Applications 51716.1 Introduction 51816.2 Flex Platform Overview 51916.3 Creating a Simple User Interface 52016.4 Accessing XML Data from Your Application 53116.5 Interacting with Server-Side Applications 54516.6 Customizing Your User Interface 55416.7 Creating Charts and Graphs 55816.8 Connection Independent RIAs on the Desktop: Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) 56616.9 Flex 3 Beta 56716.10 Web Resources 567Part 3: Rich Internet Application Server Technologies 568Chapter 17: Web Servers (IIS and Apache) 56917.1 Introduction 57017.2 HTTP Transactions 57017.3 Multitier Application Architecture 57417.4 Client-Side Scripting versus Server-Side Scripting 57517.5 Accessing Web Servers 57617.6 Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 57617.7 Apache HTTP Server 58117.8 Requesting Documents 58317.9 Web Resources 584Chapter 18: Database: SQL, MySQL, ADO.NET 2.0 and Java DB 58518.1 Introduction 58618.2 Relational Databases 58718.3 Relational Database Overview: A books Database 58818.4 SQL 59118.5 MySQL 60018.6 Instructions for Installing MySQL 60018.7 Instructions for Setting Up a MySQL User Account 60118.8 Creating a Database in MySQL 60218.9 ADO.NET Object Model 60218.10 Java DB/Apache Derby 60418.11 Web Resources 604Chapter 19: PHP 60619.1 Introduction 60719.2 PHP Basics 60819.3 String Processing and Regular Expressions 61819.4 Form Processing and Business Logic 62319.5 Connecting to a Database 63019.6 Using Cookies 63419.7 Dynamic Content 64019.8 Operator Precedence Chart 64919.9 Web Resources 651Chapter 20: Ruby on Rails 65220.1 Introduction 65320.2 Ruby 65320.3 Rails Framework 66020.4 ActionController and ActionView 66220.5 A Database-Driven Web Application 66520.6 Case Study: Message Forum 67020.7 Script.aculo.us 69120.8 Web Resources 699Chapter 21: ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET Ajax 70021.1 Introduction 70121.2 Creating and Running a Simple Web Form Example 70221.3 Web Controls 71621.4 Session Tracking 73721.5 Case Study: Connecting to a Database in ASP.NET 75321.6 Case Study: Secure Books Database Application 76521.7 ASP.NET Ajax 79321.8 Web Resources 797Chapter 22: JavaServer (TM) FacesWeb Applications 79822.1 Introduction 79922.2 Java Web Technologies 80022.3 Creating and Running a Simple Application in Netbeans 80322.4 JSF Components 82022.5 Session Tracking 83322.6 Web Resources 856Chapter 23: Ajax-Enabled JavaServer (TM) Faces Web Applications 85823.1 Introduction 85923.2 Accessing Databases in Web Applications 86023.3 Ajax-Enabled JSF Components 87223.4 AutoComplete Text Field and Virtual Forms 87323.5 Google Maps Map Viewer Component 88123.6 Web Resources 890Chapter 24: Web Services 89124.1 Introduction 89224.2 Java Web Services Basics 89424.3 Creating, Publishing, Testing and Describing a Web Service 89424.4 Consuming a Web Service 90524.5 SOAP 91424.6 Session Tracking in Web Services 91524.7 Consuming a Database-Driven Web Service from a Web Application 93124.8 Passing an Object of a User-Defined Type to a Web Service 93924.9 REST-Based Web Services in ASP.NET 94924.10 Web Resources 960Index 962

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