China Dream

China Dream

By: Ma Jian (author)eBook


In this short, sharp, fantastical novel from one of China's most celebrated writers, a Party official’s comfortable and successful present is threatened by increasingly vivid and unsettling memories of his past

Ma Daode is feeling pleased with himself. He has just been appointed Director of the China Dream Bureau, tasked with overwriting people’s private dreams with President Xi’s great China Dream of national rejuvenation. He has an impressive office, three properties and a bevy of mistresses texting him night and day.

But just as Ma Daode is putting the finishing touches to his plan for a mass golden wedding anniversary celebration, things take an uneasy turn. Suddenly plagued by flashbacks of the Cultural Revolution, Ma Daode’s nightmares from the past threaten to undo his dream of a glorious future. The only solution is to get hold of the secret recipe for a legendary broth of amnesia that will eradicate history for good.

In China Dream Ma Jian takes the reader on a tragi-comic ride through the horrors and absurdities of totalitarian power. His dystopian vision is set not in the future, but in China today.

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