Analog Synthesizers: Understanding, Performing, Buying- from the legacy of Moog to software synthesis

Analog Synthesizers: Understanding, Performing, Buying- from the legacy of Moog to software synthesis

By: Mark Jenkins (author)Paperback

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In this book, the technical explanation of the nature of analog sound creation is followed by the story of its birth and its subsequent development by various designers, manufacturers and performers. The individual components of analog sound creation are then examined in detail, with step by step examples of sound creation techniques. Then the modern imitative analog instruments are examined, again with detailed instructions for programming and using them, and the book is completed with appendices listing the major instrument lines available, hints on values and purchasing, other sources of information, and a discography of readily available recordings which give good examples of analog sound synthesis. The CD which accompanies the book gives many examples of analog sound creation basics as well as more advanced techniques, and of the abilities of the individual instruments associated with classical and with imitative analog sound synthesis.


Introduction - What's So Great About Analog? The "buzz" surrounding analog sound and why it is still in demand amongst players, studios, internet discussion groups, educational establishments, eBay buyers, 1960's nostalgics and many more. Chapter 1: What is Analog? A quick and accessible look at the physics of sound including easy to understand diagrams, and an introduction to the terms found in analog synthesizer designs. Chapter 2: Aspects of Analog Sound Detailed examination of the individual sections of a synthesizer clearly explaining the use of each one. Chapter 3: The Birth of Analog, the Manufacturers and the Artists History of the invention of the analog synthesizer including Bob Moog and his competitors, and famous users including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Emerson Lake & Palmer. Chapter 4: The Growth of Analog The explosion of analog sound, including manufacturers from Japan and the UK, Europe and the USA. Chapter 5: Using and Programming Analog, and Ten Great Analog Sounds Specific tips for creating sounds which will apply to any type of analog synthesizer. Chapter 6: The Analog Revival Digital synths which offer "Virtual analog" sound, a quick discussion of their authenticity, and manufacturers from the UK, USA and elsewhere. Chapter 7: Using and Programming Virtual Analog Different programming techniques for virtual imitations of analog sound using the very latest hardware and software. APPENDICES a) Classic instruments, specifications and values. This is a table listing every classic instrument, with columns showing the basic specifications and current values b) Modern Instruments, specifications and prices. his is an overview of manufacturers and instruments now in production c) Purchasing guide for analog instruments. This is an essay including general hints and tips on purchasing and maintaining instruments d) Sources of further information. Websites, discussion groups, books, magazines. e) Recommended recordings. List of CD's categorised by style of music, with catalogue numbers. Intended to be those easily obtainable by the reader, not a list of now unobtainable historical LP releases. f) Contacts. Instrument Manufacturers g) Audio CD track listing. The audio CD includes a demo composition using only analog instruments, sounds to support the chapter on the Physics of Analog Sound, sounds to demonstrate individual elements of analog sound, and a very wide variety of typical sounds of analog synthesizers spanning 40 years and dozens of manufacturers worldwide. TRACK NUMBERS ARE REFERENCED THROUGHOUT THE BOOK TEXT. Demo track; 1) Analogical! (various analog and virtual analog instruments) c) Mark Jenkins 2006 The Physics of Analog Sound; 2) waveshapes 3) frequency modulation 4) multiple oscillators/beat frequencies 5) four filter types 6) filter modulation 7) complex filter modulation from several LFO's 8) envelopes Complex Analog Sounds and Sequences; 9) voice-like fast modulation 10) filtering sequences 11) overdriven amplifiers 12) different envelope lengths 13) velocity sensitive sequences 14) mixing waveforms, footages & modulation 15) complex, fast, voice-like modulation 16) white noise, resonant filters 17) oscillator glide 18) multi-source filtering KORG MS10 19) Bendy (Cx3), Wobbly (Cx3), Stringy (Cx3), Growly (Cx3) 20) Power drill, white noise whoosh up, white noise whoosh down, resonant white noise weebles x 4, white noise growl x 3 ELKA SYNTHEX 21) Zap (Cx4), Swoosh (Cx4) 22) Filtersquidge (Cx4), Big Synth Ensemble (Cx4) 23) Jarresync (Cx4), Jarrewhoosh (Cx4) ARP2823 ODYSSEY 24) Dual Osc Slow Attack Lead (Cx4), Sync Lead (Cx4) 25) Filter Wobbles (x5) EDP WASP 26) Detuned Bass (Cx4), Detuned Twang (Cx4) 27) Squarewave Mod (Cx4), Sample & Hold drone (C), Inverted Filter (Cx4) ROLAND JUPITER 4 28) Hard Bass (Cx4), Cosmic (Cx4), String Ensemble (Cx4) MOOG 204D MINIMOOG 29) Deep Res Twang (Cx3), Short Res Twang (Cx3) 30) Wah Res Twang (Cx3), Deep Held Fuzz (Cx3), Slow Attack Beat Fuzz (Cx3) 31) Smooth Flute (Cx3), Square Vibrato Lead (Cx3), Acid Blap (Cx3) ROLAND TR808 32) Kick 1, 2, 3 with/without accent, Cowbell, Open Hi-Hat 1,2,3, Closed Hi-Hat, Maraca, Rimshot 33) Clap x 2, Cymbal 1, 2, 3, Tom 1, 2, 3, Conga 1, 2, 3, Clave, Snare 1, 2, 3, 4. ROLAND MC202 34) Bass A (3C's x 4), Wow (Cx4) 35) Bass B (3C's x 4), Synthi (Cx4) ROLAND TB303 BASSLINE 36) Acid A (Cx4), Acid B (Cx4) 37) Acid C (Cx4), Acid D (Cx4), Acid E (Cx4) OBERHEIM OB1 38) Resonant Twang (Cx3), Smooth Twang (Cx3), Sync Sweep (Cx3) 39) Sample & Hold Drone (Cx3), Filter Mod Delay (Cx3), Detuned Drone (Cx3), Acid Short Blap (Cx3) KORG M500 MICRO PRESET 40) Synthe 1 16' (Cx3), Synthe 2 32' (Cx3), Trumpet 8' (Cx3), Dbl. Bass 32' (Cx3), Bassoon (Cx2) 41) Clarinet (Cx2), Oboe (Cx2), Flute (Cx2), Recorder (Cx2) 42) Bass Voice (Cx2), Tenor Voice (Cx2), Alto Voice (Cx2), Soprano Voice (Cx2), Whistle (Cx2), Noise Wobble, Bass Wobble MOOG 5330 SATELLITE 43) Lunar (Cx2), Bell (Cx2), String Pick (Cx2), String Strike (Cx2), String Pluck (Cx2), String Blow (Cx2) 44) Reed Bright (Cx2), Reed Full (Cx2), Reed Hollow (Cx2), Reed Thin (Cx2), Brass Open (Cx2), Brass Mute (Cx2) 45) Siren, Up From The Depths ARP 2731 EXPLORER 1 46) All Footages Riff, All Footages (Cx3), Brass (Cx2), Hollow (Cx2) 47) Reed (Cx2), Fuzz (Cx2), Descending Wobble (C) 48) Resonant Noises (x6) ARP PRO SOLOIST DGX 49) Bassoon (Cx2), English Horn (Cx2), Oboe (Cx2) ARP 2351 SOLUS 50) Space Weebles (x3) OSC OSCAR 51) Mid Bloop (Cx3), Wah Sync Bass (Cx3), Synthorgan (Cx3) 52) Wah Sync Bass 2 (Cx3), Digital Syn (Cx3), Delay Digibass (Cx3), Swoop Lead (Cx3) 53) Acid Riffs, Spacey Arpeggio MOOG MULTIMOOG 54) Filter Fuzz Drone (Cx3), Filter Fuzz Twang (Cx3) 55) Light Acid Twang (Cx3), Sharp Acid Twang (Cx3), Percussive Fuzz (Cx3) MOOG SONIC 6 56) Resonant Filter Epic Weebles 57) Moog Drone, High Bubbling Drone YAMAHA CS80 58) Schulzian Epic Ringmod Blasts 59) Resonant Funk/String (Cx3), 8 Octave Swoop 60) Resonant Wah/String (Cx3), Portamento Riff ROLAND VP330 VOCODER PLUS 61) Male Voice (Cx3), Slow Attack String (Cx3) 62) Male Voice & String (Cx3), Glide Up Voice & String (C) SEQUENTIAL PROPHET 600 63) Bass Twang (Cx3), Rich String (Cx3), Deep String (Cx3) 64) Resonant Wah (Cx3), Steel Drum (Cx3), Filter Crossmod (Cx3) 65) Deep Detuned Bass (Cx3), Deep Twang (Cx3), MiniMoog-like riff DSTEC OS1 ORIGINAL SYN 66) Rez bass, wah, rez wah, res sweep up/down, random filter, random glide SPECTRAL AUDIO PRO TONE 67) Plonk1/2, RezTwang 1-4, filter sequence WALDORF PULSE 68) Bass 1-4, Sync Sweep, Random Sequence ROLAND SH5 69) Plonk 1-4, Noise/VCO sequence SHERMAN FILTER BANK 70) drum loop 71) Roland SH101 sequence METASONIX PT-1 PHATTYTRON 72) Swept Filter Resonance RED SOUND SYSTEMS DARKSTAR 73) 16 sounds ACCESS VIRUS 74) 17 sounds and loops NOVATION NOVA (2.00) 75) 11 sounds and loops KORG 800DV 76) Dual Filter Melody CASIO CZ101 77) Eyeamamohg KORG PROPHECY 78) Prophetic Steps, Studio Moog, The Big One ROLAND JD800 79) Deep Seamphony, Sync Lead, Harsh Lead INDEX

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