Aristotle: Critical Assessments (Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers)

Aristotle: Critical Assessments (Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers)

By: Lloyd P. Gerson (editor)Hardback

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The works of Aristotle are central to the Western philosophical tradition, and scholarship on Aristotle, especially in English, has burgeoned enormously in the last forty years. Aristotle: Critical Assessments collects together articles on Aristotle's philosophy otherwise scattered over many philosophical, classical and historical scientific journals. The set thus provides a significant resource for those approaching the literature for the first time and for those already studying Aristotle in a professional capacity. Aristotle has been so influential and remains so in so many distinct areas that it is often the case that, say, a reader is acquainted with the literature on metaphysics or ethics but knows nothing about the literature on psychology or the philosophy of biology. Guided by new editorial introductions, this set guides the researcher, teacher or student through the issues of major concern in contemporary Aristotelian scholarship in the English-speaking world. The articles are arranged as follows: * Volume I covers Logic and Metaphysics * Volume II covers Physics, Cosmology and Biology * Volume III covers Psychology and Ethics * Volume IV covers Politics, Rhetoric and Aesthetics

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Volume I: Logic and Metaphysics 1. What Use is Aristotle's Organon Robin Smith 2. Commentary on Smith Jaakko Hintikka 3. Ways to First Philosophy: Aristotle's Methods of Discovery T.H. Irwin 4. Inherence and Primary Substance in Aristotle's Categories Daniel T. Devereux 5. Opinion as Appearances: Endoxa in Aristotle Kurt Pritzel, O.P. 6. Aristotle on Necessary Truth and Logical Priority Michael T. Ferejohn 7. The If-It-Is Question in Aristotle Thomas V. Upton 8. The Meaning of nous in the Posterior Analytics James H. Lesher 9. Aristotle's Philosophy of Mathematics Jonathan Lear 10. Metaphysics and Logic Alan Code 11. Aristotle on 'Being is Said in Many Ways' Joan Kung 12. Aristotle on the Subjecthood of Form Herbert Granger 13. The Subjecthood of Souls and Some Other Forms: A Response to Granger Christopher Shields 14. The Subjecthood of Form: A Reply to Shields Herbert Granger 15. Aristotelian Essentialism Gareth B. Matthews 16. APA Symposium on Aristotle's Metaphysics Michael J. Loux 17. APA Symposium. Aristotle on Substance and Prediction Mary Louise Gill 18. Substance, Prediction, and Unity in Aristotle Frank A. Lewis 19. Why the Elements Imitate the Heavens: Metaphysics ix. 8 1050b28-34 Helen S. Lang 20. Divine Being and Divine Thinking in Metaphysics Lambda Aryeh Kosman 21. Commentary on Kosman Christopher Shields 22. Aristotle on God as Thought Thinking Itself Thomas de Koninck 23. Aristotle's Realism Martin Tweedale Volume II: Physics, Cosmology, Biology 24. A Re-examination of Aristotle's Philosophy of Science Bas C. van Fraassen 25. The Persistence of Aristotelian Matter Alan Code 26. Aristotle's Definition of Motion Aryeh Kosman 27. Aristotle's Definition of Motion Daniel W. Graham 28. Aristotle on Elemental Motion Sheldon M. Cohen 29. Teleology and Natural Necessity in Aristotle Michael Bradie and Fred D. Miller Jr. 30. Aristotle, Teleology, and Reduction Susan Sauve Meyer 31. Aristotle on Chance James Lennox 32. Aristotle's Theory of Casual Action in Physics III.3 Mary Louise Gill 33. Aristotle's Account of Time David Bostock 34. Aristotle on the Transmutation of the Elements in De Generatione et Corruptione 1.1-4 David Bostock 35. Scientific Explanation and Empirical Data in Aristotle's Meteorology Cynthia A. Freeland 36. Aristotle's Universe: Its Form and Matter Mohan Matthen and R.J. Hankinson 37. Aristotle on Substance, Essence and Biological Kinds David Charles 38. Aristotle on Genus and Differentia Herbert Granger 39. The Four Causes of Aristotle's Embryology Mohan Matthen 40. Soul as an Efficient Cause in Aristotle

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