Blood Tied Last Moon Rising, #4

Blood Tied Last Moon Rising, #4

By: Dale Ibitz (author)eBook


In the final installment to the Last Moon Rising series, the road to harmony is filled with conflict.

18 year-old Haley’s been betrayed not only by her blood-brother Luke, but Tuggin, the Menta-witch compelled to protect her…and destined to kill her. Almost everyone she knows has lied to her. Some want a savior; some want to use her; some want to destroy her. As she soldiers on, gathering the Eyid-emos and finding the stones of power to stop the war raging between the gods of nature, she should be at the height of her power and confidence. She should feel complete. What she shouldn’t feel is the chaos rising inside her mind.

Haley’s sanity slowly unravels. She sees things and people that aren’t there. She’s suspicious of her brother and her best friend Elana, imagining betrayal. Tuggin and Luke invade her mind, creating confusion, trying to convince her that her confidant Dane is really her arch enemy, Ian. And then there are the death threats from a trusted Menta-witch and Soltar, the Fire Eyid himself. Or has she imagined those, too?

When the madness reaches its breaking point she’s betrayed, again, by the person she considers a trusted friend. At the point of a total collapse, the Eyid-emos lose faith in her as she spirals into insanity, leaving her to fight the darkness alone.

The fate of all seven globes in the planetary chain rests on the one person who may slowly be losing her mind.

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  • publisher: Dale Ibitz

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