All Things Slip Away Spookie Town Mysteries, #2

All Things Slip Away Spookie Town Mysteries, #2

By: Kathryn Meyer Griffith (author)eBook


All Things Slip Away, sequel to Scraps of Paper and prequel to Ghosts Beneath Us and Witches Among Us. (The Spookie Town Mysteries Series).
Can a crime and a cunning criminal return to torment you after a decade...yes they can. Ten years ago Frank Lester, a Chicago homicide detective, thought he had rid himself forever of the Mud People Killer who'd kidnapped and murdered six people. Frank had shot him as he'd fled through a snowy night; had killed him, he believed, though a body was never found.
But the killer wasn't dead. He'd only been waiting to take his revenge on Frank and those he cares about now…ten years later. Frank retired early and is living back in his hometown of Spookie when the killer resurfaces to take up where he left off. Kidnapping more innocents and tormenting Frank and the people he cares about.
Unless Frank and his artist girlfriend, Abigail Sutton, can find and stop him before he kills more people and perhaps both of them. *** Spookie Town Mysteries, Vol.2; Approz. 76,500 words

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  • ID: 9781502213921
  • series: Spookie Town Mysteries
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Kathryn Meyer Griffith

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