By: Christopher Fowler (author), James Oswald (author), Jane Casey (author)eBook


There is a murder.
There is a victim.
But are you ready to be complicit in the crime?

Three top crime authors teamed up to tell a story, but one vital contributor was missing: you. Christopher Fowler, James Oswald and Jane Casey had the challenge of unraveling a tale of murder and vengeance, but they weren’t making all the decisions. Vital story elements and plot developments were decided by those reading the story and following the action. When they came to the cliffhangers would they make the right choice?


Ian, a three-time loser, is suddenly offered a chance to leave all his troubles behind. But is the deal too good to be true? One character won’t make it out of the first chapter alive. Who did the readers decide would live… and who would die? And how will their choices alter the destiny of the story?
If lives were in your hands, would you make the right choice?

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