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Most albatrosses range across the Southern Hemisphere from Antarctica to Australia and from South Africa to South America. The ferocious air encircling Antarctica is an impossible place for almost all non-aquatic animals, but not for the albatross. The most distinctive characteristic of albatrosses is that they ride storms. They do not evade storms, or flee them, but climb aboard and ride them – effectively throughout their lives. Aside from a few close relatives among the petrels and shearwaters, they are the only animals that do this. Albatrosses outlines the life histories of these spectacular birds, and explores some of the main strategies that have evolved to enable them to achieve mastery of one of the most hostile regions on the planet. Complemented by stunning photographs taken from remote locations, this book will be treasured by natural history and bird enthusiasts.

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  • publication date: 22/06/2008
  • ID: 9780643098527
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