Blood Tied I Blood Tied, #1

Blood Tied I Blood Tied, #1

By: M.R. Storie (author)eBook


Married life can be so complicated, can't it? Most especially when your own family tree is . . . well, shall we say skewed like a bent coat hanger?
When Louise Pender, an insecure young vampire from a single-parent family, marries into the Hammonds' prestigious clan, she has little idea of what her future holds: a gifted daughter who hates and fears her snobbish, but blood-thirsty grandmother; a workaholic husband who spends most of his time at the family bank, and most annoyingly, a mysterious illness that strikes without warning to keep her from understanding what's really going on.
Will Louise realize there are life-threatening secrets in her new clan before it's too late? Or will her daughter Klea be consumed by the dark ancestral forces that desire her for their own purposes?
Chills, laughs, and exciting inter-species revelations to be had in this new paranormal adventure series. A new book every second month!

Blood Tied Tales of over 10,000 words each to read between full book releases.

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  • ID: 9781507075906
  • series: Blood Tied
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Marilyn Storie

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