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Chillies A Book of Recipes

Chillies A Book of Recipes

By: Helen Sudell (editor)eBook


Whether mild and subtle, or mouth-searingly hot, chillies are loved throughout the world, and this wonderful book celebrates the versatility and fiery taste of chillies with 30 tingling recipes. If you love food with a kick to it try Cajun Blackened Fish with Papaya Salad or Thai Green Curry, or choose from a selection of vegetarian dishes including Chilli Cheese Tortilla with Herb Salsa, or Chilli and Pak Choi Omelette Parcels. The inspiring selection of salsas, from mild and creamy guacamole to scorchingly hot Habanero salsa will set your taste buds alight. Each recipe is beautifully photographed, with easy-to-follow instructions that will ensure a great result every time. The editor, Helen Sudell, is a highly experienced culinary editor, writer and gardener who loves to spice up her cooking with ingredients that you can grow easily yourself. All of the recipes chosen for this compilation have been professionally written and tested in our chefs kitchen. Ingredients are measured out in metric and imperial and US cup measures are also included.

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