Alarm Call (Oz Blackstone series, Book 8) An unputdownable mystery of crime and intrigue

Alarm Call (Oz Blackstone series, Book 8) An unputdownable mystery of crime and intrigue

By: Quintin Jardine (author)eBook


Revenge can have shattering consequences...

Oz Blackstone returns in Alarm Call, the witty, pacy and dramatic eighth novel in Quintin Jardine's crime series. Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin and James Oswald.

Oz Blackstone didn't go looking for fame: it jumped out of an alleyway and mugged him with a fist full of high denomination notes. Movie stardom, wealth, a successful marriage - Oz is standing on the brink of the Seriously Big Time and life just seems to keep lining up the cherries... He should have known it couldn't stay that good for that long - don't the juiciest fruit always go sour?

The first sign of trouble appears when Oz finds his ex-wife Primavera Phillips, drenched in her own tears - her life in ruins, cheated out of her fortune and robbed of her baby boy, Tom, by his lying con-man father. What could Oz do but help? Maybe he should have called for help himself, or stuck to the game plan of looking after number one. Instead he sets out on a voyage of dark intrigue and wild discovery that could turn his life upside down - again.

What readers are saying about Alarm Call:

'Yet another Jardine tale with twists and turns throughout... the final twist is brilliant'

'Loved every word'

'Another brilliant read from Quintin'

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