All Things Unholy An Ikaros Crux Case, #1

All Things Unholy An Ikaros Crux Case, #1

By: Piia Bredenberg (author)eBook


It is the Fall of 1890, and there is a serial killer on the loose in the sprawling Victorian city of Fabler.
Ripping through the dark underbelly of the city, the killer leaves a trail of strange bodies with no discernible cause of death.

The police are looking for a mortal. Ikaros Crux knows better.

Crux, pawnbroker by day, occult vigilante by night, is either busy alienating customers or dispatching things that should not be here. Either way, he doesn't sleep much, but at least it leaves more time for quality drinking.

When he is told that his immortal friend has been murdered, he nearly sobers up.

Now he is on the hunt through the rainy, fog-filled streets, searching for the thing that killed his friend.
Together with Viola van Wyk, the accidental medium, they leave no stone unturned on their quest to solve the case, all while dodging the new Detective Inspector who would like nothing better than to lock Crux up and throw away the key.

That's all in the day's work.

But what's a spawn of darkness to do, when the evil he hunts might be holier-than-him?

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  • series: An Ikaros Crux Case
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  • publisher: Piia Bredenberg

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